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2013-04-18 12:37:40 PM  
You wouldn't catch Fark Greenlighting a load of conjecture and nonsense to drive page impressions, oh no, absolu[NEWSFLASH] Marathon Bomb Suspect Arrested ... tely not, they're way above such [OBVIOUS] Mainstream Media Sucks! pandering
2013-04-18 12:48:02 PM  
The media may suck, but Jon Dawson your 'column' sucks hard too. "The Wife and Tax Deduction No. 1"?...farking christ. Just ponderous. That has to be something they teach at the Bloggy, Wannabe-Columnist, School - pick a cutesy, yet retardingly trite name for your family members. Everyone of these cliché venders tries to do that. So banal. Someone must be selling a Mad Libs for columnists book they are all working from.
2013-04-18 01:37:21 PM  
How does this guy have a job? That was painful to read.
2013-04-18 01:47:14 PM  
I tried watching TV news last night about the factory fire. It was the same 3 30-second clips and 2 interviews on every single damn channel. I haven't watched TV news since 9/11 (when I woke up on the West Coast to news that something had happened, and every TV station was airing Bush's speech rather than saying what had happened). Last night was a huge reminder why.
2013-04-18 01:48:38 PM  
- Tax deduction 1
- Dandelions

What MORE can be said
2013-04-18 01:59:59 PM  
1) Get to the farking point, nobody cares about your bedmate or your stupid crotch fruit

2) Whining about media coverage of a Tragedy / Criminal activity while posting bloody photos as your headline is about as hypocritical as you can get.

Due to points 1 and 2, please feel free to remove yourself from the gene pool.
2013-04-18 02:00:11 PM  

milkyshirt: How does this guy have a job? That was painful to read.

He thinks he's the next Dave Barry. He's not. In fact, Dave Barry himself isn't very good.

These fools need to listen to Vonnegut: "Start your story as close to the end as possible". Don't waste precious words (and reader's patience) on trivial crap that you think is "cute". Shoot the sheriff in the first sentence. Then dissect the crime and convince us that what you did was right. This can be done with humor and aplomb and insight. But to do it, you need to be a good writer. He's not.
2013-04-18 02:44:29 PM  

Sybarite: I made it through exactly three paragraphs of that crap.

That's about as far as I got.
2013-04-18 04:01:54 PM  

kwkg3ek: It is sad, the best coverage has come from the BBC

We already learned this from last year's Olympics.
2013-04-18 04:04:20 PM  

Super Chronic: Super Chronic: Well at least the media reports didn't do stupid stuff liking going on and on and on about dandelions before getting to the goddamn point.

theurge14: Writer should be slapped with a shovel for opening with three paragraphs of dandelion nonsense.

I'd say these are close enough thematically to be counted as a simulpost, yes?  Internet high five.

2013-04-18 04:22:04 PM  

spelletrader: Sybarite: I made it through exactly three paragraphs of that crap.

I stopped at "The Wife and Tax Deduction No. 1."


He tries way, way too hard.

beanovelist.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Do not affect a breezy manner.
2013-04-18 04:23:38 PM  

LDM90: Is today media biatch-day here or what? Just turn it off for 48 hours, I promise you won't miss much. And if you miss anything you'll probably wind up with a brighter outlook on life.

"WAAAH, news sucks! Hey, wanna watch some news?"

/this tastes awful, here try some

i2.cdnds.netView Full Size

"Yes, I HATE This!' It is revolting!"


2013-04-18 11:05:55 PM  
There was some kind of connection on a spiritual level,

Somebody's hero is getting laid.

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