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2001-11-29 08:37:13 AM  
Dumb dumb dumb dumb
2001-11-29 08:51:46 AM  
Last night, Former Vice Presidential Candidate Jack Kemp was being interviewed.

He didn't have anything useful to say.

The interview lasted for 9 minutes.
2001-11-29 08:53:03 AM  
I hope my English Springer Spaniel isn't targeted because of lame Euro Farkfest.
2001-11-29 08:54:43 AM  
enjoy the bad media attention, I deal with it all the time, but then again I own APBT's
2001-11-29 08:55:45 AM  
I really see these people's point. I got so aggravated I burned by Afghan blanket last night.
2001-11-29 09:08:09 AM  
ROFLMAO! I have no sympathy for these losers. They probably have "show dog on board" signs on their SUV's... What a bunch of asswipes....
2001-11-29 09:08:57 AM  

Nov 32 2001, North Carolina.
At Mr. Nyugens secret base his cat dialed 911 and made mewling noises that sounded like a small child. Police arrived at the scene to find 500 gallons of ether used in the automated manufacturing facility of Crystal Methamphetamines and Pirate Copys of hundreds of plastic matchbox toy cars.

Mr. Nyguen stated that the Toy cars were for himself however the Mr. Sheriff Tightcrotch stated "We believe that it is impossible for him to have all those pirate copies of toy cars for himself, we feel he was going to elementary schools to leave the toy cars there for kids to experiment with..."

When asked about the Methamphetamine manufacture Sheriff Tightcrotch eyes widened and asked "Why? Do I have any on my nose still?" as he furiously exhaled and picked his nose and rubbing his upper lip.
2001-11-29 09:27:04 AM  
hahaha where did you get that! Tightcrotch!
2001-11-29 09:30:15 AM  
This has been happending since the Iran Contra deal ended, where have you been? Most news is made up crap to fill time on the 24/7 "newz" channels...
2001-11-29 09:46:31 AM  
I'm more alarmed at the stupidity of Americans who seem to think that acting against a breed of DOG has any effect on global events...
2001-11-29 10:10:39 AM  
katymbas answer for everything will work just fine in this situation.
"Them's the rules. Can you understand that? Get over it."
Okay you mindless FARK zombies.
2001-11-29 10:20:39 AM  
I'm taking Criminology right now, and I can tell you almost any news you here about a 'crime wave' is complete and utter bullshiat. The 'crime wave' against the elderly in Flordia a few years ago, complete bullshiat, not a single crime was reported that had anything to do with older folks intentionally being targeted. It ended up some reporter heard from somewhere about an older couple being held up, then started to write an article about criminals now targeting older folks. Next thing you know the other papers hear about the article and write their own, of course changing the crime (without verifying any crime was commited at all) so they don't look like their copying off the other paper. Of course all these stories incensed the public, leading to more stories, leading to a 'crime wave' with no crimes. A police commissioner lost his job over it. Looking back on the records there was not a single crime specifically targeting the elderly. Not that a retraction was ever printed. Read Constructing Crime by Potter Kappeler. This is standard operating procedure for most media.
2001-11-29 10:30:07 AM  
NEWS FLASH: Poodles surrender!!
2001-11-29 10:38:29 AM  
next it'll be the Afghan Whigs.
2001-11-29 10:50:54 AM  
They are Gentlemen
2001-11-29 11:03:48 AM  
Anyone else think that this would make a great Phil Hendrie bit?
2001-11-29 11:18:57 AM  
This headline should read..."Lack of knowledge forces extreme ignorance in Clevland". The Afgan people are not the bad guys. It's the Muslim extremists(like the Taliban), who are causing all the problems and bringing terror to the US as well as Afganistan.

I can't believe this article was published, what a bunch of morons.

Ignorance and racism comes from a lack of knowledge, and can be really dangerous.
2001-11-29 11:25:46 AM  
From the article:
"Afghan hound owner and breeder Lorie Starinsky (pictured, below) said that her dogs have suddenly come under attack because of their name."

Methinks some further ivestigation is in order on this one. The article never verified the claim of Lorie Starinsky who just might be a publicity hound or someone who associated an alleged incident involving her hounds to the 9-11/ War on Terror.

Hmmmmmmm. Kinda specious, no? What you think?
2001-11-29 11:33:59 AM  
The article refers to (pictured below)
but there ain't no friggin' picture!!
2001-11-29 11:44:52 AM  
This is unfarking believeable. DOGS targeted! DOGS. Do people think the dogs planned the terroism or support OBL.
Way to go America, show your stupidty and wear it proudly, and before you flame me I too an a US citizen, but this is disgracful.
2001-11-29 11:48:17 AM  
the afghan whigs have already been "detained"
along with anyone claiming to have crocheted any 'afghan-style' blankets in the last, say, 3 months.
2001-11-29 12:39:56 PM  
Afghanee weed is next.
2001-11-29 12:50:56 PM  
I think these dogs should be rounded up and interrogated as to possible relatives in terrorist countries, what dogs shows they've traveled to and what other dogs sniffed their ass there, whether any other dog barked at them in a foreign bark or with an accent (hmmmm.... do dogs from different countries understand each other?) and whether they sympathized with any other dog breeds who wanted to run free with wolves. These animals must be exteremely dangerous because just last week one gave me a dumb look from across the street from behind a fence and I felt threatened even thhough I was in my truck with the windows up and doors locked.

Good lord people, get a grip!
2001-11-29 12:51:30 PM  
French Poodles Surrender
2001-11-29 01:18:36 PM  
I wonder if they were covering the biatches' faces with burqas.
2001-11-29 01:35:35 PM  

2001-11-29 02:04:04 PM  
Okay, if I read the article correctly, no dogs have actually been attacked, but the owners are worried that stupid people might attack them, therefore the dogs are "under attack".

Does that about sum it up?
2001-11-29 02:20:11 PM  
Hey Mr. Sinister, I own APBTstoo!
2001-11-29 03:30:24 PM  
How stupid is that? "The dogs get their name because of their origin; they came from the Middle East decades ago. Starinsky said that many people refuse to believe that's where the political ties end." are they trying to imply the dogs spy on people? or that anyone owning one is a terrorist? ..the paranoia some people have, it's insane.
2001-11-29 03:43:22 PM  
Is this going to be like WW's I and II, where Hamburgers were called "Liberty Steaks" and SauerKraut was "Victory Cabbage"? Maybe they will call the dogs "Freedom Hounds" And what about patriotic citizens such as myself who have Afghan blankets? How does "Freedom Blankie" sound?
2001-11-29 03:46:33 PM  
This is my greyhound, Dipper:
[image from zekemacneil.com too old to be available]
Is he going to be targeted because his breed comes from a largely Islamic country, too?
2001-11-29 04:42:41 PM  
"Okay, if I read the article correctly, no dogs have actually been attacked, but the owners are worried that stupid people might attack them, therefore the dogs are "under attack".

Does that about sum it up?

That about sums it up ... I think.
2001-11-29 05:11:51 PM  
(disregarding this post)
2001-11-29 05:30:13 PM  
groovey-love your compassion
As the great Steve Austin would say "what"
2001-11-30 01:34:43 AM  
ZekeMacNeil: No, he will be targeted because of his name. :)
2001-11-30 02:07:58 AM  
Looks just like it came straight out of sim city 2000
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