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(ABC News)   Parents outraged when child's new Christmas toy comes with live bullets   ( divider line
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18357 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2003 at 12:42 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-30 11:12:31 AM  
"I'm not in it for the money, really, I just want to find out who did this, and see them get justice,"

2003-12-30 11:17:37 AM  
Bionicle Sniper Set For Kids?
2003-12-30 11:22:13 AM  
heh. Anyone from Houston is not surprised that this was found at the Porter Wal-Mart. I lived in Kingwood which is the last normal place on I-59 before Porter. We used to shop at that Wal-Mart on occasion. I have never seen more rednecks and aggressivly ugly people in my life. One time the cashier started telling us how welfare paid for her to have all her teeth replaced so she could get a job.
I guarantee that that Lego set was a return from one of the fine upstanding citizens of Porter.
2003-12-30 11:26:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
2003-12-30 11:28:04 AM  
I didn't know Lego made a functioning handgun kit. I really should stop in the toy department more often.
2003-12-30 11:39:17 AM  
Meh, .22 magnum cartridges. Now granted, the fact that they are rimfire means that they are more likely to go off (and yeah, live ammo shouldn't be included in childrens toys) but it would hardly be dangerous in the life threatening sense. How do I know this? Well back when I was a kid (and society wasn't quite as wussified as it is today) me and a friend found some .22 long rifle cartridges at a relative's house. We thought it would be fun to try setting one off by hurling them down on the gravel driveway. Sure enough, one of 'em went off with one fragment striking me in the shoulder, and the other striking the other guy in the head. Barely broke skin, but you've never seen two kids disappear faster!

Adults did come out shouting "What the hell is going on here!?" but we of course were not saying anything. Didn't mess with ammo again until it was in a gun, as it should be.
2003-12-30 11:43:40 AM  
Wal-Mart says it will also investigate once the Bursons file a formal complaint.
Yes, let's make sure we have the correct paperwork before investigating this, Wal-Mart.

2003-12-30 12:09:10 PM  
Dagnabbit, my stuff doesn't even come with batteries and this guy gets free bullets.
Life is so unfair.
2003-12-30 12:35:11 PM  
Uh Weaps,

How does that make it non life threatening? You got hit with some of the shell is my guess. That slug went careening of in another direction, luckily away from your stupid little heads. I think that part might have been dangerous. What do you think?
2003-12-30 12:42:31 PM  
sfmission - even the largest part of an uncontained firing of a cartridge, the bullet, will have insufficient velocity to do much damage. Without a barrel to accelerate down, the inertia of the weight of the rest of the gun to push against, and a chamber to contain the brass during the explosion, a cartridge simply fragments its casing like a little grenade. The fragments will still, say, put an eye out but even the bullet will not be travelling at near enough velocity to do any real harm to anything. I could dig up a reference, but I'm lazy.

Not that I'm saying legos should come complete with ammo or that it shouldn't be kept out of childrens' reach, but people shouldn't be afraid of something simply because it contains the word 'bullet'.
2003-12-30 12:45:47 PM  
I'm hacked off! I didn't get bullets in any of my Christmas gifts this year...
2003-12-30 12:46:19 PM  
Nuthin' sez Merry Christmas like live rounds.

I bet he was really hoping for the grenade belt though.
2003-12-30 12:47:32 PM  
I thought the live ammo lot was supposed to go to Compton? Someone in shipping is in deep doo-doo.
2003-12-30 12:48:53 PM  
No Rosie O'Donnell comments yet?
2003-12-30 12:49:15 PM  
But were the batteries included?
2003-12-30 12:50:23 PM  
Cue up the Family Guy clip where the handgun says to the little boy "Hold me! Squeeze me and I make bad people go away!"
2003-12-30 12:52:41 PM  
Damnit, parents are outraged at everything these days.

What? Jennie's got a gun? Oh shiat.
2003-12-30 12:52:44 PM  
I call shinanigans. He's just angry that there was no stampeding rush to the toy aisles so that he could fake a fall.
2003-12-30 12:53:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"It's a .22 Magnum...It shoots through schoolbooks..."

2003-12-30 12:53:32 PM  
Someone should tell Bandon Lee's family about this.
2003-12-30 12:54:24 PM  
If we can't have a "Montgomery County" tag we at least need a "Texas" tag.

Texas: When we're not holding federal agents at bay, we make the best damn BBQ in the world.
2003-12-30 12:55:24 PM  
The scariest part of this is the pic of Marvin on the left side. Creep anyone else out?
2003-12-30 12:55:25 PM  
sfmission Actually when a bullet fires outside of a gun the casing achieves a much higher velocity than the slug, and is likely to cause more damage.
2003-12-30 12:55:52 PM  
What? Jennie's got a gun? Oh shiat.

I don't know about Jennie, bought I thought Janie was hot when she got a gun.

2003-12-30 12:57:21 PM  
Texas: When we're not holding federal agents at bay, we make the best damn BBQ in the world.

Damn straight, and I look forward to enjoying some of it this weekend when I'm in Dallas.

2003-12-30 12:57:23 PM  
Maybe the bullets were meant to be shot at this guy:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-12-30 12:58:41 PM  

Setting aside the issue that any bullet outside of a gun is less dangerous if it goes off -- you got lucky.

I used to go boar hunting with a .22LR. Got quite a few over 300lbs with a plain old .22LR shot out of a Ruger 10/22. One shot kills, each and every time.

Moreover, .22 Mag and .22LR are thoroughly different cartridges. Equating the two is like equating a garden variety Ford Mustang 6 cylinder with the Mustang SVT Cobra.
2003-12-30 12:59:28 PM  
I think this guy should just bite the bullet and get over it...

/I'm so lame when I'm bored
2003-12-30 01:02:21 PM  
Casings don't go anywhere when fired outside a gun. The brass splinters since there is no breech to hold the pressure in. While I woulnd't try it myself, I know of many people who do "fireworks" by shoving a can full of rimfires into a BBQ pit. All you get are a bunch of pops. You won't get anyone here claiming to do that, as most of them don't even know what a computer is.
2003-12-30 01:03:14 PM  
Feh, the things people will do for attention
2003-12-30 01:03:49 PM  

If you think Porter is redneck central, you need to checkout the fine citizens of Splendora, Tx. I guarrantee all rednecks in the world face in the direction of Splendora for their daily "prayers" to the redneck gods (Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy) while offering their burnt sacrafices of venison and catfish.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough...
2003-12-30 01:03:54 PM  
In related news, Lego toys was purchased yesterday by George W. Bush. He plans to introduce a "freedom" line of legos, whose contents are hitherto unknown.

/Until now.
2003-12-30 01:04:58 PM  
"I'm not in it for the money, really,"

Uh-huh. Who said you were going to get any money, bub?

Sounds like this guy's related to "slip 'n sue sally"
down in Florida.
2003-12-30 01:05:48 PM  
Hey, I was a kid. It's how we learn. What does not kill us...

Today we learn by doing what the authorities tell you, like good little sheep.
2003-12-30 01:06:38 PM  
Bullets, real or fake pose little threat without a gun.... the worst that could have happend is the kid swallowed them, you know, along with the rest of the lego bits.
2003-12-30 01:09:25 PM  
Forget about the bullets. Be afraid of Marvin.
2003-12-30 01:10:18 PM  
Forget about the bullets. Be afraid of Marvin.
2003-12-30 01:12:29 PM  
For serious fun, empty a 12ga. shell of the shot and wadding, then fill it with flour. Then tape a BB to the primer and tie a streamer to the top of it. Throw high in air. Repeat as necessary.

And btw...I take NO liability for what happens when you do this. It's a pretty stupid thing to do. Probably what makes it so fun.
2003-12-30 01:12:56 PM  
No bullets, no legos, no bombs man.
2003-12-30 01:14:43 PM  
I hate it when the papers snip quotes. I assume the original quote was something like this:

"I'm not in it for the money, really, I just want to find out who did this, and see them get justice by sending me a huge wad of cash."
2003-12-30 01:17:07 PM  
No tostadas, no enchilladas, no burritos, just tacos...

2003-12-30 01:19:50 PM  
Regardless of the dangers the bullets may pose, suing the Lego company is asinine. Wal-Mart may even be a stretch.

Any drunken asshat in the state could have poked a hole in the side of the box while it was still on the shelf and stuck a few bullets into the package as a "joke."

Of course, this kid's parents could have just as easily done it themselves.
2003-12-30 01:33:46 PM  
I don't know much about guns, But, can bullets hurt people without a gun to shoot them off?
2003-12-30 01:39:47 PM  
hehe, my cousin was freaked out that her daughter's grandfather gave the 9 year old girl a b b gun. i can't imagine what wld've happened had she discovered "real bullets" in one of her kids' presents!

i wouldn't be very happy to find that kind of surprise, but i wouldn't be thinking my kid could die, either. I seriosly doubt the legos could set off a bullet. And I'm assuming these people don't have a gun, so it's not like these bullets can do anything.

Notice how they kept repeating "live" bullets. I guess they want everyone to think of a "live grenade". Hey! live grenade does not equal live bullet! dum@$$.
2003-12-30 01:44:46 PM  
sfmission Actually when a bullet fires outside of a gun the casing achieves a much higher velocity than the slug, and is likely to cause more damage.

Has to be. When the charge ignites, the lighter of the two halves, the shell, is far more likely to go flying off at high speed.
2003-12-30 01:50:29 PM  
Sounds like my kind of christmas :)
2003-12-30 01:56:50 PM  
"I'm not in it for the money, really,"

*cough* *bullshiat* *cough*...

I call: "Hoax for the money"

just my opinion...
2003-12-30 02:05:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Seven-Six-Two Millimeter. Full. Metal. Jacket."
2003-12-30 02:09:37 PM  
Maybe that's where Saddam hid the WMD?
2003-12-30 02:12:15 PM  
Random Grammar Nazi note...

Did it bother anyone else that they spelled the toy's name two different ways in the span of the article?
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