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2001-11-28 03:51:18 PM  
Why does Kid Rock have to tell us who he is in every song?
Maybe he's just reminding himself...
2001-11-28 03:52:39 PM  
And the ICP does not sell millions of albums, try 10s of thousands, and in case you are a retard, they suck so bad it is not funny.
2001-11-28 03:55:42 PM  
Again, I'd rather listen to ICP more than Emimem. If I wanted to hear that loser rap I'd just put my blender on chop and listen to the same tone at a million miles an hour for 4 minutes. If I want to listen to rap, I'll listen to Del or Outkast.
2001-11-28 03:56:10 PM  
Crab bucket.
2001-11-28 03:58:45 PM  
I used to love that grits sandwiches album. farkin a man.

On a different note, why do people think that ICP and Marilyn and all that crap are hardcore? I mean, they just scream and wear masks. Ooooh, scary. It's all fake.They're just total pussies from Iowa. Such pussies.

You want hardcore, get some GG Allin.

I hate you all.
2001-11-28 03:59:59 PM  
No matter what you say about him, he's still gonna be farking Pam Anderson.
2001-11-28 04:04:22 PM  
Fatnutz...I've heard quite a bit of that sucky band. More than "What I've read and what the media has fed me"...so don't lump me together with the rest of the idiots who make ignorant statements just to get a reaction. I've listened, they suck, my opinion. Get some taste.

Juggalo, Shmuggalo
2001-11-28 04:07:27 PM  
Bamf75 ok, example: The Great Milenko, certified Platinum. at one time, held the record for longest running album on the Billboard hip-hop/rap chart.

also, most other albums are at least certified Gold, and i believe the Amazing Jeckel Brothers shipped at least Gold.

OcterDoctopus first, ICP are not hardcore. again, why do people insist on pontificating on matters about which they know squat? Slipknot, another excellent group, are from Iowa. jackass. and yes, they are hardcore. i'd love to see you call anyone of them a pussy to their face. i'll gladly volunteer to scrap your dumb ass off the floor.
2001-11-28 04:09:34 PM  
ICP puts on one of the best stage shows I've ever seen in concert. Well worth going to see. Don't blow me off, I've seen TONS of concerts. From Manson to John Prine to Beck. ICP hands down as the best "show".
2001-11-28 04:09:47 PM  
"despite the funny haircut (which was once in style y'know), kid rock has always been repected in the hip-hop community."

Uh.. what hip-hop community are you speaking of? This is a serious load of shiat if I ever heard one.
2001-11-28 04:13:36 PM  
sick of it all

modern rock=
2001-11-28 04:15:51 PM  
These pics are nothing special, i thought i recognized a few of them from the leaflet that comes with history of rock. Overall kid rock isn't that bad, he does have SOME musical ability. Best new artist in 99 was a joke

I'll agree, ICP is just a bunch of no talent clowns. I mean, every damn song they have is similar. Something about music that is trying to be funny...i just don't understand. I used to like them, but album after album they just kept spewing out the same stuff. I just lost intrest in it.

Oh, and you better not diss iowa farkers. Iowa is just like any other state....theres more drugs here than you could possibly want to do. Theres shootings, stabbings etc. Iowa just tries hard to keep the "midwestern" appearance by not putting the bad stuff in the news. Don't talk shiat about places you know nothing about.
2001-11-28 04:16:49 PM  
ElCerdo hardcore point taken... BioHazard as well.

also, i'd say slipknot is metal rather than modern rock.
2001-11-28 04:17:58 PM  
So FatNutZ, your point proves nothing other than people will buy lots of retarded-ass records.

Yes, I have heard their music. You can listen to what you like, but I think it's nothing but so much retarded wigger crap encouraged by millions of potential Columbine kids.
2001-11-28 04:18:23 PM  
GOOD hardcore - Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, old Cave In, Playing Enemy, etc.

CRAP - Slipknot.
2001-11-28 04:20:03 PM  

Good Call!! GG Rules!
2001-11-28 04:20:24 PM  
AVAIL, more good h-core

Now if you want metal...SLAYER!
2001-11-28 04:20:39 PM  
Slipknot hard rock, thats a good laugh buddy.

Learn a little something about playing music, then comment on slipknot. They are excellent musicians, Just maybe not fitting to your taste.
2001-11-28 04:20:53 PM  
Fark linking metal-sludge! My worlds are colliding!

Anyway, I have a 10 year old "rap" card of Kid Rock during his funky hairstyle days. I used to buy such stupid shiat when I was a kid. Yo MTV Rap Cards...sheesh.
2001-11-28 04:21:34 PM  
Great Milenko is a great album, but Tunnel of Love is my personal favorite. My ex played "Cotton Candy" for me on our first date, and I fell in love right there.

Oh yeah...we're supposed to be talking about Kid Rock? I'm pretty sure everyone has pictures of themselves from 10 years ago where they don't look too cool.
2001-11-28 04:22:36 PM  
I don't look cool now, let alone ten years ago
2001-11-28 04:22:42 PM  
Yeah, slipknots pretty good. Dunno bout ICP though, never really liked them. Id rather listen to Eminem if it matters, though.

But all in all, its gotta be the Afroman! Bucoc!
2001-11-28 04:23:38 PM  
Yeah... sigh.. and he was better back then. Polyfuze Method was his best album ever, followed by Early Morning Stoned Pimp (the title track of which was featured in Road Trip).

I saw "Cocky" in the record store today, picked it up, looked at the song names, and finally gave up on White Boy Rick.
2001-11-28 04:26:10 PM  
If you guys want to see something scary and "hardcore", read Dan Spitz' 20 questions.


2001-11-28 04:27:26 PM  
I could of told you that.
2001-11-28 04:28:19 PM  
This is news? If you were in the Metro Detroit area in the early 90's and looked in the back of the Metro Times, these pictures were there every week.

I'm sure everyone one has pictures of themselves that they regret or would rather not have the public see. This is probably the case.
2001-11-28 04:29:30 PM  
"Everything Louder than Everyone Else"


'nuff said..........so THERE
2001-11-28 04:30:46 PM  
I like the clown luv im seeing on this post. Didn't think there were any other juggalo farkers.
2001-11-28 04:32:46 PM  
He is straight out of the trailer park..........

I beleive he says that in one of his songs........or something like that.
2001-11-28 04:33:24 PM  
Jesus, somebody had to bring up GG Allin. What a no talent jerkoff that was. Have you ever actually listened to his music? Or just seen one of his many bootleg concerts of him pissing and shiatting on the crowd. What a coont.

Also, hardcore has become a very misleading lable for music. There is NY Straightedge Hardcore, Boston Hardcore, Virginia Beach Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, Emo-Core, Ska-Core, Hardcore Rap, Miami Hardcore Booty... etc. It is silly to lable.

And the guy who said Slipknot would wipe the ground with somebodies face. You are a perfect example of an advertising scheme going perfectly. Come on, do you actually believe those corn huskin assholes believe the shiat they are spewing out of their mouths? Plus, Mushroomhead was wearing the same outfits as Slipknot with masks about 10 years ago. Nice to see them bite somebody elses style to make a buck.

Metal and Hard Rock is tired. It is time for the intelligent bands to come in.

Go listen to Dismemberment Plan and Burning Airlines and read a book while you are at it. Imbisile.
2001-11-28 04:33:40 PM  
Drugs in Iowa:

One of the local papers had a write-in poll a couple years back to choose the new state motto. May favorite submission was "Iowa: America's Meth Pipeline."

Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves.

Oh, and I'd like to throw in a vote for Sepultura (and, to a lesser degree, Soulfly) in the "hard rock" balloting.
2001-11-28 04:34:45 PM  
I agree with Candy.. I have pictures of me when i was younger that i wouldnt dare show anyone.. yes the same ones my mother shows all my friends when they go over there.
2001-11-28 04:35:00 PM  
CandyPink: I agree that "Cotton Candy" is one of the greats. Oh, and ditto on the old-embarassing-pictures point. My little sister (12) told me the other day that she found pictures of me when I was a little farker. I shudder to think of what I might have been wearing. I told her to never show anyone those photos, including me.

Back to Kid Rock. Lalalala: "Old-school" Kid Rock on a Yo MTV Raps card? I didn't think they "discovered" him (read: "started pushing him on the public") until Devil Without a Cause. Please scan that card and post it; I'd love to see that.
2001-11-28 04:35:20 PM  
Real remon:
I saw Motorhead recently and was surprised how great of a show it was. Not that I was expecting it to suck, just that they are old and all. But ... it was great and so was Nashville Pussy who opened for them.
2001-11-28 04:36:21 PM  
Kthulhu's lists:
Excellent Hardtype Music(off the top of my head):
Children Of Bodom
Cradle Of Filth

Decent Hardtype Music:
Metallica before ...And Justice For All

Suckass "Hardtype" Music:
Cannibal Corpse(Rah!Sex with dead bodies!)
Kid Rock(Bawitdaba!What's the next lyric?Oh yeah,strippers)
ICP (We,um,da wicked clownz,yeah!To cut you,yes please?!)
Linkin Park (We're one step closer to the edge of yesterday's news)
Slipknot(We wear horror masks and shout insensible lyrics.Oh yeah,we're impotent!)

So :P
-K2 "K2 is your superior!Face it!"
2001-11-28 04:36:38 PM  
HKWolf - yeah, but not all of us pretend to be the embodiment of "American Badass". Someone please post a link to that "Icy Hot Stuntaz" page. I think a comparison would be worthwhile
2001-11-28 04:37:21 PM  
ICP: Ice Cold Penis
2001-11-28 04:39:53 PM  
God, to think that he sleeps with P.A. What that to get jealous of. I would rather sleep with any farkers mother then her. After Tommy Lee, or who ever, god, i think the whole farking country has had at her. let's just role up America, and bend P.A. and Madonna over and shove America right up their assez.
2001-11-28 04:40:09 PM  
Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, and any other band/act that has a gimmick immediately gets ignored by myself. Reason? Because if they were GOOD musicians they wouldn't need some kind of jerk ass gimmick to get noticed. The only exception to this rule is KISS, and they have maybe five good songs.
2001-11-28 04:40:24 PM  
ask & ye shall recieve, St.A...prepare to laff your ass off
2001-11-28 04:42:04 PM  

Me too

Saw the show up here in Toronto last spring.

Lemmy ain't pretty, but gets the job done....

2001-11-28 04:42:42 PM  
Oh yeah:
Chastisement.These guys could mop the floor with Slipknot.And they're Svedish!

And I forgot to mention Marilyn Manson on my Suckass list.
(I'm the Dark Lord Antichrist!Ohhh!Yes,Mr. Peterson,I'll get the dildo out of my butt and my ass working on 20 Whoppers!Working hard at the BK....)
2001-11-28 04:45:36 PM  
And for the record, I'd gladly throw a hot dog down P.A.'s hallway. All this high-and-mighty talk about not ever touching her plastic boobies flies directly in the face of everything this red-blooded American boy was brought up to believe.

Chachi's been there? Fine. Tommy's been there? Yeah, cool, I saw the video. Kid's been there? So what? What's her man got to do wit me? I ain't trine to hear that, see?
2001-11-28 04:46:04 PM  
Kthulhu's lists:
Excellent Hardtype Music(off the top of my head):
Rammstein SUX!
KMFDM SUX! except Stray Bullet. Great song.
Children Of Bodom SUX!
Biohazard SUX!
Megaherz SUX!
Sepultura Good until Max heard Korn and decided he wanted to sound just like them
Cradle Of Filth hmmmm... i like them.

Decent Hardtype Music:
Crossbreed SUX!
Disturbed SUX!
Metallica before ...And Justice For Alland after, they just got old
Pantera good, besides great southern shiatalbum

Suckass "Hardtype" Music:
Cannibal Corpse(Rah!Sex with dead bodies!)SUX!
Kid Rock(Bawitdaba!What's the next lyric?Oh yeah,strippers)SUX!
ICP (We,um,da wicked clownz,yeah!To cut you,yes please?!) Alright, for what they are worth
Linkin Park (We're one step closer to the edge of yesterday's news) SUX!
Slipknot(We wear horror masks and shout insensible lyrics.Oh yeah,we're impotent!) SUX!

concensus is.... Kthulhu's lists SUX!
2001-11-28 04:46:56 PM  
Hahaha,IHS.Love the horrid photoshopping.
2001-11-28 04:46:56 PM  
The only reason slipknot wears the masks is because they don't want to be recognized on the street. Its not some sort of gimmick.
2001-11-28 04:48:47 PM  
ha! thats funny tre_bumpn. you keep believing that and not the fact that it sells lots of records to 14 year old kids and 18 year old jock morons like yourself.

im on a roll, its time to go solo
2001-11-28 04:49:07 PM  
2001-11-28 04:50:14 PM  
You want hardcore go and listen to the fathers of hardcore Black Sabbath.
2001-11-28 04:51:07 PM  
Skidnuts, Thanks. Seems it's been modified a bit since last I saw it, but still: I think that's where Kid Rock escaped from
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