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(Billings Gazette)   Stop me if you've heard this one before: A stolen goat walks into a bar in Butte   ( divider line
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3027 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2013 at 2:45 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2013-04-04 1:47:32 PM  
The bartender says, I guess you won't be needing a drink.
2013-04-04 1:51:17 PM  
Huh huh huh, Butte.
2013-04-04 2:16:32 PM  
That got somebody's goat.
2013-04-04 2:18:48 PM  
2013-04-04 2:47:37 PM  
What's all this about a goat in my butt?
2013-04-04 2:50:26 PM  
A bear goes into a bar in Billings Montana and asks the bartender for a beer...
2013-04-04 2:50:36 PM  
Yes, yes. We've all heard it before. The goat is horny.
2013-04-04 2:51:34 PM  
He sat next to the priest and the rabbi?
2013-04-04 2:55:55 PM  
Butte, Montana.  I spent a week there one night.

/back in '87.
2013-04-04 2:56:56 PM  
The bartender would not serve him. The goat was just a kid.
2013-04-04 2:59:55 PM  
And when that group of drunken rednecks put the goat on top of the pinball machine and did what they did to it,  I just sat there. I didn't help the poor little goat at all. It screamed and seemed to plead but i just walked out of the bar and did nothing.
2013-04-04 3:00:12 PM  
I wonder how long it took to realize it was a stolen goat and not a 'single' goat.
/can i buy you a tall cold strawberry milk m'lady?
2013-04-04 3:02:19 PM  
2013-04-04 3:06:54 PM  
Are they sure it didn't just get away?
2013-04-04 3:07:57 PM  
Goat, you get out of here now! You and your weird eyes. You're too weird! Please
2013-04-04 3:09:30 PM  
Who ever stole the goat must have been a Ba-a-a-a-ad man.
2013-04-04 3:10:48 PM  

Carn: A bear goes into a bar in Billings Montana and asks the bartender for a beer...

No no no It's a bear goes into a bar in Billings Montana and asks the bartender for a deer...
2013-04-04 3:10:57 PM  
Oh man, good 'ol Butte, America. The only place where I have seen a woman a take a shiat in an alley, in broad daylight.
2013-04-04 3:11:38 PM  
From the comments:

Smart goat. After her escape, she looked around wondering where to go for help. "oh, I'm in Butte", she said, and headed for the nearest bar.
2013-04-04 3:15:20 PM  
mininghistoryassociation.orgView Full Size

What a bar in Butte might look like...
2013-04-04 3:19:35 PM  
2013-04-04 3:23:25 PM  
If it was a sheep they'd have booked if for solicitation.
2013-04-04 3:25:10 PM  
Ahh....A head Butte-r
2013-04-04 3:28:41 PM  
Yes -- the goat was able to talk after a few days.
No -- you're safe. the goat is horrible with names and worse with descriptions.
2013-04-04 3:34:24 PM  
I've heard there is a site where you can search for missing goats.
Something like Goat Seeks.
Anybody know the link?
2013-04-04 3:37:05 PM  

thenooch: [ image 850x637]
What a bar in Butte might look like...

Not the M & M.  That's a classy joint.  You want the Party Palace, the one on the corner.  The.  PARTY. PALACE.  I have seen things there that made me go home and take a shower.
2013-04-04 3:38:38 PM the bartender says "Twenty dollars. Same as in town."
2013-04-04 4:25:44 PM  
Just kidding....
2013-04-04 5:00:01 PM  
Never read so many puns before!
2013-04-04 5:45:34 PM  

Carn: A bear goes into a bar in Billings Montana and asks the bartender for a beer...

That was a bar biatch you ate!
2013-04-04 6:05:05 PM  
"...a good goat'll do that."
2013-04-04 6:50:24 PM  
Considering the number of times this story was submitted and/or front paged, let me just stop you.
2013-04-05 1:17:37 AM  
I thought they sprayed for those?
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