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(The Atlantic Wire) NewsFlash Active shooter alert on MIT campus. As if Boston didn't have enough problems this week   ( theatlanticwire.com) divider line
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2013-04-19 02:34:45 AM  
OK, if CNN calls it a "huge crime scene" or a "huge incident" one more time, there's going to be another terrorist act, at the CNN headquarters this time.

"Huge" incident. Jesus.
2013-04-19 02:34:54 AM  

x23: sports authority! gonna get all kitted up in there. like in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

oh that is the staging area for the police perhaps.
2013-04-19 02:34:54 AM  
Loud bangs on Holmes St coming out of the trucks behind the market
2013-04-19 02:35:09 AM  
Moving to newer thread.
2013-04-19 02:35:18 AM  
CNN reporting they have seen SIX, I repeat, SIX FBI agents.

I wish I was kidding.
2013-04-19 02:35:21 AM  

nyrkah1: I've been sitting here for a long damn time and just realized I have not had the least bit of an impulse to turn on one of the 24 hour "news" channels.

Yup, it's like the best kept secret, the new news
2013-04-19 02:35:27 AM  

Yuri Futanari: Ray44512: It sounds like the shots fired calls on the scanner feed may not be related. Maybe the natives are taking advantage of every cop being tied up and are firing expensive ammo.

The guy in the area tweeting has a bullet through his living room.

I'd say they're related.


That guy lives right outside where the initial shootout happened.  Isn't it likely the bullet holes are from that shooting and not the more recent one we're talking about?
2013-04-19 02:35:31 AM  
The guy they arrested doesn't look like either of the new pix the FBI released.
2013-04-19 02:35:37 AM  
CNN reports that according to on camera   sources CNN is 23 years behind on this story..


i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 02:35:38 AM  
Where is the new thread?
2013-04-19 02:36:08 AM  
2013-04-19 02:36:36 AM  

Gyrfalcon: ongbok: nyrkah1: "Long guns" sounds so...quaint.

That's what I say. Me and another friend of mine, who happens to be from Texas, always get a giggle when somebody says 'long guns', no matter the situation. We just always laugh when somebody uses that term over riffle or shotgun.

Cops always refer to long guns. Because handguns are short, I guess, but every police officer I've known has called them "long guns".

Heh heh. Long guns.
2013-04-19 02:36:58 AM  

doglover: This is why you sleep with the gun loaded by your bed.

Apparently he left without taking hostages, he was on the roof (?) and now about 50 officers are about to assault a new location


Still not confirmed by WCVB so stay suspicious
2013-04-19 02:37:00 AM  
2013-04-19 02:37:03 AM  
Supposedly police claim "two suspects accounted for" and they are looking for possibly more.
2013-04-19 02:37:34 AM  
Black Nissan Murano just sped past at a high rate of speed
2013-04-19 02:37:42 AM  
FINE, I'll go to the new thread.

2013-04-19 02:37:43 AM  
Black Nissan Murano seen traveling at high rate of speed.
2013-04-19 02:38:10 AM  
Another possible stolen vehicle...Nissan Murano!
2013-04-19 02:38:11 AM  

shower_in_my_socks: Next week is going to be SO EFFING BORING.

Affter this week, I think most are fine with that.
2013-04-19 02:38:14 AM  

bloobeary: Where is the new thread?

Suspect 1 died
2013-04-19 02:38:46 AM  
Who steals a Nissan?
2013-04-19 02:39:27 AM  
2013-04-19 02:39:39 AM  
I still don't understand why they would still be wearing the same hats.
It makes no sense at all.
2013-04-19 02:39:46 AM  
2013-04-19 02:39:48 AM  

netweavr: Who steals a Nissan?

Someone who doesn't want to get away very badly.
2013-04-19 02:40:27 AM  

TheManofPA: bloobeary: Where is the new thread?

Suspect 1 died

I'm going there too
2013-04-19 02:40:36 AM  
2013-04-19 02:40:38 AM  

netweavr: Who steals a Nissan?

A Ford owner.
2013-04-19 02:41:08 AM  

Ungarlmek: "Long gun" just means "rifles and shotguns" the same way that "hand gun" means "pistols and revolvers."

I would think if you able to discern between rifle and shotgun you would pass the info along, out of courtesy to your fellow officers.  but it does make sense to have a generic term when you don't know, or are engaged in cya radio speak.
2013-04-19 02:42:15 AM  

netweavr: Who steals a Nissan?

2013-04-19 02:43:38 AM  
white male, curly hair, black hoodie- ARMED AND DANGEROUS, POSSIBLY WITH EXPLOSIVES. Man, this is intense
2013-04-19 02:47:00 AM  

Canton: Thanks for the links and all! This is one heck of a way to follow the news.

You shoulda been here on 9/11. Only feed that stayed up for most of us.
2013-04-19 02:48:39 AM  
Just an FYI, there is a new FARK thread.
2013-04-19 02:48:49 AM  
suspect with a white hat is the one outstanding
2013-04-19 02:54:19 AM  

bud jones: Ungarlmek

They may have not been able to see exactly what the suspects had but were passing along all information they could.  It's imagine pretty hard to tell the difference between one gun and another in the dark while under fire.
2013-04-19 03:01:48 AM  
2013-04-19 04:19:35 AM  

crypticsatellite: cretinbob: MaudlinMutantMollusk: cretinbob: Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the end of the Waco Siege and the 18th of OKC.

Sleep Well.

And do you know whose birthday it is?

That's Saturday

Saturday is tomorrow, at least on the east coast.

It was still Thursday when I posted...Hell it's Thursday until I go to sleep and wake up.
ANyway the party moved to the other thread
2013-04-19 05:32:36 AM  
I've heard that black hat is killed and white hat is in custody? What did I miss since midnight?
2013-04-19 05:50:24 AM  

somedude210: I've heard that black hat is killed and white hat is in custody? What did I miss since midnight?

Beige hat is still on the run, chartreuse headscarf has been cornered in a gay bar, and doesn't-usually-wear-a-hat is missing.
2013-04-19 09:03:18 AM  

NewportBarGuy: MIT? Come on. If they got in there, they are way more sophisticated than this.

MIT folks may be quite savvy, but the campus is very open.
2013-04-19 11:29:00 AM  
Last Man Standing
2013-04-19 12:00:34 PM  
Worst. Hack. Evar.
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