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(Escapist Magazine)   Developer releases cracked bugged version of "Game Developer Tycoon" that dooms the player to losing to piracy   ( escapistmagazine.com) divider line
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2013-04-30 06:45:21 AM  
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I Like Bread: ParanoidAgnostic: Piracy only became an issue for movie studios when DVDs showed up. In the days of VHS there wasn't really a huge home video market. Almost all of the profit was made in the theatrical release. Sure you could get a copy from someone who carried a camcorder into the cinema but that really couldn't compete

It was big enough in 1979 for a "60 Minutes" piece.

Not to mention that little supreme court case (Sony v. Universal Studios) that stated making a copy or recording a movie off tv for personal use isn't copyright infringement. Movie studios were as worried about the betamax and VHS recorders as the music industry was about the cassette tape. Despite their fears, piracy didn't stop the continued growth of either industry.

I Like Bread: It's amazing how many people assume I'm against them, when in reality I'm just trying to help them not make the rest of us look stupid. I file them under "Not Helping".

Nah, you're doing a pretty good job of that yourself.
2013-04-29 06:29:15 PM  
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So much misdirected rage and justification for piracy in this thread.

I don't give a shiat what your excuses are. The developer's main point, and one I agree with entirely, is that this is what you get. While you're justifying your activity, companies like EA and Activision are doing justifications of their own. They think as little of DRM and day-one DLC as you do about compulsively torrenting. Game companies are now run by business majors intent on maximizing profit margins to offset losses. The creative giants were run out by the pirates years ago.

You can derail the discussion, parroting "piracy isn't theft" all you like. What you can't avoid is the fact that you did this. See all this bullshiat that used to be the game industry? YOU did it. So thanks a bunch, farkstains. Personally, I'd have more respect if you stood up and admitted this. "I pirate software just because I can get away with it. I'm an overly entitled basement dweller and the game industry is shiatty because of me. Please punch me in my fat smug mouth."
2013-04-29 03:02:00 PM  
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BumpInTheNight: then we'll get into fullblown piracy isn't stealing warrgarbl I'm sure.

Well, it  isn't stealing. It's copyright infringement. To call it stealing is an insult to hardworking thieves who actually deprive people of property. Can you imagine how it must feel to a professional, someone who spends time honing their craft, to be put on the same level as an idiot who can click a button on a web page? There are people who spend years perfecting their mugging technique, or who have the gumption to walk into a bank armed with nothing but a threatening note and more guts than common sense. And what about the hard-working blokes who spend hours marching up and down the lanes at your local mall's parking lot, so that they can break a window and steal a forgotten cellphone or wallet?

Those people are stealing. They're doing something with their lives. Don't insult them by elevating copyright infringers.
2013-04-29 01:25:01 PM  
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Why don't they just read the bible? I'm sure there are descriptions of the what colors dinosaurs were or how they tasted or how they were used to carry the disciples over long distances.
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