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(NBC News)   So whomever guessed "47" as the number of former patients of that Oklahoma dentist who wasn't sterilizing his instruments who contracted a disease, step forward to claim your prize (Hint: the prize is Hepatitis)   ( vitals.nbcnews.com) divider line
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2013-04-19 12:43:15 AM  
Unnecessary regulation of private industry.
2013-04-19 05:09:52 AM  
a) Not everyone affected has been tested yet.

b) They have no idea how many of the infections originated at the dentist's office. As the local news said, these numbers are fairly consistent with the average incidence of Hep C.

So, basically, thousands have been tested and we don't know much more than we did before.  It's gonna take a lot more time to unravel this.
2013-04-19 05:12:02 AM  
The Pamela Anderson kind?
2013-04-19 05:14:05 AM  
There's probably vets out there who practiced better sanitisation technique when vaccinating livestock.
2013-04-19 05:14:14 AM  
I guessed 46 and all I got was this lousy oral herpes lesion.....
2013-04-19 05:14:40 AM  
57 Hep C, 3 Hep B, 1-2 HIV = 47?

Obviously as noted, how many were caused by the dentist is open to question as well, some people that had been infected elsewhere (and weirdly might actually be benefiting by having a reason to get tested and find out they are infected).

Do we know why he wasn't sterilizing them? Laziness? Cost? Religious dogma?
2013-04-19 05:19:40 AM  
Unnecessary objective case pronoun.
2013-04-19 05:30:56 AM  

xria: Do we know why he wasn't sterilizing them? Laziness? Cost? Religious dogma?

HIs sterilization equipment was not reaching proper temperature and therefore was not sterilizing. He also had separate sets of instruments for patients who self-reported infectious diseases and those who didn't, which might be a clue that he thought they might not be sterilizing.  There were other problems as well, including illegal practices, but what safety measures they were actually trying to take turned out not to be working.
2013-04-19 05:40:25 AM  
I am willing to bet that more than half of those people already had hep. Hepatitus is
2013-04-19 05:42:42 AM  
I am willing to bet that more than half of those people already had hep. Hepatitis is very common in the US and people don't know they have it until they go and give blood. People who give blood to blood banks find out they have all kinds of fun diseases that they didn't know they had.
2013-04-19 07:27:52 AM  
If only the state would had gotten off its ass and started drug testing all welfare recipients, this never would have happened.

2013-04-19 07:55:23 AM  
the prize is Hepatitis

That's bad!
2013-04-19 08:14:44 AM  
I think this happens more often than people suspect.  I had a relative 20 years ago (married old guy) who was convinced he contracted hepatitis after getting a root canal.

It might have also been from that one affair he had, but who really knows.
2013-04-19 08:28:57 AM  
Were this my family I'd be happy to introduce him to Mr. 47, but only after I asked what they were expecting when he asked them if they were sick or not so he knew which instruments to use.
2013-04-19 09:32:33 AM  

xria: Do we know why he wasn't sterilizing them? Laziness? Cost? Religious dogma?

I work in the dental instrument industry and I can tell you for a fact that many, many dentists (and their assistants) are complete idiots.

A favorite joke in the industry is a technician walks into an office and sees a hygienist drawing lines on sterilization pouchs with a sharpie. The Technician asks her why she's doing that and the hygienist responds: "The doctor gets mad if he goes to get the handpiece out of the pouch and this box isn't colored black." The joke being that the box on the sterilization pouch is a material that changes color to indicate a properly sterile environment.

The moral of the story is brush your teeth & floss regularly.
2013-04-19 09:33:15 AM  
"Whoever", dammit. Not "whomever."

2013-04-19 09:50:21 AM  
Mitt Romney?
2013-04-19 10:36:50 AM  

Sass-O-Rev: "Whoever", dammit. Not "whomever."


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2013-04-19 11:39:49 AM  
It's kind of misleading, I think something like 2% of the patients tested positive so far, and that's very close to what you would see in the general population.  Seeing as he's an oral surgeon, he'd probably see a higher incidence of these.

/but that doesn't make for good headlines
2013-04-19 11:50:52 AM  
What a prick.
2013-04-19 12:53:00 PM  
Unimpressed by this impostor 47.
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