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(Newsday)   Woman sues Starbucks for $10 million because they failed to alert her that coffee is hot   ( divider line
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12634 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2003 at 4:44 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-30 05:02:39 PM  
I only brew the water for my hot cocoa...from my sampler box... to one hundred and seventy degrees but then I cool it with some cold milk. That is just me though.
2003-12-30 05:02:53 PM  
It's that goddamn Juan Valdez!

Him and his ass!
2003-12-30 05:03:24 PM  
spine39 you might have a case, but you would have to ask CyberLuddite because he seems all for frivolous litigation.
2003-12-30 05:04:17 PM  
I "heard" the McDonald's coffee lawsuit biatch died in a carwreck before she got her payoff. Not that I wish this quality human specimen misfortune for being a retarded asshat...

2003-12-30 05:04:38 PM  
dear god.
people need to learn to learn to take the consequences of their own actions.
2003-12-30 05:06:09 PM  
actually MR. Coffee Nerves(fitting name)

i got 3rd degree burns on my shoulder and legs when i feel asleep on one of those silver inflatable rafts in the Gulf of Mexico.

that shiat sucked.

but that was 6 hours of sunlight on a reflective surface, this was coffe that was probably on her skin for 3 seconds before she either shook it off. But even still, water based liquids cool off insanely quick.

If i were Starbucks lawyer id check her financial status, maybe shes going bankrupt or someting.

point of post; none.
2003-12-30 05:09:53 PM  
2003-12-30 05:01:30 PM Hazel Motes

"If this biatch farks up my Christmas bonus i'm gonna kill her. *works at Starbucks*"

*shouldn't matter; after Christmas*

I know. I was being a smartass.
2003-12-30 05:12:05 PM  
No disrespect intended, Bigtimmy but are you sure those weren't bad 2nd degree burns? Major pain, lots of blistering and skin peeling?

3rd degree usually involves charring through multiple skin layers (in some cases to the bone). The flesh is destroyed, and only grafts can "restore." Treating that was far above my pay grade...usually involved slapping a non-rebreather oxygen mask at 8 litres + on the poor bastard, hauling ass to a trauma center and maybe trying to lightly wrap the wounds in saline-soaked gauze to try and keep some moisture in what's left of the skin.

In either case, that must have sucked harder than the proverbial nuclear Dirt Devil, and I hope you're 100% recovered. I have no doubt that you were in major amounts of hurt that not even local tequila (or even local water) could make you forget.

And, yes, I think my name is rather appropriate for commenting on this story....
2003-12-30 05:12:43 PM  
OK so cause of 3rd deg. burns is now 1) hand in fire 2) hand in hot vat o' fat 3) hand on hot reflective surface for several hours.

Nowhere do I see in there "hand on hot cup". $.02
2003-12-30 05:15:22 PM  
I never understand why huge companies (MCdonalds, Starbucks etc.)don't just have these freaks disappeared. I'm sure they could afford it.
2003-12-30 05:16:22 PM  
I think I should correct everyone misconceptions about the McDonald's suit. First off, her award was reduced to around $800,000 on appeal. Second off, she was deemed to be, I think, 20% at fault. And finally, McDonald's coffee was served at a temperature that was far above standard coffee-serving temperature, it was deemed that McDonald's should have foreseen such an incident occurring, as no one could have taken a drink of liquid at that temperature. She did receive third degree burns, remember.
2003-12-30 05:16:57 PM  
3rd degree burns from coffee? I've spilled some Starbucks on my hand before and I had a minor burn from it - nothing terrible. No way you'd ever get a 3rd degree burn from spilled coffee. Wait... maybe she got the Sulfuric Acid Tazo Chai.
2003-12-30 05:17:01 PM  
I always wanted the McDonald's woman to be tied down in the street and drowned in 211-degree coffee.

However, this particular asshat isn't suing over the coffee being hot; she's suing because (and I quote): "as Arslanian received the cup, coffee 'leaked and flowed from the container on the bare right hand and arm ... causing her to sustain severe burns' and suffer 'permanent injury and scarring.'" Sounds like a defective-product suit to me. Shouldn't she be suing whoever provides Starbucks' cups, rather than Starbucks themselves?
2003-12-30 05:17:34 PM  
What ever happened to getting a complimentary "oops" cup of coffee after a silly little accident such as this?

actually she does have a case I guess, but 10 million seems a bit high... then again so are starbucks prices.

If she were suing because she was an idiot and didn't realize coffee was hot I'd try to get a group of people together to sue her for being a farking idiot. just for the fun of it
2003-12-30 05:17:59 PM  
One particularly bad day, after spilling hot coffee all over my crotch, I was using a bag of frozen blueberries to relieve the pain. The heat from my crotch began to thaw out the blueberries and I proceeded to eat them. Before I realized it, I had finished the entire bag of scrumptious blueberries and was presented with the urge to deficate immediately. I paniced, becuase the pain of my burned crotch was far too great to allow me to rise from my chair. Alas, I had a brilliant revelation! My Stain Defender Khakis from Dockers would protect from the great stain that would ensue from a five-pound bag of blueberries! To my horrifying disbelief, however, this was far from the truth! Therefore, I hearby announce on this day, the 30th of December, 2003, that I will be filing suit against Levi Strauss, Inc. for the amount of $53,000,000 dollars in damages and the replacement of my 1984 series, Burnt Orange shag Laz-E-Boy recliner.
2003-12-30 05:18:15 PM  
the doc said it wa extensive 2nd degree, with some spots 3rd.

think of what happens when you put a magnifying glass on something, it bursts into flames.

well on my back, there were little tiny spots where the sun caught the raft juuuust right, resulting in little tiny spots where it was burned deep enough to be considered 3rd degree.

they were so small, there was virutally no scarring, though i do have some bald spots(yes, on my back) where no rug can grow it.
2003-12-30 05:19:47 PM  
Not even one Seinfeld reference? For shame.

Do you know what a balm is? Have you ever seen a balm? Didn't you read the instructions? No one can tell what a balm's gonna do. They're unpredictable.
2003-12-30 05:20:08 PM  
Maybe if this woman were to get in a fiery car accident, THEN she would know what hot really is. If the will of the universe is such, then let it happen.

/no more frivolous lawsuits
2003-12-30 05:20:41 PM  
these companies can't win

Those poor, poor companies. Let's give them some more welfare and bailouts, they deserve it! You want us to ease up on workplace safety regulations? Will that make you feel better, honey? Ok. How about some warm milk?
2003-12-30 05:20:51 PM  
Third-degree burn: [n] burn characterized by destruction of both epidermis and dermis

Dermis: [n] the deep vascular inner layer of the skin

If she left the coffee on her skin long enough to cuase third degree burns then she deserves what she gets.
2003-12-30 05:23:22 PM  
Wait... Anybody hear that? It's the sound of our legal system imploding. For anyone interested, Philip K. Howard wrote the definitive book on the topic called "The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America" .

/just my $0.02
2003-12-30 05:24:48 PM  
why no one woke me up i dont quite understand.

I was fire engine red with little spots of black dotting me.

even though i wasnt supposed to, i had fun popping the blisters i got...what, i was 9...leave me alone.
2003-12-30 05:25:46 PM  
And here I am still wishing that someone, anyone would put a coffee shop in my city. The closest Starbucks is 1.5 hours away.

Sure I can make it at home, but sometimes you just want to go and buy a blended iced white chocolate mocha.
2003-12-30 05:25:59 PM  
if the whole burn was 3rd degree the wound wound actiually have been painless (except at the edges)as the nerve endings would have been destroyed.....
- $10mill for a non painful injury.....
2003-12-30 05:26:35 PM  
FICKLE I feel your pain. Once I got ketchup on my pants.
2003-12-30 05:27:50 PM  
Personal responsibility and common sense surrender.

After this case is dismissed I hope they give her a hot, steaming cup of STFU.
2003-12-30 05:27:57 PM  
I worked in coffeeshops throughout highschool and there's no way that Starbucks is responsible for paying this freeloader:

1. If it was a latte or any hot drink with milk in it, health codes require it to be beyond frickin' hot. That would be the state's responsibility for the scalding temperture, not the corporation.

2. I doubt Starbucks manufactures it's own cups. They probably purchase them and get them printed, basically... commission the cups. If it were a faulty cup and it wasn't obviously damaged before she grabbed it.... then the staff did not knowingly give her the cup. If it were already dripping, then she shouldn't have grabbed it.

3. That's why they put the waffle-cardboard holder on the cups for you. If she was not holding the hot coffee by the holder/ with a napkin... She is a dumbass.
2003-12-30 05:28:18 PM  
When are we going to finally realize that this type of "legalistic" scamming is going to ruin ALL of us?

2003-12-30 05:30:42 PM  

The ten mil is probably more for the "disfigurement" than the pain. Scarring = big bucks.

/still thinks this is first class asshattery
2003-12-30 05:33:06 PM  
I don't think this woman deserves anything.

But if this could lead to 20 or 30,000 fewer Starbucks stores.... Well...

2003-12-30 05:33:17 PM  
1) Grab leaking cup of hot coffee, let it burn you.
2) Sue
3) Profit
2003-12-30 05:35:13 PM  
In Defense (sort of) of Trial Lawyers

by the Weekly-frickin Standard
2003-12-30 05:35:50 PM  
I think I should correct everyone misconceptions about the McDonald's suit. First off, her award was reduced to around $800,000 on appeal.

actually it was reduced to under 500K and then settled for an undisclosed amount out of court. And anyone who has heard the full account of that lawsuit, her claims, and the injuries sustained would be at least a little less likely to want her killed. Not saying she wasn't partly at fault (heck even the jury found her partly at fault) but there was some gross negligence on mcdonalds part, along with them absolutely refusing to help with the immense medical costs until she sued.

anyway this lady probably doesn't have much to stand on, but none of us has the full account of what happened so who knows.

that lady that tried to sue walmart though.....someone needs to get rid of her.
2003-12-30 05:39:20 PM  
Starbucks should be sued, but not for hot coffee spillage, but for hiring the coffee challenged. The last few times I had a Starbucketard get me a coffee it was tasteless.

It tasted like farking hot water. What the fark is wrong with middle America, and that hot brown water they drink?
2003-12-30 05:40:56 PM  
bitterati -
- i was being facetious, i think - i don't think she could have got such a disfiguring 3rd degree burn from a little spill of starbucks coffee, unless she has some disease/disability which causes her not to react to the stimulus and remove it from the hot liquid and to wave her hand madly in the air to cool it down like anybody else (who hasn't got the intention to sue)
2003-12-30 05:43:59 PM  
that's it, its frappaccinos from here on out :(
2003-12-30 05:47:14 PM  
Didn't that "asshat woman from McDonalds" have her vagina fused shut from the superheated water that McDonalds uses to make their coffee quickly and cheaply?

Kinda makes her not so much of an asshat anymore, doesn't it?
2003-12-30 05:52:45 PM  
this lady is a retard. unfortunately i work at a starbucks and i have burned myself quite a few times, and i am talking about like half a cup of freshly brewed coffee. yeah it was hot and yeah it hurt but it didn't leave 2nd and 3rd degree burns. it stung for about 5 minutes and was red for about an hour. big deal. i was dumb enough to spill it on myself so i got burned. i didn't feel the need to sue the pants off of everyone.
this woman should be murdered in front of her children as an example.
2003-12-30 05:56:01 PM  
I have never purchased anything from or even been to a coffee shop. I see all these clowns sittting outside of a starbucks when I've gone to Barnes & Nobles what is the big deal?

Way to much money is given to these coffee lords.
2003-12-30 06:06:41 PM  
I used to know her...she was an idiot then...somethings never change.
2003-12-30 06:12:29 PM  
mmmmmmm. Warm Brown Beverage.
2003-12-30 06:13:37 PM  
Wait a second, I just got Starbucks and it says "CAUTION: The beverage you are about to enjoy is e xtremely hot."

2003-12-30 06:14:00 PM  
Coffee is hot.

If you are not careful and observant, you may get burned.

If you are not careful and observant: do not drink hot coffee. I'd recommend a tasty Pepsi-Cola.

Pretty soon coffee will be either only sold at room temperature, or in $25 spill/idiot proof containers.
2003-12-30 06:17:54 PM  
Am I the only person that checks the lid on a cup, to make sure it is on correctly? The cup doesn't even have to be filled with hot liquid. Checking the lid, is just a good idea. I still don't understand how THAT much coffee could have spilled on her. Was she holding it upside-down?
2003-12-30 06:18:08 PM  
See Stella Sue.
See Stella Win.
See Stella Profit.
See Stella Move.
See Stella The New Yorker.
See Stella Gamble and Smoke all her Winnings.
See Stella Fall on Hard Times.

See Stella Sue.
2003-12-30 06:27:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Who told you to use the balm?
2003-12-30 06:37:55 PM  
My guess is she grabbed the cup at the top, like with her hand over the lid or something, and squeezed it so that the lid came off, hence the coffee spilling out. I've done this many times with pop at drive-thru's and such. Not on purpose of course, it just happens sometimes. If that's what she did, it's her fault for holding the cup like that.
2003-12-30 06:45:12 PM  
10 Million? Maybe if scolding hot coffee was coming out of the sprinkler system.
2003-12-30 06:47:26 PM  
I agree with Mr. Coffee Nerves

I've seen 3rd degree burns, used the rule of nines etc...I seriously doubt this woman had 3rd degree burns from a medical standpoint. I want to see the credentials of the person that is calling it a 3rd degree burns. Christ- a basic EMT would know that it wasn't a third degree burn. I'm willing to bet that the person who is calling it a 3rd degree burn has the most to make from a settlement.

Ok little rant:
After people are in a car accident, they are often told by lawyers to see certain chiropractors. The chiropractors will give the lawyer a quote on how much they will charge to "treat" the patient. Lawyers will use certain chiropractors because they know the chiropractor will exaggerate the diagnosis. That means more money for lawyers/chiropractors in lawsuits. I'm guessing the person this lady was sent to see was a plastic surgeon.
Now what do plastic surgeons and chiropractors have in common? Ask someone with MD next to their name. Im not saying that they dont help certain people. However, walk into a chiropractors office and say you hurt your back. The first questions in the screening process of will be Were you referred by a lawyer?, and Is the pain you are feeling from an accident?.

/end rant

Finally- Who didnt see a lawsuit like this coming?

/sits back and waits for some chiropractor/lawyer/plastic surgeon combo tag team to sue me.
2003-12-30 06:55:42 PM  
I work in a coffee shop and spill it all over my arms all the time. Yeah, it hurts, get it over it and be glad you didn't order an americano.

I hate these people, I do everything in my power to be non-liable at work.
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