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(National Post)   Some Guy: "I calculate that my cash-on-hand falls well below the $10,000 threshold." Border Gestapo: :: Clikka-clikka :: "Nope. Sorry, Citizen. We are, however, grateful for the much-needed boost to Stephen Harper's Sweater Vest Fund"   ( news.nationalpost.com) divider line
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2013-04-05 06:09:33 PM  
Also the monetary declaration at the 10K mark is because 10K is a large enough cash figure to be economically relevant for statistical purposes without affecting the general populace, just rare cases.

It would be uneconomical to have a paper trail for the 40c in someone's pocket, as well as considerably slow processing times in already congested airports. 10K+ on the other hand would be a reasonable line to draw for both tracking the flow of cash (FDI, Foreign Reserves, Money Flowing in and out) as it would barely inconvenience the populace as it's a very select few affected as well as being a reasonable value to be economically relevant.

Money flowing electronically are automatically recorded for this purpose, it's not taxed but small fees are charged by the banks themselves for the service thus declarations are not necessary.
2013-04-06 01:54:12 AM  

dready zim: mightybaldking: He smuggled in over 10k in cash, and did not declare it. The money was seized for that crime.

How about no.

The money was seized because it was assumed to be the proceeds of crime and not the crime of taking it across the border.

The crime that the money was assumed to be the proceeds of was not stated and the only proof of that crime was the existence of the money.

Either you should have to declare ALL money when passing a border or if there is a limit there should be no punishment for trying to be under it.

All of you saying he deserved this deserve the KGB to break down your door and `disappear` you because they assumed you were guilty of an unspecified crime because it is the same logical standpoint, being that the government can just do what it wants because `terrorists or something and just shut up`.

Why don`t you just give the government your front door key while you are at it? If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear from officials just walking into your home and rifling through your stuff...

land of the free my arse.

He should have just declared it. That was the crime, he didn't declare it.,

By the way, this happened in Canada.
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