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(Irish Times)   Spanish soccer player charged for extremely bizarre goal celebration   ( divider line
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11943 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Nov 2001 at 8:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-28 08:18:59 AM  
And I thought the Japanese video game was odd????
2001-11-28 08:24:42 AM  
As a confirmed soccer player and heterosexual, I think that just killed his career and his endorsement contracts (for everything but Tofurkey).
2001-11-28 08:24:43 AM  
Why is it that soccer always promotes such hooliganism???
2001-11-28 08:25:20 AM  
Ew. And Ow.
2001-11-28 08:27:28 AM  
wife-hey honey how was your day

soccer player-i was bit on the penis

wife-at least people didnt start throwing napalm all over the place

soccer player-those were the good ole days
2001-11-28 08:28:43 AM  
so last season the soccer player was sticking his finger up other player's asses, and this year he kneeled down and "nibbled on the goalscorer's genetalia." ....WTF????
2001-11-28 08:40:38 AM  
Excellent verb choice: nibbled. That really elevated the story right there.
2001-11-28 08:44:29 AM  
You'd never get this kind of thing in hockey.

Go Bruins!
2001-11-28 08:49:36 AM  
Dizzy: Ahhh, another Bruins fan here!! Cool
2001-11-28 08:53:50 AM  
I guess the philosophy in hockey is, 'Why injure someone's genitals with my teeth when I have a big stick in my hands for that exact purpose?!?'
2001-11-28 08:55:10 AM  
He could have at least bought him dinner first.
2001-11-28 08:55:38 AM  
Well at leat you admit to being a Bruins fan, for some odd reason. Oh yeah they were good, once.

Go Sharks
Duh Duh....Duh Duh...Duh Duh Duh Duh (theme from from Jaws people.)
2001-11-28 09:05:52 AM  
Imabmf, who are the Jaws people?
2001-11-28 09:06:03 AM  
Something has to be done about this. Penises should be banned. No, wait...
2001-11-28 09:07:16 AM  
Imabmf: I agree that the Bruins were good once...all because of the loss of three players: Ray Bourque, Adam Oates and Cam Neeley.
2001-11-28 09:10:14 AM  
Anyway, you can't just abandon a team once they start performing poorly. Well, you can, I suppose, but I won't.

They're at least doing reasonably so far this season. At home. With a favorable wind. And eleven men on the ice.
2001-11-28 09:10:28 AM  
I always knew something was funny about that soccer players.
2001-11-28 09:11:05 AM  
Read that my post and subtract the that. Thank you.
2001-11-28 09:17:31 AM  
off with his head!
2001-11-28 09:18:12 AM  
"according to a report on UK website"

when did reuters start using ananova as a source? quality journalism.
2001-11-28 09:23:23 AM  
"The worst thing about it is the teasing I'm going to get from my team mates."

Of course, he meant to say, "The worst thing other than the fact that my teammate BIT MY PENIS is the teasing I'm going to get from my team mates."

Three words: wear a cup
2001-11-28 09:25:53 AM  
Soccer is a fag sport, not that that is a bad thing.
2001-11-28 09:26:58 AM  
It's a good thing Mike Tyson doesn't play soccer.
2001-11-28 09:28:13 AM  
Oh, and Dizzybunny, FLA Chickie: This is for you.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 09:32:03 AM  
Careful, Slippy, you'll make us cry.
2001-11-28 09:40:48 AM  
I can't even come up with a comment for this one...

2001-11-28 09:44:17 AM  
I thought soccer players only kicked balls??
2001-11-28 09:46:05 AM  
Don't soccer players wear cups?
2001-11-28 09:48:23 AM  
Remind me to never celebrate with that guy.
2001-11-28 09:51:51 AM  
They will now!!

I'd be considering pepper spray too.
2001-11-28 09:54:49 AM  
Hey, if you can't nibble a teammate's penis, who's penis can you nibble? It's a sad day for Spanish soccer...
2001-11-28 09:55:24 AM  
I scored! I bite the penis!
Imagine how this dude would celebrate his wedding day, or the birth of his first child--if we're unlucky for him to procreate.
2001-11-28 09:55:40 AM  
Why did the other soccor player have his penis out?
2001-11-28 10:01:23 AM  
Whynot - Oral circumcision. France surrenders. (So do I...)
2001-11-28 10:08:09 AM  
Bite my weenie.
2001-11-28 10:08:48 AM  
Well, american football players are always slapping each other on the ass...
2001-11-28 10:17:04 AM  
He bit off more than he could chew.
2001-11-28 10:21:25 AM  
Dizzybunny, FLA Chickie
I feel sorry for all Boston sports fan, you guys get the shaft in everything. And then to top it off NY always kick u when you are down. I remember in the early 80's (damn my youth is getting farther away) Boston had great teams in all sports now the kids have to grow up watching crap.
2001-11-28 10:24:09 AM  
nob gobblers are people too.
2001-11-28 10:53:39 AM  
L - E - T - S G - O R - A - N - G - E - R - S ! ! !

Haha - nibbled.
2001-11-28 11:15:42 AM  
If you can't sample your teammate's manmeat, then the opposing team has already won.
2001-11-28 11:17:45 AM  
Farking boring ass game.

He should be awarded for bringing a little(?) excitement to the field!
2001-11-28 11:19:39 AM  
Luke Cage never played soccer, although with this stylish headband he seriously considered for the french national team in 1975. But when they wanted to play gas pedal with Luke, he had to crush their surrendering skulls.
2001-11-28 11:20:12 AM  
I would also like to third (or is it fourth?) the
GO BRUINS sentiment expressed earlier. Samsonov\Thornton really kick some ass.
2001-11-28 11:22:20 AM  
"Francisco Gallardo, you just won the World Cup, what do you plan on doing now? Disneyland?"

"I'm going down on my teammates!"
Weird ass European freaks

Fark a Duckk
2001-11-28 11:27:11 AM  
so I'm f#cking this guy in the ass and suddenly he starts fondling my balls. I immediately jumped off and yelled "Hey! What the f#ck are you gay or something!?"
2001-11-28 11:35:40 AM  
Maybe the guy was trying to get an endorsement deal with Trojan "So tough this crazy soccer player can't bite thru 'em but sensitive enough to have his teammate howl like a wolf."

FLA Chickie - I am a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan but I also liked the Bruins when I was growing up because they had this guy that wore #4. Bobby Orr,you ever hear of him?
Pretty good player. Actually finished his career on the Blackhawks. =)
2001-11-28 11:36:10 AM  
Hahahaha! European freaks indeed.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 11:38:41 AM  
NSFW: actually, it was a rugby player inserting fingers into the anus's of other players...

and the Rangers RULE!
2001-11-28 11:55:26 AM  
Those wacky Spaniards. New phrases for Spanish victory celebrations:

"Let'shiat the pub and bite some penis!"

"The first round of penis bites is on me!"

Franco should have shot a lot more than he did.
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