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2001-11-28 12:00:44 PM  
lucky cat
wonder how many lives it wasted
2001-11-28 12:02:43 PM  
Damn, that's a big space for a car's engine compartment. You can barely fit HUMANS inside the passenger area of my Honda Civic!
2001-11-28 12:07:53 PM  
Something similar happened to one of my neighbours when I was growing up. They had a cat that liked to climb up into the engine compartment and sleep on top of the engine when it was cold outside. One morning the oldest daughter got in the truck and started up the engine to a "Mworrrrr, clunk, clunk, clunk" got out, popped the hood and volia - kitty spaghetti.

She was a little challanges to start with - she went to visit an uncle for a few months after that incident. Got a really cool jacket that had arms that tied in the back too!
2001-11-28 12:09:20 PM  
Had a stray kitten go through the fanbelt/pully arrangement on a ford once, 6-800 dollar vet bill later, we had a new cat.

The cat is still alive BTW, but had to go into the witless protection system and I haven't seen it in two years.
2001-11-28 12:11:08 PM  
Bet that car purs like a kitten....hahahahaha...wait bad pun
2001-11-28 12:11:25 PM  
Nice pussy...
2001-11-28 12:13:49 PM  
My fat cat (named "Wart") survived a trip to work sitting on the exhaust manafold of a Dodge Caravan. I don't know how she didn't get burned. If you try to take her outside now she'll claw your ass off.
2001-11-28 12:19:06 PM  

damn, and once I saw a cat go up into a guys engine compartment, and then he came out and got in the car... I was so tempted to see what happened, but damn stinking morality got in the way and I stopped him and we spent 20 mins fishing the stupid cat out.

I heard cats in east berlin often attempted stunts like this. That is until more recent times, now they walk.
2001-11-28 12:22:43 PM  
Kitty only has 8 left after this stint. And did anyone notice the article to the left..."woman accidentally drives over officer" LMAO
2001-11-28 12:22:45 PM  
My mom chopped up my childhood cat too, Caprice Classic 1, kitty cat 0
2001-11-28 12:26:55 PM  
Well I for one am glad the cat lived.. take it a lot of you guys don't really like them.
2001-11-28 12:35:14 PM  
Cats love the heat of an engine. I once had a cat that would climb into the fireplace while there was a fire! We couldn't get him out - no matter what we did. He liked the hot coals.

Tastes like chicken.
2001-11-28 12:35:38 PM  
Cat. The other white meat.
2001-11-28 12:35:41 PM  
Cat haters suck.
2001-11-28 12:35:50 PM  
Cats rock. Especially when injected with LSD and strapped to a plank over a fire.
2001-11-28 12:38:02 PM  
Suck cats.

Actually, I'm a cat person, myself. My cat (who is, by the way, right now at the vet getting his balls cut off, as if you needed to know that! ;)
loves to hide under my car all the time. I've taken to calling for him before getting in my car, just so I don't wind up with "kitty stew" one of these days.
2001-11-28 12:39:40 PM  
Yes, but can the cat count to 100?
2001-11-28 12:40:31 PM  
I heard that the reason that cats tend to bring dead/half dead animals into the house is because they're trying to train you.

That so rocks. Not only are they the epitomy of independence, but they automatically assume themselves to be head of the household, and that humans are essentially a bunch of unruly kittens that they need to beat into shape.

That's so cool. He could walk on the water, and swim on the land.
2001-11-28 12:41:11 PM  
Cats are stupid. They're dumber than squirrels and not as cute.
2001-11-28 12:43:17 PM  
I've taken cats for the 7-mile ride from my parent's house into "town". It's usually right around the 6-month mark when they get big enough to climb up tires and hide on the frame. If they don't jump off right at the start, they're usually so scared that they just hang the fark on untilthe car stops. I actually took one into town, went into the grocery store, did my shopping, and drove back home. When I got home, I noticed a kinda faint meow from underneath the car. Other times they've ridden under the car to the gas station with me, or been left overnight in an auto shop.

That's way easier to dela with than finding them tangled in your belts. It's darn near impossible to unwind them from some of these new cars with the serpentine belts and close-proximity pulleys... Ewww.
2001-11-28 12:43:31 PM  
My cat (who is, by the way, right now at the vet getting his balls cut off, as if you needed to know that! ;)

Gonads and strife! :)
2001-11-28 12:46:07 PM  
Goatman - that's why you must take every oppertunity to beat your cat down. Show him/her that *you* are the master. As a side benefit, they don't walk with their tail up as much, so you don't see their damned arsehole all the time. :)
2001-11-28 12:52:59 PM  
2001-11-28 12:56:38 PM  
I didn't realize this was so common. This actually happened to a friend of mine as well.

A neighbour's cat got into his souped up '68 Ford Thunderbird. He turned on the engine, and it chugged for a second. He wouldn't have thought much of it had this car not been his baby. Needless to say, not much was left of the cat, and my friend spent the afternoon with the hose.

I would have loved to have seen the looks on his neighbour's faces when he brought back their cat in a wet paper bag.

"Excuse me, I found your cat wandering around. Here's what's left of him." *drip* drip*

Dead kitty.
2001-11-28 12:57:23 PM  
Im with Jinx77...Cats are the perfect pet, they mind their own business and are pretty user friendly.
2001-11-28 01:01:38 PM  
You can tell someone is a computer geek-
"pretty user friendly."
Mine can walk up ladders. Gets him in to bad situations every now and then, though... painting...
2001-11-28 01:07:52 PM  
I have come out on the side of cats here before, but I have to tell you, now that it's cold out, my four are wearing pretty thin on me right now. We have one who is particularly pushy, spends her nights taking up half of the damn bed. When I kick her off, she just boomerangs right back on. Hate that damned cat. So their chief appeal is also their biggest problem -- immunity from discipline.

I think a lot of people have cats and/or dogs instead of kids. Now that we have a small kid, the dog and cats are more in the way than anything else. Hate to put it that way, but there you are.

Oh, and they're stinky and they occasionally throw up a little present for you on the bathroom floor or somewhere where you'll step on it barefoot. YAARRRGH!
2001-11-28 01:10:28 PM  
Sad story:
My moms cats was missing for a day as I drove off to Cedar Point. On the highway, we hear a thump, I look in the rear view mirror. I see nothing. I keep looking and see my moms cat, skidding down the road. It manages to run out of the highway lanes to the middle divider without being squashed.
But it was lost forever. I went back and couldn't find it, pulling off to the left shoulder to walk around looking for an injured cat seemed suicidal. Plus, I had to get to Cedar Point.
She has a new cat now.
2001-11-28 01:18:41 PM  
My cat can go up ladders too. However, she hasn't quite gotten the hang of getting *down*...

She also likes to get into the upper level of the linen closet, then waits for me to show up so she can use my shoulder as a leaping platform to get down.

No, she's not spoiled...not at all...
2001-11-28 01:46:58 PM  
Had a cat that would fetch crinkled up empty cigarette packs. Favorite toy was the little plastic pull ring thingy from a gallon of milk.
2001-11-28 01:57:51 PM  
I have no symphany for people who biatch about their animals sleeping on their beds. When you go to bed shut the damn door!
2001-11-28 01:57:52 PM  
I don't let any of my cats out so I don't have to worry about this stuff.
2001-11-28 02:06:42 PM  
Ah, yes. The "closet trick." Mine gets up on top of this big cabinet in the living room, then has to be extracted from it. I still haven't figured out how he gets up there in the first place- it's about 7 feet tall, has smooth sides, and no good halfway- up surfaces close enough to get there from. The cat is also only 7 months old, so he hasn't had enough time to polish his climbing/ jumping skills that well. Any ideas on how he does it so I can prevent it in the future? (note to cat haters- a gun is not an option!)
2001-11-28 02:14:09 PM  
Make the cat wear ankle weights
2001-11-28 02:22:21 PM  
You'd be amazed at how high these little guys can jump. My other cat (the athlete of the family) managed to jump from the floor to the top of the shower enclosure (about 6 feet up from a standing jump because he didn't have enough room to get a running start) and land on the top which is maybe an inch wide. I wouldn't have believed he could do it if I hadn't watched it. An athletic cat could do 7 feet to the top of a cabinet with ease.
2001-11-28 02:22:36 PM  
"Everybody say hey we want some pussy..."

Lame 2 Live Crew refrence
2001-11-28 02:23:21 PM  
I had this happen to me back in 1994. Poor little bastard. He lived, sure, but the 350 c.i. V8 with headers and 750CFM Holley 4-bbl under the hood probably scared the living shiat out of him!

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-28 02:25:05 PM  
Can't believe no had said this already, but...

That pussy has go a lot of miles on it now.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-11-28 02:29:27 PM  
That's the most heartwarming story I've heard since Elián Gonzalez.
2001-11-28 02:31:52 PM  
Cats can be quite entertaining when you tape their feet with duct tape and put catnip in their food...
2001-11-28 02:50:51 PM  
One Halloween a few years ago, I let my black cat out into our fenced in back yard. I looked out the window just in time to see a strange woman creeping up on him with a towel in her hand, like she was gonna toss it on him to take him captive. I'm sure she had a midnight ceremony in mind.
Cat's a Maine Coon. 18 pounds. I woulda LOVED to see her try, but I chased her away.
Cat doesn't go outside the month of October now.
2001-11-28 03:10:13 PM  
We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. The younger cat is much smarter than either of the dogs (one's an mutt, the other a Lab). The cat actually comes to me when I call it, he follows me when I walk the dogs, and is generally one cool cat - very mellow. Cost me a mint in vet bills to patch him up after fighting with all the other cats in the neighborhood. He pretty much does what he wants and rules the house.
2001-11-28 03:15:18 PM  
This also reminds me of the Johnny Carson show where he had a guest come on with her pet cat - I think it was Ann Margaret.
Johnny - Thats a nice cat
Guest - Yes, I love my pussy...I take her everywhere with me.
Johnny - I bet
Guest - Would you like to pet my pussy?
Johnny - Sure, move the cat!
2001-11-28 03:20:42 PM  
Greek, put some mousetraps up there, upside down, and cover with newspaper. If the cat's a slow learner, you might have to do it twice.

Also, consider one of those tall contraptions with ledges. I've got one in the perfect place for my cats--some ledges are great for sitting and watching the outside, others are great for sitting and watching me on my computer. You can find them at any good-sized pet store, PetSmart has one here
2001-11-28 04:27:50 PM  
Jesus was way cool too.
2001-11-28 04:40:17 PM  
This also reminds me of the Johnny Carson show where he had a guest come on with her pet cat - I think it was Ann Margaret.
Johnny - Thats a nice cat
Guest - Yes, I love my pussy...I take her everywhere with me.
Johnny - I bet
Guest - Would you like to pet my pussy?
Johnny - Sure, move the cat!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
Would have been funny if it actually happened but it never did. Similar story appeared about Arnold Palmers wife saying some things when she was on there but never did.
2001-11-28 04:48:51 PM  
I live on a farm and we ussually have a smoldering bonfire on the go. Anyway, one of our longhaired cats likes to sleep dangerously close to the bonfire. One day I was out in the paddock and I heard a loud bang, like a gunshot, followed by a flaming, smoking object hurtling past me at a ridiculous speed. I didn't see the cat for a couple of days. When it eventually turned up, it was completely fine, with no burns, despite losing its whiskers and most of its hair. It turned out the explosion was caused by a used aerosol can getting into the bonfire by mistake. The cat made a full recovery.
2001-11-28 05:01:23 PM  
Wow and I thought it was funny when my dad left the portable phone in the engine of his car! We would hear it ringing somewhere in the car, it took us a while to open up the hood and find it. Just like the cat it had a burn on it and but eventually gave out on us.

That cat went through a couple lives on that one!
2001-11-28 07:39:47 PM  
This is not too surprising.

On a trip from a fishing community in Louisiana to our house (Approx. 50 miles away.), a cat somehow got into our SUV. Maybe lodged in the tire? I have no clue. But I did not realize this happened until I was sleeping the next morning, and heard meowing sounds. Nobody in my neighbourhood has cats, so that was odd.

It turned out to be a cat that people we knew were friendly with in the area. So after the cat staying at our house for two days, we brought it back.

2001-11-28 07:45:53 PM  
Cats do that stuff all the time.
My mom has four cats.They never go out unless supervised.Good companionship.The only pussies I've been stroking lately(sigh.....).
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