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2001-11-28 09:34:25 PM  
My cats always used to climb into the udnerside of the car, though it was usually on the rear axle. I think only one was badly wounded.
2001-11-28 10:31:09 PM  
Hey Volvogirl- here's a bright red Volvo for 'ya:

[image from trayrace.best.vwh.net too old to be available]

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-29 12:08:56 AM  
Cats kick ass. I had a black one growing up who we saved from imminent death when he was a kitten. Several years later he was mauled by a dog and lost one of his hind legs. He lived to be 19 years old. Coolest pet I ever had.
2001-11-29 10:10:25 AM  

I have a cat. It liked to climb all over me when I was sleeping. One night it repeatedly jumped onto my head and wouldn't leave me alone. I threw it across the room into the wall and it has never bothered me since.

Same cat attacks my wife when she wears flipflops. Cat hates the sound of them and will literally hissing spitting freaking out attack her like another cat.

She plays with my 90 pound german shepherd (the cat does), which I think is not so bright, since he can, and does, fit most of her into his mouth.

In college a kitten lived with us. Part of it's "Space Kitty Training" was a game we called "hang from the door frame". Kitty would be held up so he could hook his little claws on the door frame of an open door. We would step back and see how long he hung there. We always caught him in our shirts when he dropped. Eventually he wouldn't hold on and just dropped right away, game wasn't any fun. My brother came over, hung him up and stepped back and watched him hit the ground. 'Now now kitty, that just won't do! Back up you go!' He never let go again.

Cats don't like to be put in washing machines and then have the water turned on. Especially when it's cold. Extra especially when there are two of them in there.

Cats can climb sheetrock walls if they are properly motivated.

Angry cats will shiat on the bathroom rug in the middle of the night so you can find it in the dark on your way to relieve yourself at night.

Leather tanners will not take your cat and make it into slippers for you, or for your wife.
2001-11-29 11:01:08 AM  
cats rule
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