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(YouTube) Video New Wheat Thins TV ad is an early contender for Commercial of the Year ... 30 seconds you won't forget   ( divider line
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12352 clicks; posted to Video » on 05 Apr 2013 at 8:55 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-04-05 06:39:26 PM  
Dr. Bellows?

I guess the person who wrote the commercial watched "I Dream of Jeannie."
2013-04-05 06:40:45 PM  

Glenford: [ image 546x384]

yup, reminded me of that
2013-04-05 06:43:28 PM  
Still doesn't beat the Nutrigrain commercial.

You know the one I'm talking about.
2013-04-05 07:08:57 PM  
Over 30 years on... I can't forget Toppie Smellie
2013-04-05 07:09:18 PM  

How old are you, Subby?
2013-04-05 07:11:45 PM  

imashark: Still doesn't beat the Nutrigrain commercial.

You know the one I'm talking about.

ive never seen that one but i like it.
2013-04-05 07:26:21 PM  

imashark: Still doesn't beat the Nutrigrain commercial.

You know the one I'm talking about.

LOL I forgot about that one. Definitely a greeeeeaaaat.
2013-04-05 08:19:29 PM  
2013-04-05 09:19:59 PM  
Wait, does the puppet eat them? And.. is he really insane.., or, I mean, if he's able to do all these other things as a puppet, I mean most puppets don't do anything, so...,how can he.. how can they...why did the puppet..uh,
2013-04-05 09:41:12 PM  
2013-04-05 10:09:08 PM  
Wow that was so hip it might just go viral.

/ I hope fark got paid well to shill that shiat
2013-04-05 10:13:23 PM  

crow: "Hey Cousin!"
[ image 500x376]

First thing I thought of after watching that stupid commercial. It would have been funnier if the puppet was thrown into an oven.
2013-04-05 10:45:29 PM  

Ghost Roach: ShereKhan: Complaint from the Nat'l Assoc. of the Mentally Ill in 5, 4, 3 ......

..... unicorn, purple, Tuesday, MEATLOAF!!!
2013-04-05 11:00:51 PM  
Stoopid. Will not buy.
2013-04-05 11:04:12 PM  
I was at a Super Bowl Party this year, first one in a long time since I generally just want to watch the game and chill, and I was absolutely amazed at the attention and reaction to the farking commercials people had.  Eyes glued, open mouth smiles before it began, and then bellowing laughter at stuff that was barely amusing, let along guffaw-inducing.  I imagine those retards would think this was just the best thing ever.
2013-04-05 11:23:27 PM  
I enjoyed it.
2013-04-05 11:33:31 PM  

DeltaPunch: Ellimem: Wow. Subby certainly overhyped that for nothing.

2013-04-05 11:39:26 PM  
Triscuit is so much better than Wheat Thin.
2013-04-05 11:41:14 PM  
Also, really has a horrible website.  I'd rather deal with frames or a geocities website.  What do you think?
2013-04-05 11:48:23 PM  

ski9600: Triscuit is so much better than Wheat Thin.

Not eating boxed crap food is better
2013-04-06 12:10:09 AM  
That was shiat. Subby sucks.
2013-04-06 12:10:58 AM  

Iplaybass: That was shiat. Subby sucks.

Sucks but doesn't finish.
2013-04-06 12:24:17 AM  
Some of us still remember Sandy Duncan eating them wuuun, after the other , thank you very much.
2013-04-06 12:30:16 AM  
Mediocre, much like Wheat Thins themselves.
2013-04-06 12:51:35 AM  

the8re: Would be much funnier if this were Chicken in a Biscuit. And the puppet was Gonzo.

I'd do dirty, dirty things for Chicken in a Biscuit right about now.
2013-04-06 12:51:44 AM  
farking hate the little creepy product naming voice at end in all these commercials. and Wheat Thins suck.
2013-04-06 01:45:07 AM  

ski9600: Triscuit is so much better than Wheat Thin.

Try them crumbled up in a bowl with sugar and milk like cereal. Seriously.
2013-04-06 01:50:10 AM  
Reminds me of the old spice ads.
2013-04-06 04:04:14 AM  
So Fark is now explicitly greenlighting commercials?  Not even bothering with the "(Sponsored Link)" tag anymore?  There was nothing even remotely exceptional or noteworthy about that.
2013-04-06 04:45:16 AM  

enik: I bet that's hilarious if you're 12.

Your "insight" made me sterile.
2013-04-06 07:42:36 AM  
The shiat that gets greened. And the gems that don't.


2013-04-06 10:54:10 AM  
A funnier commercial? atch?v=TQrv6-viEUk

/you bet your sweet aspercreme
2013-04-06 12:15:04 PM  
at least the thread provided some legitimately funny commercials.  subby sure didnt.
2013-04-06 05:18:20 PM  

FlashHarry: mental illness is hilarious!

Sometimes it can be. Stop being offended on other people's behalf.
2013-04-06 11:58:36 PM  

DeltaPunch: Ellimem: Wow. Subby certainly overhyped that for nothing.

2013-04-07 04:14:33 AM  

RminusQ: That wasn't even the best Wheat Thins commercial of the year. Sasquatch meets neighbor Ned was better.

Came here to say that.
2013-04-07 05:39:56 AM  
4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

best commercial ever
weeeeee! weeeee! weeeee! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2013-04-07 06:40:28 AM  
media.screened.comView Full Size
2013-04-07 10:28:42 AM  
That sucked, all of you praising it should be ashamed. This is why we get shiat shoved down our throat anytime we watch TV.
2013-04-08 07:00:01 AM  
puppets have a knack for making commercials better
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