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(Christian Science Monitor)   Texan man pleads guilty to posession of WMDs. Saddam feels sad and impotent   ( csmonitor.com) divider line
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2003-12-29 10:14:16 PM  
He must have possessed a half bottle of wine.
2003-12-29 11:22:26 PM  
well maybe, but certainly "a sodium-cyanide bomb capable of killing thousands, more than a hundred explosives, half a million rounds of ammunition [and] dozens of illegal weapons"
2003-12-30 12:29:08 AM  
B-buh-but... I thought all terrorists were Muslim!

The "religion of peace" strikes again?

2003-12-30 01:38:52 AM  
Fake United Nations IDs?
[image from perso.wanadoo.fr too old to be available]
2003-12-30 02:38:45 AM  
Hey, how come this isn't a bigger story?? Oh. Right. Sorry.
2003-12-30 02:40:06 AM  
I'm still waiting for the ghost of Texas lady's man
2003-12-30 02:40:55 AM  
Bah, who doesn't in Texas?
2003-12-30 02:42:54 AM  
I meant; Who doesn't have WMD in Texas?
2003-12-30 02:43:39 AM  
No reason to be afraid of him?!?! NO REASON TO BE AFRAID OF HIM!?!? He had a farking bomb! (NaCN or Na + KCN?)
2003-12-30 02:44:29 AM  
Was this man W?
2003-12-30 02:45:53 AM  
I have a weapon of mass destruction.......in my pants.
2003-12-30 02:55:54 AM  
I like how this is nowhere on the mainstream outlets.

Damn "liberal" media.
2003-12-30 02:59:13 AM  
It's not news because it's a redneck hick story. The media really doesn't like to touch redneck stories, not even from a distance. I mean, they'd have to travel to Tyler, and I bet there's not a good martini bar there, nor a progressive bookstore.
2003-12-30 02:59:47 AM  
In all seriousness, hats off to the guys in law enforcement for catching this guy before he had a chance to use this stuff.

On a more cynical note, does the NRA think cyanide bombs should be protected by the second amendment?

2003-12-30 03:00:51 AM  
investigators found a sodium-cyanide bomb capable of killing thousands, more than a hundred explosives, half a million rounds of ammunition, dozens of illegal weapons, and a mound of white-supremacist and antigovernment literature.

Let me guess, he bought the WMDs from Saddam last year, that's why we didn't find them.
2003-12-30 03:03:41 AM  
"hats off to the guys in law enforcement for catching this guy"

yeah, hats off for having the luck to have this guy be stupid enough to send incriminating evidence to the wrong address.

I wonder how many other psychos like this are out there that we dont know about because they havent exposed themselves yet
2003-12-30 03:06:33 AM  
WMD, huh?

White-supremacist and antigovernment literature
More than a hundred explosives
Dozens of illegal weapons

White Man: Domestic
(What) Would Mohammed Do?
William's Malitia Disintegrates
War: Mire in December

"Excuse me, a chemical weapon was found in the home state of George Bush,":
Weapons Mystify Dubya; W. Manufactures Diarrhea.
2003-12-30 03:07:18 AM  
*exposes self*
2003-12-30 03:10:44 AM  
Half a million rounds of ammo? Sweet baby Jebus that's a lot of bullets.
2003-12-30 03:12:53 AM  
i'm waiting for there to be an extreme left wing terrorist case, or something. but there arent't any. it's all right-wing.

dissent is terror.
2003-12-30 03:17:09 AM  
Yessir, good thing he didn't try to get on any airplanes, because we don't have the profiling system in place yet.
What? You mean it'd only have caught him if he was brown? shiat.
2003-12-30 03:17:32 AM  
Animal Liberation Front? The Weather Underground? The Black Panthers? Hell, Manson had a commune. Leftists have more then their share of nutjobs. The difference is that we on the Right do not raise Right-wing nutjobs to some psuedo-diefied status, like you folks do with Mumia and the like.
2003-12-30 03:19:10 AM  
[image from danzigercartoons.com too old to be available]
2003-12-30 03:19:38 AM  
It was just as lame the first time you posted it.
2003-12-30 03:23:30 AM  
I submitted this LAST MONTH. Probably with a much funnier headline, but it was so long ago i've forgotten.

credit where due: got it from The Memory Hole, who also made the point that it had been almost entirely ignored by the media.

bah, humbug.
2003-12-30 03:24:27 AM  
Thanks Crazybob, saved me the trouble.
2003-12-30 03:31:24 AM  
Wacky. What's wrong with owning a lot of guns and ammo?
As far as I know there is not limit to the amount of either owned by one person. Then again I belive in the right to bear arms, so much in fact that I have a couple thousand rounds of ammo sitting right beside me.

The sodium-cyanide may have been a bit much along with anything that broke state or federal laws though.
2003-12-30 03:43:43 AM  
So Texas has Petrol, desert and actually has WMD.
Make your governor grow a bigass mustache and you`ll be on CNN for a month
2003-12-30 03:46:08 AM  
What's wrong with owning a lot of guns and ammo?

Nothing personal, but there's a lot of wack jobs who do and are one bad day away from using them. Some folks I've known who own weapons of various kinds are attracted to them because they are lethal, and they can think of a least a couple of folks they'd like to use them on. And just because someone can pass a simple background check doesn't mean they're sane.
2003-12-30 03:53:00 AM  

Make your governor grow a bigass mustache and you`ll be on CNN for a month

Won't happen -- would draw too much attention away from his pretty hair.

So is Mr. Science around anywhere to tell us all about this particular flavor of sodium-cyanide bomb?
2003-12-30 03:55:27 AM  
"The sodium-cyanide may have been a bit much..."

virgosnake, you reckon?
2003-12-30 03:56:59 AM  
"We should invade Texas, kill its leaders and convert them to Christianity."

- Ann Coulter
2003-12-30 03:57:15 AM  
Sorry, virgosnake. That was actually directed towards xpurple.
2003-12-30 04:13:22 AM  
Owning half a million rounds of ammunition may well have been within his rights, but it makes him somewhat eccentric in my book. Just as anyone who owns half a million pencils would be. It begs the question "why, man, why?"

And 2000 rounds of ammunition? You got a raccoon infestation or something?
2003-12-30 04:22:23 AM  
Yet another reason to stay away from Texas
2003-12-30 04:24:28 AM  
[image from cnn.com too old to be available]

This the guy?
2003-12-30 04:31:22 AM  
Howard said he was not a threat. What is it with you people - by not saying anything, means Howard Dean did not think he was a threat - right?

/reminds self that 2 wrongs don't make a right ;)
2003-12-30 04:51:16 AM  
Half a million rounds of ammo? That's almost 250,000 bullets!
2003-12-30 05:15:27 AM  
Teabag, That's weapon of mass seduction
2003-12-30 05:16:54 AM  
I'll bet he was one of those dirty liberal almanac readers too.
2003-12-30 05:30:45 AM  
crazy ninja:

i think mumia deserves what he got. i don't oppose the death penalty. i like eating meat. i drive a gas guzzling truck. yet i still lean way to the left. saying "like you folks do with Mumia and the like" is way off base. it's on par with me saying that all conservatives watch the 700 club. and that's just stupid. so easy there with the generalizations. when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.

besides, i was trying to be sarcastic and take the irrational left wing stance certain other farkers will take, but i guess i didn't do a good enough job.

btw, nice weatherman reference. i bet most college kids in che t-shirts (irony? oh yes, and lots of it) are lost on that one. nice.
2003-12-30 05:35:49 AM  
oh, and those on the right DO deify there fellow nuts. what was that abortion clinic bombers name? he was a hero to some (not all {see how easy that was {one more for good measure. there we go}]) and that's some pretty right wing shiat.

i could say that you were owned, but that would make me childish, and you weren't owned anyway, cuz i want you to come back at me so i can do this again. but i am right.
2003-12-30 05:39:33 AM  
oh for christ's sake.

that was all for CrazyBob. man, what the hell was i thinking?
2003-12-30 05:53:17 AM  
I'm suprised I'm not the first perosn to say this, but:


I hate the fact that the word "terrorist" is being applied to everything from democrats and dissenters to ashcroft and halliburton. It's like calling everytime someone touches your arm "rape." It really cheapens the word.

And along these lines, if thousands of people died from this guy's bomb, it would be about .0004% of the population. How is this mass destruction?

Does this mean drunk drivers are weapons of mass destruction? Handguns? Lightning?
2003-12-30 06:24:25 AM  
a half million rounds of ammunition is not that much really, I have almost that much in .223 ammo in my basement. I prob have even more of 22 LR ammo, but i burn through that pretty damn quickly.

I don't know what this farker was doing with a sodium-syanide bomb though.
2003-12-30 06:26:44 AM  
gromky ..They [robaly don't even have a regular book store.
2003-12-30 08:25:58 AM  
Sodium Cyanide is not your friend.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-12-30 09:01:14 AM  
I bet they did the calculation the same way they figure a handful of plutonium can kill the entire U.S. population. Divide the mass by the lethal dose, completely ignoring the fact that the bomb doesn't carefully implant a lethal dose in every person, wasting none.

So this guy had a few cups of cyanide. Administered by hand it would make Jim Jones proud. Sprayed around at random it might kill a few people, or none.

Krar and his common-law wife...

A lawyer once remarked, whenever a judge writes the phrase "common-law wife" the husband is going to lose the case. They don't bring it up unless they don't like the guy.
The same principle appears true in journalism.
2003-12-30 09:20:56 AM  
m00: I think the thinking is that any one device that can kill thousands of people at once is a weapon of mass destruction. The weapon doesn't have to be able to wipe out a whole nation at once to be considered such. Otherwise a chemical weapon (one of the prime crimes of Saddam according to the White House) would not be considered a WMD. Mass destruction seems to be translated as killing hundreds or thousands at one time and/or causing great structural damage.
2003-12-30 09:57:11 AM  
How does a wacked-out group like Christian Science manage to publish a very respected and objective newspaper?
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