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(First To Know)   Bad: Killing your sister. Weird: Pickling her head. Sick: Leaving it in a public toilet   ( firsttoknow.com) divider line
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2013-04-11 05:30:25 PM  
Not much meat on a head.
2013-04-11 05:30:56 PM  
Is it okay to rub one out with the head in the stall?
2013-04-11 06:26:30 PM  

blatz514: Is it okay to rub one out with the head in the stall?

As long as its a dry rub.
2013-04-11 06:28:22 PM  

valar_morghulis: Jesus. THANKS OBAMA.

I think you meant THANKS FARTBONGO!
just here to help.
2013-04-11 07:33:30 PM  
Did he do it to see if he could meet the woman he fell in love with at his mother's funeral?
2013-04-11 08:29:42 PM  
Oops, my bad. Forgot to grab it when I left.
2013-04-11 08:50:31 PM  

great_tigers: Was she hot?

Came here to ask this.
2013-04-11 09:39:24 PM  
Well, she if she didn't want to end up like that--she souldn't have been such a sourpuss.
2013-04-11 10:36:11 PM  
"don't make me Chia-fu you!"

/that's all I've got
2013-04-11 11:08:45 PM  
He pickled his sister's head in a bag, rickety-tickety-tin

/window seat, vegetarian meal, please
2013-04-12 01:30:17 AM  

jaybeezey: farkingismybusiness: [static.tumblr.com image 254x344]
If it looks good, eat it!

Why does he have a rubber band around that dicksangwich?

That's a geoduck, and the rubber band is to keep the shell closed and the clam alive until you're ready to cook it.

IOW, wrapping a rubber around your dicksangwich keeps it safe.
2013-04-12 09:20:13 AM  
One of my ancestors in the early 1700s on dad's side of the family was a boat captain. He was at sea with his wife when she died... but she did not want to be buried at sea, she wanted to go in the family plot in Connecticut. So he put her body in a pickle barrel until they made it back to land.

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