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2013-04-04 03:46:36 PM  
My jaw is on the floor at this news
2013-04-04 03:46:49 PM  
Watched him growing up.

2013-04-04 03:47:07 PM  
is suntimes.com is farked for anyone else?
2013-04-04 03:47:23 PM  

I Said: My jaw is on the floor at this news

same here. Wow.
2013-04-04 03:47:29 PM  

I Said: My jaw is on the floor at this news

Dammit, I was going to say that.

/Goodnight, funny critic
2013-04-04 03:47:40 PM  
That was quick, we just had the "Ebert cuts his workload" article about his cancer returning yesterday.
2013-04-04 03:47:48 PM  
In before some dumbass comments on his lack of a ja-....too late...
2013-04-04 03:48:17 PM  
No words
2013-04-04 03:48:23 PM  
No bad jokes from me today.

/RIP king of the movie reviewers
2013-04-04 03:48:33 PM  
His ship has sailed into that dark, uncertain night.

2013-04-04 03:48:35 PM  
Somehow I would think "the balcony is now closed"  would be a better headline.
2013-04-04 03:48:36 PM  
Ave atque vale.  He will be missed.
2013-04-04 03:48:37 PM  
If this is a start of a "Celebrity Triple" of deaths, I hope this guy is next.

pmcmovieline.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-04-04 03:48:38 PM  
I remember watching At the Movies. Very sad.
2013-04-04 03:48:49 PM  
The videos of him and Siskel bickering were hilarious. So long, Roger, you will be missed.
2013-04-04 03:48:59 PM  
I was going to go with "The balcony is now closed," but I like the sentiment of this headline better.
2013-04-04 03:49:01 PM  
Wow that was fast... RIP movie guy...
2013-04-04 03:49:03 PM  
Get ready for Roeper and White
2013-04-04 03:49:05 PM  
Still no cure for Siskel.
2013-04-04 03:49:06 PM  
Great, now we'll never get to see the final chapter of the "Valley of the Dolls" trilogy.

/goodnight, man who thought "The Jerk" was just about "funny hats"
2013-04-04 03:49:08 PM  
The balcony is closed.

/goodnight reviewer man
2013-04-04 03:49:09 PM  
Man.  An end of an era.

Good bye, critical man.
2013-04-04 03:49:09 PM  
The balcony is closed
2013-04-04 03:49:20 PM  
The world lost a good one.
2013-04-04 03:49:25 PM  
Good night, funny man.
2013-04-04 03:49:27 PM  
No more "Men On Film"
2013-04-04 03:49:32 PM  
Cancer... you go fark yourself.

2013-04-04 03:49:43 PM  
2013-04-04 03:49:43 PM  
Review In Peace good sir.
2013-04-04 03:50:00 PM  

/Very sad.  He will be missed

//Twitter beat Fark by 8 mins...
2013-04-04 03:50:03 PM  
An absolute Icon, but his work seemed to get soft towards the end.
2013-04-04 03:50:06 PM  


it is going to happen sooner or later.  so might as well get the ball rolling.
2013-04-04 03:50:12 PM  
Video games are officially art again.
2013-04-04 03:50:13 PM  

downstairs: is suntimes.com is farked for anyone else?

It apparently has crashed under the sudden load, which is why we are using an NPR link.
2013-04-04 03:50:17 PM  
So much for a sequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...
2013-04-04 03:50:18 PM  
Vincent Gallo is going to have to disagree with you on this one.  He's giving it a thumbs up.
2013-04-04 03:50:21 PM  
The cancer had just been revealed to have come back.  He said he was outlining plans for doing other work even though he couldn't do full reviewing.  He even said something about how he'll just be living out a dream of reviewing only the films he wanted to review.

I think he kind of knew what was coming.  He was outlining it in his own unique way and was making sure plans were in place to continue his legacy, but it sounds like he knew.

That kind of dedication to what you do ... solemn respect, out of me at least.
2013-04-04 03:50:29 PM  
Cancer sucks.
2013-04-04 03:50:32 PM  
Friends don't let jackasses get jaw cancer and die
2013-04-04 03:50:32 PM  
He was an excellent film critic, and a pretty sharp mind in general. He'll be missed.
2013-04-04 03:50:33 PM  
The last movie he reviewed was "The Host".

So thanks Stephanie Meyers, you killed Roger Ebert. I hope you're proud of yourself.
2013-04-04 03:50:34 PM  
Rest in peace, sir, and thank you.
2013-04-04 03:50:40 PM  
I was totally going to submit this story with the same tagline!

/Damn you subby!
2013-04-04 03:50:41 PM  
Got the AP newsflash on my phone, Fark wasn't that far behind. I have a sad now. RIP.
2013-04-04 03:50:43 PM  

Lee's_Austin: Man.  An end of an era.

Good bye, critical man.


/will be watching old episodes of Siskel and Ebert tonight
2013-04-04 03:50:51 PM  
RIP best movie critic ever.

At least he can pair up with Siskel again.
2013-04-04 03:50:55 PM  
Very sad.
2013-04-04 03:50:56 PM  
The balcony better be closed. Everybody who goes up there gets cancer.
2013-04-04 03:50:59 PM  
Looking forward to reading his review of Heaven.
2013-04-04 03:51:03 PM  

coeyagi: If this is a start of a "Celebrity Triple" of deaths, I hope this guy is next.

[pmcmovieline.files.wordpress.com image 225x168]

I've got Nelson Mandela on my list, although I hope he doesn't.
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