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(Time)   Updated mid-afternoon discussion thread on the Boston Marathon bombers and the law enforcement manhunt (Link goes to live feed of breaking developments)   ( newsfeed.time.com) divider line
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2013-04-19 02:57:02 PM  
Jayzuz I can't refresh fast enough to keep up.....
2013-04-19 02:57:13 PM  

Skeptos: If there's one person on Earth I wouldn't want to be right now, it's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

He's a Dzokhar, He's a Tokar, He's a midnight smokar.
2013-04-19 02:57:16 PM  
Aunt Sharpie Eyebrows wants evidence?  How about a dead cop and resisting arrest with bombs and bullets.   At the very least I guess.
2013-04-19 02:57:20 PM  
WATERTOWN, MA-Sources are now confirming that no news is currently breaking in the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev. Multiple witnesses and law enforcement officials on the ground in Watertown, MA have informed reporters that there are not any urgent updates or late-breaking developments to the ongoing situation, and the situation remains largely unchanged. Media outlets are reporting that everything is exactly the same as it was since the last update. Readers are advised to keep checking theonion.com for any breaking updates that may occur.

WATERTOWN, MA-Sources can now confirm that there is still nothing new to report on the search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev. Those with knowledge of the situation are currently telling reporters that nothing has changed and there are no new developments. Reports have confirmed, however, that instead of saying one brother has died and the other is on the run, sources will instead switch that information around to make it sound different than previous reports, thus making it seem like new information is being added. Sources are now saying that one brother is on the run and the other has been shot and killed.

WATERTOWN, MA-Citing exhaustive use of the word "breaking" to preface media coverage of today's ongoing manhunt for one of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers,The Onion is now questioning whether the word "breaking" has lost all its meaning. According to sources, the word 'breaking' has been used over 4,000 times across a variety of media platforms in the past 24 hours and has been repeatedly used to categorize news items related to the Boston Marathon bomber suspect that are not, in fact, substantively different from earlier reports, and thus not truly "breaking" by any traditional definition of that term. Acknowledging that 700 separate "breaking" news bulletins have been published since the beginning of this breaking news article,The Onion continues to wonder whether this word can ever be taken seriously again.

WATERTOWN, MA-According to the latest news breaking from the scene of the ongoing Boston bomber manhunt, sources asked if anyone can ever truly know anything and, when one actually stops and thinks about it, what is the truth, really? While authorities have continued updating the public on the progress of the manhunt and eyewitnesses have corroborated the stories, reporters have to wonder: How do any of us ever really discern what has "happened" from what has "not happened," if indeed such terms are mutually exclusive, in the context of spacetime, or even truly knowable? Furthermore, one could potentially view everything we see and hear-or rather, everything weperceive-as being little more than a string of continuing falsities, one after another, throughout the entirety of our existence. Who can we trust? Is our only option to continue believing everything we experience, in a phenomenological sense, and ignore the true possibility that all that truly is, has been, and will be, is an illusion, a shadow cast upon the wall of eternity? Keep checking theonion.com for more updates on this story, which may in fact only be an elaborate construct of our own collective consciousness.
2013-04-19 02:57:22 PM  

T-Servo: vygramul: pedobearapproved: Anderson Cooper just asked if the guy smoked or drank in highschool...because those are obviously what caused this.

He played D&D.


I just made that up.

He played Call of Cthulhu.

/Made that up, too
2013-04-19 02:57:27 PM  

Tatsuma: @J_Tsar   Brothers at the mosque either think I'm a convert or that I'm from Algeria or Syria, just the other day a guy asked me how I came to Islam on Dec. 25th

So yeah final confirmation that these guys were in fact Muslims. That mosque is going to get raided so hard to search for extremist material.

They must have the paper shredders working overtime, eh?
2013-04-19 02:57:29 PM  
Okay, any farkers care to help summarize the past 4-5 hours?

I was with this situation all night and into this morning, up until the arrest of an older man with a bomb vest and trigger, and the hockey/duffel bag being dropped (not sure where).

Have then been more bomb related arrests? More incidents of some sort, like the michigan bombings?

Do I need to go get the boomstick out of the safe for safety since I live in the little sleepy town that is home to the worst domestic terror act in US history?
2013-04-19 02:57:29 PM  
No way this asshole escaped ON FOOT. I'm guessing he crawled into some bushes somewhere, cried over his dead brother, and shot himself.
2013-04-19 02:57:32 PM  

nickerj1: "I need another unit, we have a white male in a hoodie and a backpack on Longwood".

shiat you not.

If that kid is packin skittles, he's a goner.
2013-04-19 02:57:37 PM  

pedobearapproved: Anderson Cooper just asked if the guy smoked or drank in highschool...because those are obviously what caused this.

So 11 years later, those anti-marijuana ads linking pot to terrorism are vindicated.

Thank you for your prescience, American Ad Council
2013-04-19 02:57:42 PM  
227 is the place to be!
2013-04-19 02:57:43 PM  
It's 70 degrees in Boston, don't wear your farking hoodies, Massholes!

/Family is from there, have a friend who was in the early morning containment zone
//Currently in the Derp South, where it is 49 degrees. . . what the hell?
2013-04-19 02:57:51 PM  

bulldg4life: [25.media.tumblr.com image 850x637]

Orange jacket, I believe

What about it? Who is that supposed to be? Not one of these guys. Now, the guy behind him--maybe...
2013-04-19 02:57:52 PM  
"I need another unit, we have a white male in a hoodie and a backpack on Longwood".

 /He escaped from a hail of gunfire & he's still carrying a backpack?
2013-04-19 02:57:53 PM  
Don't you eventually lose stars as time goes by...

/and you don't shoot any cops
//or blow anything up
2013-04-19 02:57:55 PM  

Shyla: Anderson Cooper just reminded me of the #2 highlight of the overnight coverage. When all the info started coming out, fast and furious, ALL the news anchors were so caught off guard by all the "Chechen" and other Russian pronunciations they were stumbling all over the words trying to spit all the news out. Anderson is smart, he just flows.

Highlight #1 is the obvious - Kevin In-N-Out-Real-Quick Brennan.

In-N-Out was definitely the highlight.  It added a touch of light humor to the whole tense situation last night.
2013-04-19 02:57:58 PM  

Tom_Slick: They were searching flights from Boston to Atlanta this morning, so I guess they are taking no chances and probably alerting in every community as time passes.

We know they had plane tickets for Russia leaving in a couple of days
2013-04-19 02:58:12 PM  

pedobearapproved: Anderson Cooper just asked if the guy smoked or drank in highschool...because those are obviously what caused this.

More likely because alcohol and tobacco consumption are forbidden in Islam, and if he is some sort of Muslim extremist, then drinking and smoking a few years ago would indicate that fundamentalism is a recent thing for him.
2013-04-19 02:58:13 PM  
dogfort.wikidot.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 02:58:20 PM  

TheManofPA: MaliFinn: T-Servo: Is Sgt Fury still on duty? I remember hearing that on the scanner at 3am and wondering if the vodak was talking.

They mentioned him this morning, he's around.

Go back to thread 2 or 3, there was a lot of rioting when Sgt Fury came in; lots of pi

I felt bad, I woke my boyfriend up laughing when Sgt. Fury appeared last night.  I probably also should have felt bad for laughing at the name, but it was hard not to.
2013-04-19 02:58:22 PM  

Coco LaFemme: He's an adult. He's a big boy, doing grown up things, and if he's captured alive, he'll pay for them like a grown up would. There's nothing "kid-like" about anything this piece of shiat has done all week.

Fark rules.

16, 17, 18 years old and banging his teacher?   This is stupid, they're both adults and should be treated as such.

18 - somewhere around 25 and do something stupid or criminal (apparently including mass murder)?  He's just a kid.
2013-04-19 02:58:23 PM  

T-Servo: vygramul: pedobearapproved: Anderson Cooper just asked if the guy smoked or drank in highschool...because those are obviously what caused this.

He played D&D.


epicfail.xepher.netView Full Size
2013-04-19 02:58:30 PM  

bkosh84: shiat do they think he's outside of the State by now??

Could be.. But he's nowhere near Ohio, that's for sure.. It's an 8-9 hour drive from Cleveland to Philly so I can't imagine the drive from Boston to Anywhere in Ohio.

You can make the Ohio border from Boston in 9 hours, especially overnight.

This is how Clyde Barrow escaped capture so often. He could drive from Oklahoma to Florida nonstop, and often did.
2013-04-19 02:58:34 PM  

miss diminutive: YoungSwedishBlonde: So someone needs to explain this to me.

With the entirety of the USA looking for you having bombed the Boston Marathon, why would you go knock off a 7/11 10 miles away from the scene of the crime ?

Honestly, why didn't they leave town? The whole country is looking for them and they spend 4 days just holed up in Boston?

There's a joke in there somewhere about 9/11 and Arabic numerals, but I was told there'd be no math.
2013-04-19 02:58:37 PM  

Treygreen13: The uncle says they should turn themselves in and "ask for forgiveness." Heh. Yeah, forgiveness. That's what you should expect.

Ruslan thinks they should ask for forgiveness, he doesn't seem to expect them to get it.

Watching their Uncle rail against them this morning was interesting...
2013-04-19 02:58:39 PM  

NOLA_farkette: The worst part is, he's just a kid.

Legally, he is an adult.

and responsible for his actions.
2013-04-19 02:58:49 PM  
ImprovBoston in Cambridge is open tonight, and all of their shows are free. My original plan today was to go there tonight, but I figured they'd be closed because of all this craziness.

If this ends in the next few hours, I might have to go.
2013-04-19 02:58:52 PM  
Authorized to take two guys into custody if they try to enter their vehicle.
2013-04-19 02:58:53 PM  

atomicmask: You are leaving out he part where they were taken over by arabs, then mongols, that typically results in the population getting bred with arab or mongol blood. Hence why they look like arabs and have arab features.

By that logic (I use the term loosely) that would make Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Serbian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish and countless other people "Arabs".

Also, still mum about the Newton father being a paid actor and his daughter's death being staged? Or does your selective bullshiat memory not go back that far?
2013-04-19 02:59:05 PM  
"...you are authorized by the FBI..."

2013-04-19 02:59:05 PM  

T-Servo: Is Sgt Fury still on duty? I remember hearing that on the scanner at 3am and wondering if the vodak was talking.

Yeah, you heard that right. And then "quick in and quick out" Brennen came on and gave us all a good laugh. The scanner feed last night/this morning was great listening.
2013-04-19 02:59:07 PM  

nickerj1: "I need another unit, we have a white male in a hoodie and a backpack on Longwood".

shiat you not.

If that's the guy, he's a total farking moron. I'd ditch the clothes I was wearing, anything that might immediately tip off people who I was.  Hell, I'd shave my damn head.
2013-04-19 02:59:11 PM  

spentmiles: The balloon is landing in the field!  The officer is approaching now!  It's empty!  It's empty!

Why do I have a feeling this day will end the say way the balloon boy day ended - anti-climatically.

ct.fra.bzView Full Size

Unless you just accidentally the spelling.
2013-04-19 02:59:15 PM  
USE OF FORCE: Authorized!
2013-04-19 02:59:15 PM  
Holy Fark.  Scanner just said FBI has authorized to take down anyone who tried to leave in car they are watching.
2013-04-19 02:59:19 PM  
Alright boys and girls, I just woke up after being up since 3 AM (Seattle-time) listening to the scanner. That was right around when they thought they got him and then FARK pretty much broke. Caught up with the developments so far (Uncle Ruslan) and can someone help me out - is the scanner link still live or was that shut down?
2013-04-19 02:59:22 PM  
National Guard involved?  Military?  Or does the FBI have it's own set of military toys?

/not getting work done
2013-04-19 02:59:23 PM  
Scannner: If anyone tries to get in that car, FBI says arrest them.
2013-04-19 02:59:24 PM  
They've got a surveillance on a vehicle now, and the FBI authorized lethal force to stop the vehicle.  Expecting a rush on the vehicle by parties from a house.  Setting up a perimeter on the target house.
2013-04-19 02:59:27 PM  
Rhode Island PD?
2013-04-19 02:59:30 PM  

msupf: Okay, any farkers care to help summarize the past 4-5 hours?

from another website:

Older Stuff Summary: (All Times are EDT)
- Thursday before 10:20pm A 7-11 in Cambridge is robbed by the men believed to be the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.
- 10:20pm An MIT police officer, Sean Collier, 26, was shot and killed while sitting in his squad car, responding to a report of disturbance in Cambridge.
- 11:30pm An armed carjacking by two men took place in the area of Third Street in Cambridge. The victim was held in the car for approximately a half hour
- 12:00am The carjacking victim was released at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. He was not injured. Police immediately began searching for the vehicle involved.
- 1:00am Officers from several agencies were involved in a pursuit into Watertown. Gunshots and explosions were heard in the area of Dexter and Laurel streets in Watertown. Explosive devices were reportedly thrown from car by the suspects. The suspects and police also exchanged gunfire in the area of Dexter and Laurel streets. An MBTA police officer was shot and seriously injured during the pursuit.
- One of two Boston Marathon bombing suspects was injured and captured.
- Suspect 2 supposedly ran over his brother while escaping.
- 1:35am The injured Boston Marathon Bombing suspect died at the hospital.
- 2:00am The FBI released new photos of the suspect who remained on the run.
- 8:40am Suspect possibly pinned down in home
- 9:30am Law enforcement still clearing area around possible suspects location
- 10:00am White hat still at large, no word as of yet if the surrounded home is where he might be at
- 10:20am Radio chatter requesting "russian speaking officer"
- 10:20am CT Police were looking for a Honda CRV which may be related, reports indicate it was found and searched, not the suspect.
- 11:00-11:30am An old man was spotted with a "device" of some capacity, enough to warrant an apprehension. There's some hoopla that he is connected to / lying on a dead switch for an explosive device. Tons of robots called in to safely diffuse the situation. He has been cleared as not a threat at this point.
- 1:00pm Police report of woman held hostage by man, merely a misstyped txt message

- The bombers had automatic weapons, grenades, explosives
- One of the bombers (The tall one) was shot multiple times
- Supposedly detonated an explosive device on himself, was pronounced DOA at Beth Israel
- Suspect 1 Confirmed to have had a triggering device
- Suspect 2 from the FBI photos confirmed to have fled on foot

- At some point they managed to steal a State Police truck - Debunked by state police
2013-04-19 02:59:32 PM  

JusticeandIndependence: Don't wear a hoodie today in Boston.  Just don't.

or have a backpack, honda
2013-04-19 02:59:33 PM  
FBI just authorized cops to take down any vehicle trying to leave some location somewhere, ala "Blues Brothers".
2013-04-19 02:59:37 PM  

TeddyRooseveltsMustache: Suspicious person spotted in Boston with a backpack.

I am from Chicago.  Everyone in Boston, backpack or not, is suspicious.  They have to narrow it down a bit.
2013-04-19 02:59:41 PM  

dletter: Father tells his son to "Surrender peacefully, come home to Russia".

Yeah dad, I have the feeling #2 won't really happen in any case.

Yeaaah.....good luck with that!
2013-04-19 02:59:52 PM  
CNN is reporting shiats about to get real.
2013-04-19 02:59:57 PM  
Arrested for being white on a Friday night.

Bet nobody saw that coming.
2013-04-19 03:00:14 PM  
What the hell?  I haven't seen a backpack in years and suddenly everyone in Boston is carrying one
2013-04-19 03:00:17 PM  
Younger brother should say that it was older brother who planted the bombs and he knew nothing about it until afterwards. Then older brother held him hostage and forced him at gunpoint to throw explosives etc. He ran from the police because he was scared about being set up for something he didn't do.

People have got off with weaker defences than that.
2013-04-19 03:00:25 PM  
I don't know why I listen to scanners. I have crummy hearing, so it's a mess. I swear that guy just said he wanted to be clear on how they were going to handle the Tastykake.
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