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2013-04-08 06:36:40 PM  
Happy Hours: No shiat. I can buy a fifth of whiskey for the same price as 2 drinks in your farking bar.

Forget bars, I went to a comedy club once (with a two item per person minimum). The food was a normal (read not ridiculous) marked up price ($12 for a huge plate of nachos), but the price for a drink was in another galaxy ($16 for a long island).

I guess next time around (if there is a next time), I'm going to eat two plates of nachos.

// can't eat two plates of nachos
2013-04-08 07:27:54 PM  

giftedmadness: YouSirAreAMaroon: UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: Mister Buttons: MatrixOutsider: Pouring piss water into top shelf liquor bottles and charging top shelf prices is not on the list?

If a bar is caught doing this it can result in at least a $5000 dollar fine, and possible loss of liquor license.  This is not something that bars do.

Dunno how other states do it, but my sister used to tend bar at a Chinese restaurant in California, and one day had a guy come in with a briefcase, sat down and ordered a drink. She mixed it, set it down in front of him, and he immediately flashed his ABC credentials, opened his briefcase, poured the drink into a container, sealed it, and walked out the door to a van parked in the lot. Ten minutes later, he came back, told her that her pour was right on the money, and she had passed their audit. The restaurant was lucky that the other bartender wasn't there; she was a notorious overpourer, and they'd have fined her and the restaurant on the spot.

Cajnik: 9. "Don't drink and drive, for your sake - and ours."

This is BS. It shouldn't be the bars job to babysit you. Hell, they already have to listen to your drivel. Don't drink and drive - good advice. Don't sue the person who handed you a beer when you asked for it - better advice.

I've lost two good friends that left bars ridiculously drunk and died; one on a motorcycle that hit a dumpster at 130 mph. My sister, when she's tending bar keeps a clinical eye on all her customers, and also keeps a running tally of how much she's served each customer. She's also very smooth about how she '86es customers- she'll sweet-talk you right onto the sidewalk so suavely, that you'll think you put yourself there on purpose. That's because she wants you back as a customer.

You have poor taste in friends, the motorcycle douche was begging to die. I'm pleased he got his wish.

Wow, you lonely, brah? And the fark douche of the year goes to.......

Sorry if I don't cry for Darwin's finest. If you want to off yourself use a gun at home like a respectable person, don't put others in danger.
2013-04-08 09:08:13 PM  

YouSirAreAMaroon: Sorry if I don't cry for Darwin's finest. If you want to off yourself use a gun at home like a respectable person, don't put others in danger.

You know, I'd almost agree with you if I didn't know this person like I did. He was a twenty-one year old hard working kid. He bought a Suzuki GSXR750, with his wages from working construction. He found out that he was a very capable rider, but like any kid was trying to find his boundaries. The only time I have ever been scared on a motorcycle was riding on the back of his bike. I never did it again, but he was damned good. He just thought he was better than he was.

He had just gotten married a month before, and was celebrating that night that his first child was on the way. He was known at the bar (he grew up with the owner's kid), but was usually a one-drink-and-gone kind of irregular customer; however they were buying him free drinks all night, and he was buying rounds for his friends (I wasn't there, this is second hand).

He lived way out in the boonies, about 20 miles from the nearest town, and had a friend on the back of his bike. They were on the only straight stretch (he lived in the mountains) of road for his entire trip. The road takes a major dip as it goes through an old riverbed, and then rises back on the other side. Like many state highways, there is little improvement, as the roads just follow the lay of the land. His habit was to accelerate on the straight stretch, and wheelie into the dip, and set the front wheel back down on the other side. Something went wrong, and he went onto the dirt shoulder, and hit a dumpster that normally wouldn't be there, but for the homeowner remodeling. His friend launched over the dumpster into the side of a pickup truck, and was killed instantly. I got a phone call at 4am, and hightailed it to the hospital, and at 6am, they pronounced my friend dead. I later heard from one of the nurses that the ER doctor may have accidentally killed him, but yes, he brought his death upon himself.

Now, this brings me to your comment here, and above. I won't apologize to you for saying what I did, but I shouldn't have lost my shiat. It was better that we communicated through this forum, because your callous comments said face-to-face would have created multiple problems for both of us. I cherish my friend's memory, and still visit his son (now fully grown) whenever I'm in the area. He was a good friend, who would have been at that same hospital for me, had our roles reversed. And you have no business nor right to judge him. Because you. don't. know.
2013-04-09 12:42:24 AM  

stevetherobot: Girion47: With the bars I go to, and the beers I order, each beer has it's own glass and the recommended pour marked on the glass in centiliters.   There's no shorting of beer in that case.

There is if the bottom of the glass is thicker than normal. In that case the line doesn't do you any good.

IIRC, Germany has strict laws about this and even soft drink glasses have a line on them to indicate how much you are getting.

Then you are talking outright fraud and it is a whole new story. Completely illegal and will probably get you shut down fairly quickly in most of the developed world.

Most places don't specify how much you are getting, but by providing a cup that has the same dimensions as a pint, people are led to believe it is a pint. There is no fraud or other legal issues, it is just misleading.

If the bar wants to sell 12 ounce beers they are more than welcome to it, but with measured glasses every customer will know they are 12 ounces.
2013-04-09 12:44:50 AM  
2013-04-09 09:49:33 AM  
was it just me or did any one else notice that not a single one of those complaints mentioned the most important trait that could check these isues?

taste your farking drink.  if it tastes like crap, don't get another,

with wine, I send back bar wine all the time.  i know bars open a bottle and don't serve a glass for months.  that's also why i ask what was opened most recently.  if it tastes like poison, i say, sorry, i think this turned, or it's corked, or whatever i tasted that was amiss.  If they say, I just opened it, then I say.  Ok, can you please taste it to let me know if it is supposed to taste like that, because it's not very good.  i apologize and thank the person... so far, every bartender I've ever had knows that wine can go bad and will replace a shiat glass.  that's probably why wine is one of the most marked up bar drinks, it has the loss calculated into the price.

now, if i could not tell that it had gone bad, then it doesn't taste bad to me.  so, what's the problem?  i have bad taste and i don't care.  so, it's a non-issue.  this whole article was written like it was trying to reveal secrets to you.  IF you could not taste the problem, then there was no problem for you.  otherwise, if you tasted the problem, you would not keep drinking there.  it's quite simple.

same thing with the wells and anything else.  only spend more money because it will taste better.  if you can't blind taste test the difference, consider yourself blessed that you can enjoy the well while others are spending more.
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