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2013-04-04 03:51:11 PM  
I love the thought of Gene Siskel and Ebert reuniting at this very moment and Siskel giving Ebert a hard time for liking "Carnosaur."
2013-04-04 03:51:14 PM  

SlothB77: RIP

it is going to happen sooner or later.  so might as well get the ball rolling.


encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.comView Full Size
2013-04-04 03:51:19 PM  

downstairs: Watched him growing up.


This. I use to watch him Gene all the time growing up. Sad that both have passed on.
2013-04-04 03:51:21 PM  
The very moment I saw this news on the faceyspace, I knew, with 100% certainty, this would be the headline.
2013-04-04 03:51:22 PM  
Chin up, Farkers. Armond White is healthy as an ox.
2013-04-04 03:51:30 PM  

Uzzah: Great, now we'll never get to see the final chapter of the "Valley of the Dolls" trilogy.

/goodnight, man who thought "The Jerk" was just about "funny hats"

I think he only wrote the second one, which is still a hell of a great accomplishment!
2013-04-04 03:51:40 PM  
Well, let's get it started.

25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size

RIP Hebert

2013-04-04 03:51:43 PM  
RIP Movie Man

I watched him while I was growing up.
2013-04-04 03:51:53 PM  
The world's missing a good man. Loved that guy.
2013-04-04 03:51:55 PM  
Dammit. :(
2013-04-04 03:51:59 PM  

BradleyP: Still no cure for Siskel.

Yeah, brain cancer sucks.
2013-04-04 03:52:01 PM  
christopherfowler.co.ukView Full Size

RIP Ebert
2013-04-04 03:52:10 PM  
His book "I Hated Hated Hated This Movie" is one of the funniest, truest, greatest bathroom reading books in the history of...books of that...nature.  Ebert Victorious still the best Onion headline of all time. So long.
2013-04-04 03:52:11 PM  
God dammit.
R.I.P. Roger; we'll miss you.
2013-04-04 03:52:26 PM  
fark you cancer
2013-04-04 03:52:27 PM  
Not THAT shocking considering his health in general the last few years, but jeez he seemed ok enough a couple days ago that he'd be alive still today. This sucks.
2013-04-04 03:52:38 PM  
Those must have been some pretty tough years towards the end of his life.

I hope he's found peace.
2013-04-04 03:52:39 PM  
1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

So I wonder what they are reviewing tonight?
2013-04-04 03:52:48 PM  

Wadded Beef: I love the thought of Gene Siskel and Ebert reuniting at this very moment and Siskel giving Ebert a hard time for liking "Carnosaur."

Ebert was just early on proper appreciation of the SyFy original movies.
2013-04-04 03:52:52 PM  

srtpointman: I remember watching At the Movies. Very sad.

Me too.

I liked when Siskel and Ebert really got into a good verbal slap down about a movie.  That was better t.v. than 90% of the crap that's on now.
2013-04-04 03:52:57 PM  
Siskel & Ebert were just a bit before my time, can't say I really remember watching them but they were certainly household names. RIP movie goer.

Blues_X: Cancer... you go fark yourself.


Finally a post we can all agree with.
2013-04-04 03:52:59 PM  
Sad story. I give this man and his life SEVEN thumbs up!
2013-04-04 03:53:03 PM  

eggrolls: The balcony better be closed. Everybody who goes up there gets cancer.

I laughed, then felt bad. Thank you for that.
2013-04-04 03:53:11 PM  
I jaw what you did there subby
2013-04-04 03:53:35 PM  
"I once got to the second level of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

 Plus his review of North is why I liked him at a early age.

/And now the balcony is closed...
2013-04-04 03:53:37 PM  
Roger Ebert isn't dead. He's immortal.
2013-04-04 03:53:40 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

RIP Eggbert

2013-04-04 03:53:44 PM  
And furthermore Susan, I wasn't be the least bit surprised to learn that he habitually smoked cigarettes...
d23 [BareFark]
2013-04-04 03:53:55 PM  

Redfire29: The last movie he reviewed was "The Host".

So thanks Stephanie Meyers, you killed Roger Ebert. I hope you're proud of yourself.

holy fark that's not a good one to end with.
2013-04-04 03:53:58 PM  
First Leno, now this?   Two chins down in as many days.
2013-04-04 03:54:08 PM  
Predictable ending
2013-04-04 03:54:12 PM  
Siskel and Ebert - Together Again
2013-04-04 03:54:13 PM  
He will definitely be missed.
2013-04-04 03:54:16 PM  
The Critic should have ran for more than 2 seasons. Just sayin'...
2013-04-04 03:54:48 PM  
2013-04-04 03:54:53 PM  
thetallestman.comView Full Size

RIP Jaws

2013-04-04 03:54:55 PM  

Rev.K: His ship has sailed into that dark, uncertain night.


May it sail to Rapa Nui,isle of the luscious dark breasts he loved so dearly.
2013-04-04 03:54:57 PM  
That's a shame. He's had one foot in the grave for a long time,but still, it's sad.
2013-04-04 03:55:00 PM  
Sorry, but I hate this movie. Can I go see a different one now? :P

/good night, critic-man
2013-04-04 03:55:13 PM  
2013-04-04 03:55:17 PM  
d23 [BareFark]
2013-04-04 03:55:18 PM  

TWX: So much for a sequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...

His funeral will get good reviews as long as it has a lot of big busted brunettes showing lots of cleavage.
2013-04-04 03:55:19 PM  

I Said: My jaw is on the floor at this news

lolbrary.comView Full Size

Got you an aisle seat.
2013-04-04 03:55:24 PM  
Roger and I have exchanged emails a few times over the years (I appear about a dozen times in his Little Movie Glossary) and I am gonna miss his writing. His reviews, his blogs, his books.

I wonder how long it's going to be before I see a movie I haven't seen before and then stop thinking "I wonder what Roger said about this?"
2013-04-04 03:55:32 PM  

downstairs: is suntimes.com is farked for anyone else?

Appears to be down.
2013-04-04 03:55:34 PM  
I may have to peruse my copy of Ebert's Bigger Little Movie Glossary again.

/rest easy Rog
2013-04-04 03:55:44 PM  

I Said: My jaw is on the floor at this news

Your sense of humor really has a bit of a bite to it, doesn't it?
2013-04-04 03:55:46 PM  
the balcony is now closed.
2013-04-04 03:55:48 PM  

eggrolls: The balcony better be closed. Everybody who goes up there gets cancer.

Statler and Waldolf more unkillable than Abe Vigoda.
2013-04-04 03:55:57 PM  

DemonEater: That was quick, we just had the "Ebert cuts his workload" article about his cancer returning yesterday.

When my grandfather's cancer came back, they gave him chemo on Wednesday, moved him to hospice on Thursday and he passed away the following Tuesday. They really thought when they checked him into the oncology unit on Wednesday that they were just going to keep him until he got through the worst of the round of chemo they gave him. When they got into the details, it was way worse than they had previously expected. The only reason he was given more than the normal "comfort" care was because one of his daughters (my mom's stepsister) was out of state and needed to arrange travel.

I feel bad that my grandfather lingered because his daughter was being wishy-washy (questioning the medical advise on moving him to hospice, rather than just getting herself to his bedside) and I'm glad Ebert didn't spend his days doped beyond comprehension just to hang on.
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