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(NYPost)   When in NYC, some people stay at The Waldorf, The Pierre, The Plaza and the city's homeless shelters when they want four-star accommodations. Wait, what?   ( nypost.com) divider line
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2013-04-01 09:48:39 AM  
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greylion: I mean, if you really, and i mean really don't care - you can "enjoy" shelter system.

The fundamental problem is that this is just another one of those stupid right-wing canards based off the old "welfare queen" trope. They want to make it seem like because a few super lazy people have decided that living off welfare is "good enough" if it means they don't have to work that these people must be living grand lives on the taxpayer's dime.
They, of course, are not, which is exactly why there's so few of them. That's why nobody at the New York Post has quit their job to go live for free in a homeless shelter. Because compared to what you can get with even a basic level of employment it's utter dildos. Twenty-five grand may net you a tiny little apartment and only basic commodities, but it's still usually better than having to sleep on a cot next to a guy with bronchitis all night or between two people who are pin drop away from going on a stabbing rampage because the only medicine that can help them costs $5000 a month.
Practically speaking, it just doesn't matter. A few people game the system while many, many more homeless people with serious mental and physical health problems get a basic level of care instead of freezing to death in doorways or starving under an overpass.
Basically, right-wing nuts like those at the NYPost would like us to believe that because there are a few bad eggs in the carton we should burn down the whole chicken farm.
What's really annoying, though, is there are probably legitimate problems that could be addressed to improve the system for everybody involved, including taxpayers, but because these self-absorbed assholes just want to spend all their time bashing anybody who gets something they don't it's hard to tell what those problems are.
2013-04-01 10:15:51 AM  
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PunkRockLawyer: TFA is BS. No one stays in a homeless shelter if they have other options.

Eh.... I would take that bet.
Functional drug addicts and alcoholics and a few just incredibly lazy weirdos.
The key here is that there aren't very many people who would do that unless they had to. Which is why digging around in a pile of human bodies until you find one to interview then basing the whole premise of your article on that one guy is so incredibly dishonest.
2013-04-01 09:34:25 AM  
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Nearly one in four of the city's single homeless people
Almost twenty five percent of an unnumbered subset of the group in question. Boogity! Boogity!

Do you actually have to be completely free of the thrall of even the simplest intellect in order to take the New York Post seriously, or is that just a suggestion?
2013-04-01 09:27:51 AM  
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Also this: The average stay in a city shelter is as long as nine months
Is nine months the average or are shelter stays as long as nine months? It can't be both. Hire an editor, NY Post.
2013-04-01 09:26:12 AM  
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Mrbogey: This is either a joke or just sad.
3000$/month per person? C'mon. That is ridiculous. Hoping its an April Fools joke.

That's the only believable part of the story. "Taxpayers shell out $3,000 a month to feed, house and provide other services to each homeless person."  The "other services" part is the catch, when you add in emergency room visits, drug rehab programs, etc, etc. Yes most places spend over 3,000 a month per homeless person. The was an experiment a while back where they simply gave homeless people free room and board at a regular house, and cost went down because less ER visits/etc.
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