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(Panda's Thumb)   Recently scientists sequenced the coelacanth genome. Now the creationists have responded in the usual fact-free fashion. Here comes the real science   ( pandasthumb.org) divider line
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2013-04-28 04:00:52 PM  
2 votes:

Kurmudgeon: This thread started out as a creationist bashing thread, then when you get the slightest taste of it back, you want me to answer all your questions for you?

The slightly more dignified version of "I TROLL U LOL."
2013-04-28 10:57:08 AM  
2 votes:

SurfaceTension: For those smarter than I, what does it mean when they talk about conserved genes? I've never heard that term before.

Well those genes are yer basic patriotic, gun totin', white, tea party, 'murrican genes.
2013-04-28 05:29:31 PM  
1 vote:
Were you there?
2013-04-28 04:02:08 PM  
1 vote:

Kurmudgeon: rpm: We have evidence. You have what exactly?

Oh boy, give that boy a cookie! Trot that evidence out then.

Let's see...
Virtual particles
Sum total of energy of the universe is 0
conservation of dna sequences
prediction and finding of intermediate forms

Evidence changing means hypothesis change. Welcome to science.
Evidence has changed, your book hasn't. Your god is dead.
2013-04-28 03:45:57 PM  
1 vote:
Mister Peejay:
/plate of 3D-printed shrimp

Repo Man:

Miller was right!
2013-04-28 03:38:54 PM  
1 vote:

Mad Tea Party: Bevets is really gone? Wow, it's the end of an era.

It's okay, we have Quantum Apostrophe now.

Find him in every space thread.  You'll see.

/plate of 3D-printed shrimp
2013-04-28 12:28:37 PM  
1 vote:

wxboy: utah dude: i'll be impressed when i can get 25x coverage of my diploid set for $50, as 46 contigs w/o repeatmasked transposable elements / retroposons.

I've got a coupon that will knock that down to $45.

Yeah, but it comes out a little tarded at 45.
2013-04-28 11:52:14 AM  
1 vote:
Marcus Aurelius: It's not polite to mock retarded people.  But in this case I think we can make an exception.

Actually, to the contrary. Calling this guy "retarded" is actually insulting to those with mental deficiencies.
2013-04-28 11:48:40 AM  
1 vote:

edmo: It's the usual "you don't have perfect evidence so it's not true" argument (found right here in my perfect Bible).

I know, right?
2013-04-28 11:17:55 AM  
1 vote:
You know I haven't seen everyone's favorite quote miner in a while, I'm wondering if he had a crisis of faith.  Anyway to keep up with creationist nonsense I'll post an out of context quote.

I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my father, brother and almost all of my friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.

-Charles Darwin

I'm sorry that was the wrong quote, let me try that again.

To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree

-Charles Darwin

There, did my quote mining correctly.
2013-04-28 11:16:05 AM  
1 vote:

Repo Man: Has Fark scared off all of the creationists? Since Bevets has gone, I never see anyone defending creationism here. I guess I'll have to go and read YouTube comments to get my fix of creationist derp.

Just wait.
2013-04-28 11:06:19 AM  
1 vote:

hardinparamedic: sentance.

Seriously. The Grammar Einstazgruppen should be paying them a visit for it.

Do they have a spelling division?
2013-04-28 10:53:41 AM  
1 vote:
It's the usual "you don't have perfect evidence so it's not true" argument (found right here in my perfect Bible).
2013-04-28 10:40:17 AM  
1 vote:

hardinparamedic: Einstazgruppen

Einsatzgruppen is the proper spelling there, Einstein
2013-04-28 10:06:11 AM  
1 vote:
It's not polite to mock retarded people.  But in this case I think we can make an exception.
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