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(Fark)   Just when you thought you'd get through a Friday without any aggravation at all, here's the Fark Weird News Quiz to ruin it all for you   ( fark.com) divider line
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2013-03-29 04:30:59 PM  
If you enjoy these quizzes and ever want to contribute a question or two, please email me and I'll get you into the mix. The team has been managing, but the more people that are willing to put in questions, the easier it makes it for the rest of the team.

Thanks to the team that put together this week's quiz: MaxxLarge, Sinto, and phlegmmo. They deserve the thanks for creating this.
2013-03-29 04:31:36 PM  
Winners of last week's quiz:

DerAppie 1027
catastrophe averted 1026
Nunpoo 993
R. Paulson 993
besco 990
Mister Pleco 974
bradley547 968
annkasper 963
kevinatilusa 947
mfgordon 946

Good luck this week
2013-03-29 04:32:05 PM  
And the Easy Quiz:  http://www.fark.com/quiz/212
2013-03-29 04:34:55 PM  
Ironic.  The absolute worst I've ever done, but I'm here early enough for

tigernole77100st3bbins691Erisire545Ponzholio374Sliding Carp279Unfreakable0

 THIS, biatchES!  TOP 5!!
2013-03-29 04:37:47 PM  
wooo! made the top ten...for the next 20min or so.  I print screened it for my own tooting
2013-03-29 04:38:24 PM  

It's good to be back.
2013-03-29 04:39:10 PM  

Hyperbolic Hyperbole: 2/11

It's good to be back.

YES, your name doesn't look right without the TF tag next to it
2013-03-29 04:39:28 PM  
Woohoo!  I made the top 10.  Might even last there for 30 minutes.

Indolent  510
2013-03-29 04:39:52 PM  

Sliding Carp: tigernole77100st3bbins691Erisire545Ponzholio374Sliding Carp279Unfreakable0

And I fail at New Fark Editing, TOO.

tigernole 771
00st3bbins 691
Erisire 545
Ponzholio 374
Sliding Carp 279
Unfreakable 0

Nice jerb, auteurs.
2013-03-29 04:40:52 PM  
2013-03-29 04:43:20 PM  


It seemed funnier in all caps
2013-03-29 04:44:35 PM  
Let it be said I lead the hard quiz leaderboard with 9 right. LET'S GO RIDE BIKES threw me off, as usual. Need training wheels

DanZero 828
tigernole 771
00st3bbins 691
MissFeasance 654
stainedglassdoll 653
myschief 547
Erisire 545
CoolBeans 521
2013-03-29 04:45:23 PM  
I got 3 out of the first 4 wrong and quit.

Kinda like my first marriage.
2013-03-29 04:51:18 PM  
729... that's the best I've done yet.
2013-03-29 04:51:23 PM  
Woohoo, very briefly on the board:

DanZero828Sarah Saturn787tigernole771Barnstormer729JasonOfOrillia72600st3bbins691MissF easance654stainedglassdoll653NallTWD648BKITU631
2013-03-29 04:53:21 PM  
4/11. Funny, I didn't get much real stuff done this week
2013-03-29 04:55:19 PM  
Finally, I make the list, if only for a moment.
2013-03-29 04:57:38 PM  
4/11.  Worst in a while.
2013-03-29 04:58:34 PM  


I didn't read that question all the way through and guessed based on the first half.
Maybe I need Adderall.
2013-03-29 05:01:27 PM  
Henry the Human Fly1013DanZero828Nunpoo825Krusty's Wench824shopball823redsquid801Sarah Saturn787tigernole771flaflaflowhigh741Hack Patooey740

On the bottom, just how I like it.
2013-03-29 05:05:00 PM  

Unfreakable: The team has been managing, but the more people that are willing to put in questions, the easier it makes it for the rest of the team.

No pressure, though. Some of us like it rough.
2013-03-29 05:31:14 PM  
Ever notice how the leader board is always names you never see?
2013-03-29 05:36:53 PM  

Popcorn Johnny: Ever notice how the leader board is always names you never see?

2013-03-29 05:48:23 PM  
Fark Weird News Quiz - March 29, 2013 (Hard Version)

Hey, you finished! Here's your results:

Final Score:9 out of 11 correct, total points = 829

Total time elapsed:1 minute (85 seconds)
2013-03-29 05:56:59 PM  

Popcorn Johnny: Ever notice how the leader board is always names you never see?

There's a lesson in there about RTFA rather than just flapping your gums all over the threads, I suppose.
2013-03-29 06:07:03 PM  
Wow, 265! Worst score EVAR!
On a side note, I got a lot of work done this week.
2013-03-29 07:36:22 PM  
4 out of 11
Score of 444

/i suck
2013-03-29 07:42:08 PM  
Anyone else notice that the time count seems funny on mobile browsers? I went 10/10 on the Easy in about the same time as usual on my desktop, but scored under 900. Seems odd.

Top 10s for the moment on both versions, though!
2013-03-30 08:08:43 AM  
too hard! i used to rank in the old days, now i have to actually read articles. how abouts you tell us what articles will be on the test next week, brainiacs!
2013-03-30 09:08:35 AM  
689 -- quizzinators, thanks. Always a cheap thrill, this News Quiz is.
2013-03-31 01:28:02 PM  
Well, it took 2 days to get caught up on all my reading, but:

Top 10 scores for this quiz:catastrophe averted1015Henry the Human Fly1013Legal Dude961caddisfly945Randy Jones941Type random string here936kg4qxk928PeddlerOfBombast887Tamarinadc874Rapid Roger873
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