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(Patch)   Imagine having this family for inlaws: a Google Senior VP, a Stanford Physics Professor, a UCSF Pediatrics Professor, a Time Magazine "Invention of the Year" founder, and an award-winning teacher. But one son-in-law is doing ok--he co-founded Google   ( paloalto.patch.com) divider line
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2013-04-04 05:14:01 PM  
The Aristocrats!
2013-04-04 05:14:28 PM  
2013-04-04 05:14:55 PM  
Ok, a family that seems to be that perfect has to have some bodies under crawlspaces.
2013-04-04 05:17:57 PM  
FTFA "responsible for the invention of all of Google's advertising platforms, including AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick and AdSense "

DoubleClick was the company DoubleClick & AdSense was purchased from Performics.
in what way was she responsible for the invention of 2 companies that were quite successful before Google ever existed?
2013-04-04 05:20:40 PM  
[we're in the money]
2013-04-04 05:20:50 PM  
They sound Polish.
2013-04-04 05:21:22 PM  
Uh, I can play "Stairway to Heaven" on the guitar...
2013-04-04 05:22:42 PM  
a Google Senior VP ...  co-founded Google

Wow, what a shocking coincidence
2013-04-04 05:25:22 PM  
I would be drinking myself to oblivion at every family gathering,

When are you going to win a Nobel prize?
Hows your start up going?
Isn't having a Billion dollars fun?
We should all go to outer space, who here doesn't have 20 million?
2013-04-04 05:25:53 PM  
They've got nothing on the Kardashians.
2013-04-04 05:26:45 PM  
Also, family arguments over thanksgiving dinners have got to be awesome:

-"you are just missing the point."
-"how can I miss the point?! A kid can understand this!!"
-"and you'd know because you spend so much time around them. I swear you are turning into one of them"
-"guys! Stop arguing, you both aren't making any sense, AND you've both had to much to drink"
-"oh spare my Dr. Physics! We're discussing a matter on human beings."
-"you know what your problem is?! You say human beings, but I know deep down you only see them as numbers! As targets and exposures!!"
-"please pass the salt"
2013-04-04 05:30:03 PM  
Never thought I'd say this, but I'll keep my own in-laws, thanks. My mother in law openly admits she does not understand what I do and if she doesn't understand it, my father in law surely doesn't. Its a relief to be around my in laws when they have no idea what I do, they can't offer helpful suggestions to "improve" my career. Its about the only thing my in laws don't get too interested in.
2013-04-04 05:33:38 PM  
Those are all what I call over-achievers and every one of them would probably annoy the hell out of me.

/grumpy cat is my spirit animal
2013-04-04 05:36:21 PM  
These people are the source of Prudie's letters.
2013-04-04 05:38:47 PM  

ladyfortuna: Those are all what I call over-achievers and every one of them would probably annoy the hell out of me.

/grumpy cat is my spirit animal

I should have waited a minute and then just agreed with you. I'll take my mother in law, who openly admits she doesn't know or understand my job, than people who over-achieve to exceptional levels.

/grumpy cat is also my spiritual animal.
2013-04-04 05:52:50 PM  
images.wikia.comView Full Size

It's always sunny in Palo Alto.
2013-04-04 05:53:20 PM  
There's sibling rivalry, and then there's "IQ over 110" sibling rivalry..
2013-04-04 05:55:23 PM  
So, a family that has privilege hands down their privilege to their kids?

Film at 11.
2013-04-04 06:32:15 PM  
There was one time I remembered to wipe my ass before I went to pull my pants up. I got an award too. I counted to potato. Twice.
2013-04-04 07:02:59 PM  
And that kid who saved the world, like, 3 times:  Sam Wojcicki
sohood.comView Full Size
2013-04-04 07:47:57 PM  
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2013-04-04 07:50:22 PM  
Or the Kelly family. Astronauts, test pilots, congresswoman spouse.

And if we want to go really weird, the Kennedy and Bush families.
2013-04-04 08:44:35 PM  
Wow, a bunch of wealthy people being wealthy.

I'd rather hang out with someone who actually invented something, instead of who got wealthy by getting a $10 million grant, through their politically connected lawyer/Venture capitalist, from the National Science Foundation, and then using the money to buy smaller companies instead of doing the work as required under the conditions of the grant.

That just doesn't sound as boot strappy as what Merlin Thompson did.
2013-04-04 09:48:21 PM  
Heh.  I learned how to program on a TRS-80 with Craig Silverstein in after school lessons at a local business.

He studied, did homework, did well in high school and went to college right off and did well there, becoming Google employee #1.

I goofed off and partied in high school, went out and got a job after graduating (at a local hospital), and ended up in a community college doing IT coursework in the mid 90s.

woulda shoulda coulda ....
2013-04-04 10:03:34 PM  
What if all of them were born in the ghetto?
2013-04-04 10:27:21 PM  
My in-laws all passed away but I'm sure they'd be proud of an unemployed SIL who drinks box wine while farking away half the day.
2013-04-04 11:54:48 PM  
and thus a new royalty class is established in america.  disparity in wealth?  who cares! its ok cause they earned it right?
2013-04-05 12:30:55 AM  

thisiszombocom: and thus a new royalty class is established in america.  disparity in wealth?  who cares! its ok cause they earned it right?

Fine by me.  I don't want bums running things.
2013-04-05 06:42:51 PM  
I would rather have them for in laws instead of the ones I've got. Maybe I could finally catch a break.
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