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(New Jersey 101.5)   Desperate doctoral student offers laptop thief $1,000 for return of thesis folder containing five years worth of research   ( divider line
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2013-04-24 08:22:26 PM  
5 votes:
What a moron. I keep my important data encoded into my DNA via a genetically engineered retrovirus. That way I ensure that even if I'm somehow separated into my component molecules by a freak supercollider accident, you can still recover my entire pr0n collection by getting a cheek swab from one of my kids.
2013-04-24 07:42:07 PM  
3 votes:
You do sort of wonder if this is just a modern update of "The dog ate my homework"
2013-04-24 06:04:03 PM  
3 votes:
dubsism.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-04-24 08:44:59 PM  
2 votes:
So no one here thought that the guy should have backed up his data?
2013-04-24 08:36:02 PM  
2 votes:
Jesus and Satan have a discussion as to who is the better programmer. This goes on for a few hours until they come to an agreement to hold a contest, with God as the judge.

They sit themselves at their computers and begin. They type furiously, lines of code streaming up the screen, for several hours straight. Seconds before the end of the competition, a bolt of lightning strikes, taking out the electricity. Moments later, the power is restored, and God announces that the contest is over.

He asks Satan to show what he has come up with. Satan is visibly upset, and cries, "I have nothing. I lost it all when the power went out."

"Very well, then," says God, "let us see if Jesus fared any better."

Jesus enters a command, and the screen comes to life in vivid display, the voices of an angelic choir pour forth from the speakers. Satan is astonished.

He stutters, "B-b-but how? I lost everything, yet Jesus' program is intact. How did he do it?"

God smiled all-knowingly, "Jesus saves."
2013-04-24 08:21:32 PM  
2 votes:
Backup to dev/null, It's got all the space you need.
2013-04-24 07:48:37 PM  
2 votes:
He didn't have a backup of his five year thesis? I have backup of all my files, including the porn.

imageshack.usView Full Size

2013-04-24 06:03:10 PM  
2 votes:
i780.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-04-25 06:22:06 AM  
1 vote:

lolpix: Beowoolfie: They look like a good company. But, if you have only one backup, I'd still recommend NOT using a small-business cloud service.

I understand your point. But, to put things in perspective, some the world's largest institutions disappeared after the economic collapse of 2008. Being large doesn't necessarily mean a company is more secure. And it's also important to consider that the odds of losing your primary copy and your off-site backup service being shut down simultaneously are remote enough that if you only need to maintain one backup copy, they're probably negligible.

Large, publicly-traded corporations don't normally vanish overnight; they give months of warning.  I'd call them more secure from that perspective. At that time, I was providing independent computer support to homes and small businesses. One of my regular customers got burned by one of these services (don't remember which). She was using them for archival storage, and all her previous years went *poof*. Granted, that's different from using them to back up your active files, but that's why I remember it.

After a 25-year career in computing, I'm just paranoid about backups. I've never seen anyplace else where Murphy's Law stays so busy (but then I've never worked with missile launches or nuclear power).

I was there when both halves of a mirrored RAID failed within 15 minutes of one another.

When all 3 redundant backup tapes of the hospital's patient database had unreadable spots (due to the tape drive quietly damaging them after they were written and verified, during the farkin' rewind! I curse you forever, drive 281.), I was the guy who had to reassemble the damned thing, working from a dozen, foot-thick hex dumps of readable parts of the tapes That was my longest workday ever, at just over 40 straight hours. I was sick for a week after.

I was watching as the new, multi-million-dollar enterprise backup system crashed its supposedly failsafe catalog file in its first month after a solid year of testing. Glad  I was just watching rather than involved. When the catalog crashed, the system lost track of 2/3rds of a petabyte of backup data. Management didn't like having to start over with fresh, full backups for over 10,000 servers. Time is money, etc. The cool part, though, was it was the first time I heard anyone actually say "petabyte" in a practical, rather than theoretical situation.

And there are more stories where those came from. Somebody out there really hates backups, and he scares me. :)
2013-04-24 09:20:17 PM  
1 vote:
I post backup copies of all my important stuff under Red-Lit threads on Fark.

Only costs $5 bucks a month.

/Thanks, Drew!
2013-04-24 08:54:51 PM  
1 vote:
Late to the thread, has anyone suggested she's stupid for not having a backup?  Anyone suggested one or more ways she could have been backing her shiat up?
2013-04-24 08:54:14 PM  
1 vote:

Nonrepeating Rotating Binary: When I worked tech support for a computer company, every 'finals' season I would get at least one call, always from a young woman, whose hard drive had crashed and they lost their critical docs.

j-walk.comView Full Size
2013-04-24 08:25:02 PM  
1 vote:

AniX: About a month or two again, my friend knocked my external hard drive off the desk and onto the floor. On it was every academic work I had written, every picture I downloaded, every song I have, every half-assed writing project I began.

I had to switch to my back-up hard drive, which was about from November. I felt like a complete idiot for having not done backed up for over 3 months. It was inexcusable on my part.

This person would be an idiot if the research was only backed up a year ago. This person deserves everything that happens if you don't think "I should save this in another place" once in five years, especially as a grad student. I get nervous when I don't save a file onto my laptop and my hard drive immediately if it is important.

If you have not done backed up, you are indeed an idiot.
2013-04-24 07:56:20 PM  
1 vote:
A few years back when I built this machine, I thought I had tons of space.

lordargent.comView Full Size

But nope

lordargent.comView Full Size

// I've done some repartitioning as well, but the takeaway is, look at how much longer the bars are in general.
2013-04-24 07:55:20 PM  
1 vote:
And he'll pay the reward any way the thief desires.
2013-04-24 07:49:46 PM  
1 vote:
You spend 5 years doing the shiat and not back it up? You're not worthy of a PhD in Social Science.
2013-04-24 07:45:48 PM  
1 vote:
I'm holding out for $5000, then I'll give it back.
2013-04-24 07:34:50 PM  
1 vote:

SpikeStrip: [ image 226x223]

Is there a way we can work "Blac Vagina Finda" into the thread?

Because if that song isn't spot on in the vast majority of situations I find myself continually in, I don't know what is.
2013-04-24 07:09:28 PM  
1 vote:
Well, now every future employer knows how well he plans for future contingencies.
2013-04-24 06:27:27 PM  
1 vote:

Nezorf: Back it up!

Witnessed the aftermath of a woman who was robbed for her backpack but she fought tooth and nail for a notebook within it.
The result was bad.

Excuse me, the movies and news reports have made it very clear that the plucky lady, be she young or old, who stands up and fights a mugger/robber/whatever always wins.
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