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(Daily Dot)   This hilarious article will drive you insane with its mind-blowingly awesome and innovative list of the most epic adjectives that, in a stunning report, have moved well beyond the cutting edge into game-changing territory   ( divider line
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2013-04-11 08:46:25 AM  
So they finally recognized that getting this article out was a time sensitive project.  It was a house on fire and I'm excited to see them pull the trigger on it.
2013-04-11 08:48:51 AM  
"No No no. I'm talking style. You look at our guns -- what do they offer? Class, sweetheart. They offer class. You buy from those war hippies at Maliwan, the gun's named like "the Fervid Gospel" or "the Guileless Provocateur" -- some pretentious crap. You get a bandit gun, they can't even spell "pistol" right. When you look at the names of those guns, you feel like a dumbass. When you look at a Hyperion gun, I want you to feel classy. Synergy. Dynamicism. Longitudinal. Words with heft. Words with meaning. Words that evidently nobody in this room understands given the blank looks you troglodytes are giving me right now. Look -- when you pick up a Hyperion shotgun called the Projectile Diversification, you'll know it was made by smart sonsofbiatches, for smart sonsofbiatches. Jesus is anybody writing this down? I'm giving you gold here, people."
2013-04-11 08:55:26 AM  
I ran TFA up the flagpole with a better headline but no one saluted it.
2013-04-11 09:05:14 AM  
When applied to YouTube searches avoiding all of those adjectives can be used to filter out some of the crap.
2013-04-11 09:06:15 AM  
That was an epic bore.
2013-04-11 09:16:14 AM  
Cracked accounts for 99% of all the overused adjectives on the internet.

2013-04-11 09:36:19 AM  
The adjective that I see overused the most isn't even a word. Halarious. It seems like I see some moron using that word somewhere at least once a day. And it's not like you can correct someone who's talking about something being hilarious without coming off as a dick.

"Dude, that pic is halarious! LOL!"

"Well, really it's spelled h-i-l-A-r-i-o-u-s."

"I was trying too say you're pic made me smile, dick, than you had to go and fark that up now, didn't you?"

[Tick tick tick tick goes the second hand, your face gets redder and redder until:] "You know, 'too' is not--"

[connection lost]*

"Well, fark you with a curling iron you ignorant son of a biscuit-eater."

/So you just have to bite your tongue. After all: You can't treat your "real life" Facebook friends like you do the scallywags here on Fark.

*Theoretically, of course. I know Facebook will not display this message when someone unfriends you.
 Defriends, whatever.
2013-04-11 09:55:54 AM  
this article is amazing.
2013-04-11 10:05:06 AM  
2013-04-11 10:45:12 AM  
So breathtaking
2013-04-11 11:44:22 AM  
Like, that was totally gnarly, you know. Far out man.
2013-04-11 12:21:11 PM  
In the frame of over-used words please add 'viral' to your list.
2013-04-11 12:29:32 PM  
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