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(Daily Mail)   Transgender high school student wins right to wear dress to prom. No word on whether it will be an original Wang   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2013-04-07 11:09:34 PM  

radarlove: Feelings still require analysis. Nobody ever doesn't engage in analytical thinking.

Oh come on. Most Americans wouldn't know "analytical thinking" if it bit them on their genitals. The "Obama is a Muslim socialist crowd" is one example; another is "abducted by aliens." These "transsexuals" who want surgery to "make the outside match the inside" provide yet another illustration.
2013-04-07 11:18:21 PM  
Mr Rogers is aroused:

Man + Woman = baby. All the other shiat is just us genetically, historically normal folk feeling guilty and letting you weirdos play along.

it's people like you who are costing other men their genitalia. Convince them they're not "real men," so they must "really" be women.

I farked women without causing a baby for about 37 years.

Grow up. Learn to think for yourself.
2013-04-07 11:19:31 PM  

Oh, look, the sad, pathetic, people who think children are the only reason for living have shown up!

Let's all laugh at them, and maybe try to explain that the "miracle" of life has spread to the point that it threatens to destroy the planet.

Very much THIS.
2013-04-07 11:24:43 PM  

Homosexuality is a Learned Behaviour.

So is heterosexualty. Especially for males. Even that weirdo Freud got that much right, especially for males. to quote Lenhy Bruce, "men can fark mud": that a guy wants to stick his johnson in any other human being instead of a sheep or a knothole is learned. The fact is if it weren't for social programming most men would be happy with Fleshlights: they're certainly a lot less trouble.
2013-04-07 11:44:46 PM  

As a straight male, what does wanting to sex up an attractive trans woman make me?

You mean a guy who thinks he's a chick? Then you're gay or bi. Or, most likely, very confused.

But then I'm bi and have no use for a transsexual, especially a post-op one. When I want a woman I'll find one; when I want a boy I'll look for that. Masculine women or feminine guys can be a great too, but a surgically mutilated something is the worst of both worlds.
2013-04-07 11:47:17 PM  

You want to perpetuate gender roles instead of just letting people be themselves with whatever tastes and senses of style and comfort they have.

Your definition of "gender" is a societal construct, and no more valid than someone who would look down on boys for playing with "girl" toys, or cross dressers, or any other sort of bigot.

That's the flaw with so many liberal stances, they claim to want to do away with X, but still ascribe to the same structure, just with gentler words. It's a shame really.

2013-04-07 11:55:39 PM  

The My Little Pony Killer: The One True TheDavid:

Make Society stop castrating men because they're not "normal."

Women can become men.  Stop acting as though this is some twisted component of your men's rights movement.

No. Sorry. Nothing on Earth can make Chaz Bono a man. She's a hormonally poisoned woman with her breasts removed.

Note also that "FTM" transformers are pretty rare: this is because Society is less afraid of "masculine" women than "sissies." Women can get away with "acting like men": I know a very feminine woman who's been a professional housepainter & drywaller for 30 years and a grandma for 16. She's neither a lesbian nor a "transman" but a woman who isn't stuck full-time in one narrow "gender role." She also bakes wedding cakes and caters, by the way.

But "sissies" get punished not only with castration but also by being persuaded that it's what they "really" want. That's just plain wrong.
2013-04-07 11:57:16 PM  
Where IS everybody? It's only 11:56 EST on Sunday. Do I have to "win" this thread by default?
2013-04-08 12:33:25 AM  

The One True TheDavid: Where IS everybody? It's only 11:56 EST on Sunday. Do I have to "win" this thread by default?

I think everyone else got tired of your stupid.
2013-04-08 01:03:16 AM  

The One True TheDavid: For female bodies they make these things called "strap ons."

Those cost $200. I'm dirt poor. Plus, no feeling. I probably will do this eventually, but this is at least 5+ years away in my budget.

The One True TheDavid: How would you become hermaphrodite with surgery?

Same way they create penises now. That's really all I want. Which leads me to. . .

The One True TheDavid: As for hormones, it shouldn't be that hard to find: another way of saying "male hormones" is anabolic steroids. Find a boxing gym or weight-training club and make a friend or two.

See, now here is where you mistake me for a complete transsexual. I don't want to lose my essentially femininity. I have DDD boobs that I love playing with thank you very much. They tend to shrink on hormones. Also, I want to retain fertility. That's not possible under hormone therapy. I have to admit, I'm VERY intrigued by the idea of growing my own dick (Thomas Beatie's "Labor of Love" was a very difficult book for me; essentially told me "Yeah, actually, you can have everything you want"), but ultimately, I'm not willing to pay the price to get it. Many transsexuals go only so far with gender reassignment surgery for various reasons (It's very invasive, high risk, etc.). I have 3/4 of the parts I want; I'm not really unhappy enough to spend 3 years under psychiatric care, another 2 years with hormones, another 2 years living as my chosen gender. . . and so on. . . I'll pass.

The One True TheDavid: Anyway. People get too hung up on what's "appropriate" for their (physical) sex and think if they're "abnormal" they should change their bodies: that's Societal brainwashing showing itself. IMHO people should accept that who thy are might not match of with what Society prefers and instead of changing their bodies we should change Society instead.

I hope you aren't saying this in reference to me, because this is definitely not my experience, and not the experience of most transsexuals I know. There is a vast difference between being gay and being transgendered/transsexual. One is (generally) about being comfortable in the body you have, the other one you aren't. I don't know any part of society that would tell me "You need a dick to go along with those boobs and snatch." I very much like my body the way it is; a dick too would simply be nice. It's like growing up an amputee. You know there's something supposed to be there, but it's just not.. Everything in my head says there should be something there. Everything in my behaviour says I straddle the fence between masculine and feminine and non-gendered roles, and I *dig* doing that. Why should I be forced to accept a body that doesn't match my head if I don't have to?

/choice goes both ways, and even if the choice is influenced, you still have to respect it
2013-04-08 01:05:39 AM  

Quinsisdos: The One True TheDavid: Where IS everybody? It's only 11:56 EST on Sunday. Do I have to "win" this thread by default?

I think everyone else got tired of your stupid.

Yeah, I should have read further before responding. . .
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