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(KGW Portland)   "one such mistake resulted in 18 patients at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend receiving colonoscopies with equipment that was not disinfected"   ( kgw.com) divider line
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2013-04-03 01:27:35 PM  
This one goes in your mouth...
2013-04-03 01:43:00 PM  
No doubt resulting in a lot of butt hurt.
2013-04-03 02:29:31 PM  
That is really shiatty.
2013-04-03 02:41:24 PM  

beantowndog: This one goes in your mouth...

2013-04-03 02:52:12 PM  

beantowndog: This one goes in your mouth...

This one goes in your ear...
2013-04-03 02:53:04 PM  
Could obesity be cured by injecting our guts with fecal bacteria from ancient mummies? Enquiring minds want to know ....
2013-04-03 02:55:55 PM  
On the bright side, 17 people were cured of their CDI.
2013-04-03 02:57:37 PM  
Poop transplants usually cost extra.
2013-04-03 02:58:16 PM  

Clemkadidlefark: Could obesity be cured by injecting our guts with fecal bacteria from ancient mummies? Enquiring minds want to know ....

Or perhaps the cocaine residues they left behind....
2013-04-03 02:58:37 PM  
This could have a bad ending.
2013-04-03 02:59:08 PM  
I prefer to do my fecal transfers the old fashioned way.

2013-04-03 03:00:13 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-04-03 03:02:07 PM  
They took the pump apart to fix it and found a few kernels of corn and two peanuts jamming it up.
2013-04-03 03:03:15 PM  

darth_badger: I prefer to do my fecal transfers the old fashioned way.


You would have to say sodomy twice.
2013-04-03 03:05:28 PM  
Both of my siblings were born at St. Charles in Bend.  Explains so much...

/helpfully omitting the obvious joke involving colonoscopies in Bend.  The wittier farkers can have that one.
2013-04-03 03:06:14 PM  
someone call me?
2013-04-03 03:09:08 PM  
Well if I was the doctor or nurse I wouldn't want to wash that nasty thing either.
2013-04-03 03:10:55 PM  
scrapetv.comView Full Size
2013-04-03 03:15:25 PM  
That's way worse than ass-pennies.
2013-04-03 03:16:51 PM  
So, Rusty Trombones?
2013-04-03 03:27:12 PM  

Clemkadidlefark: Could obesity be cured by injecting our guts with fecal bacteria from ancient mummies? Enquiring minds want to know ....

Yes. Mummies weigh very little.
2013-04-03 03:34:35 PM  
My ass germs will eat your ass germs any day of the week.
2013-04-03 03:44:38 PM  
"Then they eat the poo-poo!"
2013-04-03 03:48:03 PM  
St. Charles is the first entry on my "Medical Billing Fraud" web page.
2013-04-03 03:50:44 PM  
Thanks, ObamaCare.
2013-04-03 03:51:09 PM  
Once again: Everything you are afraid of happening with single payer healthcare already happens, for more money.
2013-04-03 03:55:30 PM  
"For the last time, Geoffrey, stop asking me if the 'equipment smells funny'. It wasn't funny the first bloody 16 times and it certainly isn't funny now."
2013-04-03 04:07:44 PM  
TFA headline cracked me up:

Ore., Wash. hospital errors now available online

Great, I can get my staph infections without checking in at $1000/night!
2013-04-03 04:15:29 PM  
As someone who recently had a colonoscopy I'm getting a kick...
2013-04-03 04:37:40 PM  
Once, even twice, is a mistake. 18 times is willful negligence that should result lawsuitularity.
2013-04-03 04:50:29 PM  
18?  in a row?
2013-04-03 05:10:19 PM  

xenomorpheus: 18?  in a row?

Shatters "Human Centipede" record.
2013-04-03 05:20:40 PM  
Time for Fark to get a "Ewwwwww....!" tag.
2013-04-03 05:21:57 PM  
That would be shiat news.
2013-04-03 05:24:38 PM  
"Incidents like that are generally isolated, but when viewed in a larger context can empower patients give people the impression that these incidents happen all the time and cause undue worry and result in patients putting off badly needed medical procedures"

Transparency isn't wrong...I'm just sayin'
2013-04-03 05:24:59 PM  
2013-04-03 07:15:12 PM  


2013-04-03 10:26:27 PM  
Shouldn't that be counted as 18 mistakes and not 1?
2013-04-03 11:25:31 PM  
2013-04-04 01:14:54 AM  
This is why instead of colonoscopy every ten years I take my patented anticancer meds.

1 shot Mezcal
1 tsp Mad Dog Hot Sauce
1 Olive

That'll send cancer packing home to mamma.
2013-04-04 09:55:24 AM  
I like the idea of having incidents like these publicly available. Hospitals shouldn't be able to repeatedly claim persistent problems are simple accidents.

Potential patients should be able to review historic incidents and make an informed decision when choosing to undergo a procedure.
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