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(ABC News) NewsFlash The latest: Boston Marathon bombing suspects identified. One dead, manhunt for the second is underway, ALL OF BOSTON on lockdown   ( abcnews.go.com) divider line
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2013-04-19 09:02:37 AM  
After all this is done, there are going to be a lot of studies on the effect of Internet and social media during these types of events. Mark my words, the rhetoric from law enforcement-types, media, politicians, and anarcho-internetists is going to be mind-blowing.
2013-04-19 09:02:42 AM  

Mike Chewbacca: thiefofdreams: Mike Chewbacca: Boston Police Dept. @Boston_Police 4m

#MediaAlert: WARNING: Do Not Compromise Officer Safety by Broadcasting Tactical Positions of Homes Being Searched.

Understood. Will only give non-specifics from here on out. Don't follow twitter so thank man.

Heh, that was just for flavor. I'm sure he's not hanging out here on Fark.

Yeah, but if I came back and found out he was. I would feel like a complete asshole. Ya, know.

Also, they have current information that subject is posting online, confirming the posting.
2013-04-19 09:02:44 AM  
FOX news bimbo just pronounced his name as "Joe Car"
2013-04-19 09:02:46 AM  
CNN just brought Juliette Kayyem back on. I don't have the energy for laughter this morning.
2013-04-19 09:02:51 AM  

Cappalotti: Scanner now saying that he is posting online "I will kill all of you as you've killed my brother."

Good luck with that.
2013-04-19 09:02:54 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 09:02:58 AM  

Hobodeluxe: they said he is posting online " I will kill all you just like you killed my brother"

2013-04-19 09:03:18 AM  

Fissile: FrancoFile: Fissile: Wait, I'm confused.  Aren't Chechens some of the "good Muslims" that Murica aided and abetted in attacking the Russians?  Didn't the US of Murica repeatedly condemn the Russians for dropping cluster bombs on these "good Muslims"?   It appears that these Chechens made their way here from Turkey.  Isn't Turkey a "good Muslim" country that is a solid friend to Murica, and, even more importantly, a good friend to Israel?  Wasn't Bin Laden armed by Murica when he was killing Russians?  Sure is funny how the "good Muslims" that the US encourages to attack the Russians always seem to end up turning on Murica.

Um, no.

The Chechens are not 'good Muslims' and the US has never supported them.  They are ethnic gangsters, pure and simple, and their religion just makes it easier for them to get support from radical Islamists in other countries.


Your tiny Fox News contaminated mind can't admit the truth, can it?   The US has REPEATEDLY CONDEMNED THE RUSSIANS FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES FROM THE CHECHENS.   Every time the Chechens blew up a grade school in Russia, Dick Cheney would cream himself. So, to sum up, FARK YOU.

Hey Dickwad.  Yeah, you.

I lived in Russia for two years, when the Chechens were just starting to flex their muscles after the end of the Soviet Union.  I was there when Dudayev was in power, and bombs were going off in Moscow.  I worked with ordinary Russians - including ones who came from neighboring regions of the Caucuses - who told me about how long the Chechens had been an integral part of organized crime, going back to before the October Revolution.

The US criticized the Russians for using egregious levels of force in the Beslan hostage taking, but condemned the hostage-takers.  I was still in touch with friends there when it happened.

So stop living in a fantasy world, Dickwad.
2013-04-19 09:03:22 AM  
Anyone got a scanner link compatible with iOS?
2013-04-19 09:03:22 AM  
The reporter just said, "We may have this guy pinned at this time."  We?  What the fark do you have to do with it?  Go pick up a gun and kick a farking a door down if you want to say we.  That's what I'd do.
2013-04-19 09:03:27 AM  
2013-04-19 09:03:29 AM  

MaestroQuark: hinten: Walker: poot_rootbeer: You guys are STILL repeating unsubstantiated reports about incidents still in progress?

Knock that shiat off!

[img.photobucket.com image 337x450]

You're right, let's talk about Lindsay Lohan instead, IN THE FARKING MARATHON BOMBER THREAD.

You convinced me!  Okay, let's keep ruining innocent people's lives with false reports.

All I'm saying is: You might not want to wear a hoodie if you are in the area.
2013-04-19 09:03:33 AM  

DoBeDoBeDo: Cappalotti: Scanner now saying that he is posting online "I will kill all of you as you've killed my brother."

Good luck with that.

I heard that. freaking chills.
2013-04-19 09:03:35 AM  
Suspect may be in 18 oak st. Next door to us. 9 brave people in a basement #mitshooting #mit #Boston twitter.com/AKitz/status/3...

- Andrew Kitzenberg (@AKitz) April 19, 2013
2013-04-19 09:03:37 AM  

Bungles: bulldg4life: Fox News speculating that they were long term sleeper cell....

Yes, 9yo started a sleeper cell. Brilliant.

Do sleeper cells actually exist outside Tom Clancy novels and 24?

Yes. See below, and google Anna Chapman.
assets.nydailynews.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 09:03:39 AM  
Where did you guys here or see this "i'll kill you like you killed my brother" stuff? Damn...

Sorry 19 year old kid - this is one battle you're gonna lose in a big, big way.
2013-04-19 09:03:40 AM  
I'm wondering where this kid is posting stuff online.  Given that his name has been released publicly, it wouldn't surprise me if someone hacked his account and is posting as him.
2013-04-19 09:03:47 AM  
White Hat suspect looks like Paul Ryan.  Maybe he is pissed about the election?
2013-04-19 09:03:48 AM  

Cybernetic: Just came over the police scanner:

"He is posting online, 'I will kill all of you as you killed my brother.'"

I feel sorry for the six-fingered man.
2013-04-19 09:03:49 AM  
There is really only one tactical team that can finish this manhunt.

Dirka dirka jihad Mohammed, motherfarker!
trailers.apple.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 09:03:54 AM  
Where is he posting online? VK?
2013-04-19 09:03:56 AM  

yukichigai: Just Bob: Watertown in lockdown.  How comforting it must be as a Watertown resident, where a class A firearm permit is near impossible to obtain, knowing that you're hunkered down and armed with nothing north of some charming butter knives while a psycho armed terrorist is running around.

[3.bp.blogspot.com image 400x315]

Seriously, take your NRA talking points and stick them, along with your penis, into a wood chipper.

awwww  did someone get their feelings hurt by the truth?
2013-04-19 09:03:58 AM  

bugontherug: namegoeshere: mekki: That's what I am going for. These were two brothers doing something on their own with no bigger group backing them up. Just a couple of psychopaths whose only agenda was their own.

One psychopath. The older one. One follower, younger, who is in it for the love and approval of the older. He most likely never would have done anything like this if not influenced by the older.

Rarely do two psychopaths hook up. Psychopaths need ot be the Alpha, and you can't have two of them.

/my opinion.

Actually, not really just opinion. What you're suggesting is similar to the dynamic at work between Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris.

Yep, and a whole lot of other murderous pairs, Like the Dartmouth professors murder.
2013-04-19 09:04:00 AM  

Peki: Shyla: d23: SarcasticFark: I would assume they said 'locked in the basement' and not 'rocket in the basement'.  I'm rather sure a rocket is more than a little unlikely lol

[encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com image 144x192]

They were calling for the EOD at the same time (explosive ordinance department or whatever) It was clearly "rocket" on the scanner.

And has anything about this story from the get-go seemed "likely"???


I will happily eat that rocket if I'm wrong but I'm sure that if they had access to a farkin' rocket, they wouldn't have used something as low-tech as a pressure cooker bomb at the marathon.  They brought in the EOD team because (duh) these two have proven they have and can make explosives.
2013-04-19 09:04:09 AM  

Starryeyes: Close2TheEdge: Lockdown extended to entire city of Boston.  Guess I am staying home today.


Same here.  Guess I won't be going downtown to register the boat this week...

/yeah, it's all about me
2013-04-19 09:04:13 AM  

Purdue_Pete: IF they came here in 2003, they were like 9 years old. None of this makes any sense at all. Sure, they are Muslim, sure they are against Assad and Russia perhaps, but they seem "American"

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2013-04-19 09:04:25 AM  
I dont think he'll be able to kill them all.  He should consider himself lucky to even be able to kill himself at this point.
2013-04-19 09:04:28 AM  

Mike Chewbacca: thiefofdreams: Seems they moved the negotiator to another channel. They might actually have him.

Cause that was some haunting shiat.

Yes. Very haunting.

Not to slap backs, but thanks for hanging and posting. It has been good to be posting with someone that is as interested in getting the facts straight, like myself. Good on you. Faved.
2013-04-19 09:04:35 AM  
How do they know it is him posting that and not some random idiot?
2013-04-19 09:04:41 AM  

Diogenes: I like this perp shot on my local news site.

Are sketch artists painting on canvas now?  Fancy!

[www.wesh.com image 378x252]

Adding texture/noise is one way of making an image appear less blurry, so they may have been doing that.
2013-04-19 09:04:48 AM  
They're going tp catch this guy because he had to post threats on the internet. Probably very soon.
2013-04-19 09:04:50 AM  

Fissile: Even now the Tea-hadists on Fox are trying to spin this by calling this pair "Russians".

They've said nothing but "Chechen." Also Chechyna is part of Russia, and I can't even count the number of ethnicities within Russia.
2013-04-19 09:04:52 AM  

spentmiles: Suspect is live tweeting from inside the house.


You bastard. :-)
2013-04-19 09:04:59 AM  

Purdue_Pete: WhyteRaven74: bulldg4life: Fox News speculating that they were long term sleeper cell....

Fox News speculating stupid shiat? Where's ,my fainting couch?

IF they came here in 2003, they were like 9 years old. None of this makes any sense at all. Sure, they are Muslim, sure they are against Assad and Russia perhaps, but they seem "American". Possibly even wanting to fight for America in the Olympics. So bizarre. Alex Jones is jizzing his pants right now though thinking of all the brainwashing stories they can make up...

Read the boxing profile on the older brother.  Dresses European, became more conservative Muslim doen't understand Americans.  Has been here since he was 5 and has not had one American friend.

Isolated confused, unable to connect with people except his brother.  Has nice car but friendships and fulfillment are always out of his reach.  Parents probably bought him the car which means they're well off but probably overworked and distant to him.  They give him everything he wants and needs but affection and discipline.

Exactly the type who would seek to make a mission or a cause for himself aganst the world.
2013-04-19 09:05:07 AM  
Black hoodie is not suspect.
2013-04-19 09:05:07 AM  
Dumbass in a hoodie
2013-04-19 09:05:17 AM  

Mike Chewbacca: Suspect may be in 18 oak st. Next door to us. 9 brave people in a basement #mitshooting #mit #Boston twitter.com/AKitz/status/3...- Andrew Kitzenberg (@AKitz) April 19, 2013

Just saw that myself. 9 brave people in a basement...crapping their pants, I would think. YIKES.
2013-04-19 09:05:21 AM  
My chips have ALWAYS been on Early 20s Male out to set the world record of killing large amount of people in one place at one time.

Male: Check.
Early 20s: Check.

I don't think this has one thing to do with their country of origin.    Just 2 crazy brothers out to get the highest score.
2013-04-19 09:05:24 AM  

BarkingUnicorn: nekom: cptrios: DamnYankees: This kid must be scared beyond his mind right now. Not that we need to feel bad for him, but just from a sociological point of view, imagine how farked he must feel.

I know you're getting a ton of crap for this, but it's a completely valid thought...I get the feeling that this kid was in thrall to his older brother and is at best a reluctant participant. It doesn't mean we should feel sorry for him, but it means that it might be possible to take him alive and get to the bottom of all of this.

Let's hope so. Not because I want blood (them both being dead would suffice for that), but because I want answers. I want the WHY behind this.

Why?  Serious question.  At best, this kid is going to spout an explanation which you will reject.  At worst,  you'll agree with him that "They had it coming."

Well, first and foremost we need to be sure it's just these two jackwagons and noone else. So far it SEEMS to be the case, but it would be nice to verify that with as much information as is possible. Secondly, more facts may help future profiling and criminal investigations.

Of course I don't personally care their reasons, whatever they are they are surely insane.
2013-04-19 09:05:25 AM  

Purdue_Pete: Where did you guys here or see this "i'll kill you like you killed my brother" stuff? Damn...


Boston police scanner
2013-04-19 09:05:29 AM  
Hello, My name is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev . You killed my brother. Prepare to die
i81.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 09:05:34 AM  
I was watching this (here in Canada) on the CBC and thought, it's going to make life absolute hell for Muslims living in America and the west. It appears that it's going to be a long religious war without an end in sight. And I don't think the west is going to win. Couple of reasons. We're not ruthless enough anymore. When our ancestors got into it with Muslim countries in the past, we went in an slaughtered every man, woman and child. I'm not advocating genocide, but what's the alternative at this rate. A slow war or small cuts? They come and kill and terrorize America and the west year after year after year without an end in sight. How long can and will Americans put up with that? Maybe we need to learn to be more like the Russians. You go in, and you crush the country (Chechnya). I'm not saying it's right, but perhaps if you chose a significant target like Medina or Mecca and destroyed it and then said "next time, it's Pakistan, or Palestine, or Saudi Arabia" perhaps the message might sink in. What's the alternative I wonder?

I know it's not a good way, but what else is there to do? Fight an endless religious battle against an enemy that has time, nut cases, and breeds like rats?
2013-04-19 09:05:37 AM  

Coiled Hot 1: dittybopper: zerkalo: farking chechens

Wait:  I was under the impression that it was right wing domestic terrorism.  I mean, based on the speculation on new shows and on a lot of people on Fark, I thought it was the next Timothy McVeigh.

This...A lot of crow shall be eaten today.

Nobody is eating any crow. You guys are just paranoid. I bet you have been saying "please done't be one of us" over and over all damn week.
2013-04-19 09:05:46 AM  
Cops just broadcast an address, 480 Arsenal.

Google Maps shows 480 Arsenal in Watertown is a commercial building near the Charles River. I can't tell if they think the suspect is there, or if they're checking into something else.
2013-04-19 09:05:49 AM  
I don't mind life imitating art - but does it have to imitate a DC/Marvel comic - or a Nic Cage phoning-it-in B movie?
2013-04-19 09:05:50 AM  

/plenty of fish?
2013-04-19 09:05:52 AM  

scubamage: Bungles: bulldg4life: Fox News speculating that they were long term sleeper cell....

Yes, 9yo started a sleeper cell. Brilliant.

Do sleeper cells actually exist outside Tom Clancy novels and 24?

Yes. See below, and google Anna Chapman.
[assets.nydailynews.com image 635x503]

Wrong definition of "sleeper", a BETTER definition, but still incorrect.
2013-04-19 09:06:08 AM  
Boston locals - coordinate info in this thread:  http://www.fark.com/comments/7707911 -- What do you see outside? Nonlocals welcome to repost from other sources (tw/fb/etc)
2013-04-19 09:06:15 AM  

thecpt: dittybopper: Mixolydian Master: If they find an NRA book at their house, many bricks will be shiat

[i.imgur.com image 850x198]

Senator Frank Lautenberg is *ALREADY* proposing that black powder, substitutes thereof, and smokeless powder for reloading be subject to background checks.

Yeah waaay too fast, but do you think that's a terrible idea? I mean, there are thousands of ways to make explosive devices in America so it's a stupid drop in a proverbial bucket but still. I forget if you side with background checks for firearms or not.

What's worse is Capt. Kirk showed us how easy it was to make and now everyone  knows how. Too late to put that genie back in the bottle.
2013-04-19 09:06:20 AM  
Nobody is saying where the suspect posted his 'You Killed My Brother' line...  FARK? 4chan? Etsy?
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