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(   Britney's ass shows up subliminally on CBS banner ad (with pic)   ( divider line
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378489 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Nov 2001 at 8:31 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-29 12:53:01 PM  
Her 15 min. sure is lasting a loooooooong time......
2001-11-29 12:54:15 PM  
How come nobody else commented about the message?

-- "Go Backstage with Britney"

Now that can be taken another way.
2001-11-29 12:58:05 PM  
Come on, that should ONLY be taken another way!
2001-11-29 01:01:04 PM  


so now she's doing subliminal ass porn

how long till she's doing the real thing?

I'm lubing up and waiting now.
2001-11-29 01:10:52 PM  
NaTaX: I give her another 3 years, 5 max, then her career will go to hell and she'll turn to porn.
2001-11-29 01:17:54 PM  
I'd like to go backdoor with Britney.
2001-11-29 01:20:52 PM  
Can someone explain why we have to look at the crosses?
2001-11-29 01:21:40 PM  
Huh...??? I guess I need to catch up on tech stuff...what did this guy do? I would love to know how he did it anyway.... And I thought I knew so much about the web technical side, I guess not. Someone fill me in.....
2001-11-29 01:26:20 PM  
Unless someone already said this....if you tilt your haed to the right, then you can see that it is some chick with a G-string on lying on her stomach with her ass in the air.... They could have at least messed with the picture right....
2001-11-29 01:39:52 PM  
Before reading the comments, I thought to myself "what could that be besides an ass?" I thought of the bent knee thing, but her lower leg looks like it drops off, leaving only a stump... but yeah, the red boots theory might have some merit. To the labs!!
2001-11-29 01:47:48 PM  
Ecounseller: Nobody's commented on it because the article already comments on it. [image from too old to be available]
2001-11-29 01:54:54 PM  
If only it was J-Lo's would CBS's ratings go up then!
2001-11-29 02:01:33 PM  
Britney's ass is in Minneapolis tonight.

"Won't someone please think of the children."
2001-11-29 02:07:30 PM  
All I could see until someone mentioned the leg was an upside down thong ass.
2001-11-29 03:00:54 PM  
If I had a nickel for everytime my ass shows up subliminally....
2001-11-29 03:12:34 PM  
looks like a potato kinish(ima jew)eating a slice of watermelon.
2001-11-29 03:27:08 PM  
It took me 10 seconds to see a leg, and not her shiatting a red hankie.

I don't know what's funnier - the picture, or the fact that a few farkers didn't figure out that the pic is of her leg, not her ass.
2001-11-29 03:33:51 PM  
That would be one messed up ass then!
2001-11-29 03:48:15 PM  
What kind of screwed up asses have people been looking at, to believe that is one?
2001-11-29 04:07:08 PM  
You can't really look at it directly... and the effect is much greater when you're surfing the net at 2:00am, and glance up and peripherally see this ass under the heading "Go backstage with Britney."

eh... sorry for the directory name, in hindsight, I should have used something more safe for work.
2001-11-29 04:20:52 PM  
I thought it was an ass at first, but not hers. It was not in the proper position to be her ass. I thought they photoshopped an ass in there or something. Then I see it is a knee. Oh well.
2001-11-29 04:37:10 PM  
I guess I have seen way too many naked women (or not enough in my opinion), but it looked like her leg when I first saw it...and it still does.
2001-11-29 05:32:05 PM  
Utter bullshiat. Who are these guys, ad experts?
I hate (but would love to do) Tittney Spears, but this is just rediculous.
2001-11-29 05:54:04 PM  
damn she flexybull, fodder? can yooh tel sandta ta brung me wonna dem?
2001-11-29 05:54:50 PM  
yes please imagine that with
<hick> tags around it...
2001-11-29 05:57:37 PM  
I hate to boast, but I've seen a lot of asses in my life and that aint no ass,... It's a leg... :)
2001-11-29 06:26:07 PM  
I cannot believe anyone would think that was an ass.. although, if I squint, it kinda looks like my mother in law..

CandyPink: the elbow thing was one of the first things I thought of...
2001-11-29 06:35:12 PM  
Where is Subliminal Man when you need him?
2001-11-29 08:28:29 PM  
Everybody keeps saying that it doesn't look like her ass, it's definately her knee...but thats where the subliminal comes in, when your not looking at the ad, then suddenly glance up and say "whoa! is that britney's ass? ah, wait, no, its just her knee"
2001-11-29 09:17:11 PM  
That is so fake. Britney, I mean.
2001-11-29 09:47:18 PM  
The funniest thing is on the Late Show's website, there is a link labeled (under the 'Wahoo Gazette') "Al Roker's Mom's Sweet Poon."

Bwhahahhahahahahahaha is all I have to say.
2001-12-03 03:02:29 AM  
I'll agree that the picture is of bent knees, skirt and cowboy boots, but how in the Hell could that only be one picture and not be doctored. For what it's worth, I'm a woman and I saw an ass so you don't have to be a perverted guy.
2001-12-16 01:46:41 PM  
technically, if you have that many guys wackin it to your picture, are you really still a virgin?
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