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(Time)   It's your early-evening discussion thread on the Boston Marathon bombers and the ongoing law enforcement manhunt (Thread now closed)   ( divider line
    More: News, Boston Marathon, Norton LiveUpdate, Boston Police, shelter in place, Massachusetts State Police, Watertown, West New York, Emergency Management Agency  
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2013-04-19 8:04:42 PM  

Infernalist: FBI is offering a negotiator to the BPD. They've also mentioned that the boat's gas tank is half full.

Wait. They shoot him, then flash bang him multiple times, and NOW they want to negotiate?
2013-04-19 8:05:01 PM  
Police scanner on ustream is returning "content unavailable."
2013-04-19 8:05:09 PM  

SumoJeb: Come on just arrest this farker so I can have a nap.

I nominate this for the 2014 Oscar for best action/drama

HA! Was just thinking the same thing. I need my pre-bar nappy time.
2013-04-19 8:05:14 PM  
FARK don't fail me now!
/ mobile
2013-04-19 8:05:29 PM  
unconsciousness is also a possibility for lack of response.
2013-04-19 8:05:34 PM  
Ooooh, the fox guy says they think the dude has IEDs attached to him. I wouldn't be in a big hurry to approach him either.
2013-04-19 8:06:19 PM  
Looks like every cop in the country is there, man I wish I could roll up with a donut cart.
2013-04-19 8:06:32 PM  
2013-04-19 8:06:35 PM  
Movement again. Arms are moving.
2013-04-19 8:11:09 PM  
Quick! I need full details on everyone's minute by minute web experience, what browser you are using, what sites are working and any suggestions you may have for improving the service! Go!
2013-04-19 8:11:18 PM  

Sir Digby: maybe fark wouldn't die if I didn't use adblock

Makes no difference.
2013-04-19 8:11:41 PM  
Yay! We're back!
2013-04-19 8:11:49 PM  
15 minutes
2013-04-19 8:11:54 PM  
And were back
2013-04-19 8:12:13 PM  
Finally got back into the thread after about a half hour.

/Fark is farked
2013-04-19 8:12:19 PM  
Do it live!
2013-04-19 8:12:21 PM  
The fark server room is full of smoke at this point.
2013-04-19 8:12:23 PM  
2013-04-19 8:12:24 PM  
Fark was concussed by the flash bangs, apparently.
2013-04-19 8:12:36 PM  
We're not back! I cant refresh!
2013-04-19 8:12:38 PM  
I think it's safe to say that if he was hit in the hail of gunfire earlier, he's not likely to die from it - a wound serious enough to kill him probably already would have by this point.
2013-04-19 8:12:39 PM  

trappedspirit: Quick! I need full details on everyone's minute by minute web experience, what browser you are using, what sites are working and any suggestions you may have for improving the service! Go!

2013-04-19 8:12:41 PM  
"Had movement, arm moved. Working on negotiator. Asked to light the boat up. Flashbangs deployed on the front of boat, suspect is on the rear though."
2013-04-19 8:12:44 PM  
They're just scrambling to get shiat rebooted, huh? THANK YOU!
2013-04-19 8:12:46 PM  
2013-04-19 8:12:51 PM  
I was AFK. He dead yet? >_>'
2013-04-19 8:12:52 PM  
Guessing Dos is resuming on FARK? Thread has been down forever.
2013-04-19 8:12:54 PM  
Fark got farked
2013-04-19 8:13:01 PM  

Snaps: And were back

Finally... all the people hitting F5 took Fark down.
2013-04-19 8:13:03 PM  
2013-04-19 8:13:09 PM  
i36.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 8:13:11 PM  
Thanks for shiatting the bed, FARK servers.  Not like anything of any importance is happening right now.
2013-04-19 8:13:12 PM  
Server crash? What the hell am I paying nothing a month for?
2013-04-19 8:13:14 PM  
Yay! Fark shiat the bed for 45 min right when everything was getting good.
2013-04-19 8:13:16 PM  

Mistymtnhop: We're not back! I cant refresh!

2013-04-19 8:13:16 PM  
Again Fark is better than all the major news stations combined.

/Except when we all crash the servers...sorry Drew
2013-04-19 8:13:18 PM  
And we're back
2013-04-19 8:13:19 PM  
At least they tried "negotiating"
2013-04-19 8:13:21 PM  
And that's why you don't put those fark servers in a boat in Watertown.
2013-04-19 8:13:22 PM  
SCANNER: is NOT MOVING. Fark may be dead. Approach with caution.
2013-04-19 8:13:23 PM  
Yeah - we're back.  I don't regularly comment but I miss Fark bad when it's down.....
2013-04-19 8:13:26 PM  
So yeah, I'm just gonna steal the gredunza from this thread. Can someone from the fWc confirm?
2013-04-19 8:13:29 PM  
2013-04-19 8:13:29 PM  
NBC reporting fire on the boat.
2013-04-19 8:13:36 PM  
Oh no, they found us out!
2013-04-19 8:13:38 PM  
2013-04-19 8:13:38 PM  
From scanner, "Light up the boat with the Night Sun"

Honestly sounds badass...
2013-04-19 8:13:38 PM  
Did the Boston PD finally figure out we were all streaming?

2013-04-19 8:13:41 PM  
Telling the chopper to go get gas, and also told him "there's a problem with your downlink, it's being broadcasted on the Internet".
2013-04-19 8:13:42 PM  
Fark goes down.
Reddit goes down.
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