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(NPR)   The real reason Americans are more accepting of homosexuals? Ellen DeGeneres   ( npr.org) divider line
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2013-03-26 08:59:08 AM  

gibbon1: AdolfOliverPanties: I think Neil Patrick Harris could also get some thanks, from a male perspective.

Ellen came out way before him but he's probably the first gay dude I can think of that came out and people basically said "who gives a shiat?  I like him."

Didn't hurt his career at all.  And that's the way it farking should be.

In heaven Liberace smiles down upon you.

[l.yimg.com image 620x400]

Well, you know the old saying, "There are three kinds of pianists: Jewish pianists, homosexual pianists and bad pianists."

I'm a bad pianist.

/true story
2013-03-26 09:56:27 AM  

Bumblefark: My vote goes for "AIDS."

At least, that seemed to be the turning point in my small corner of the world, from what I can remember. You really couldn't discuss one without the other for quite a while there. AIDS was a horrifying new thing, and it probably did a lot to humanize the gay community to those of us who had no connection to it otherwise. (I was a 10 year old kid living out in the desert in Utah. The endless parade of magazine photos depicting gay men dying of AIDS is about all I knew of them or their lifestyle, at the time.)

It also had a way of bringing homophobia out into the open, in a way that it could be looked at and discussed in a critical way. Stupidity like that can really only survive when nobody actually talks about it. I remember being horrified by the ugliness of what came spilling out of the mouths of people I otherwise respected.

Not to mention the men whose friends and family discovered they were gay only after AIDS tragically kicked them out of the closet. Harder to hate on them when they're dying.

Happened with the best man at my parents' wedding.
2013-03-26 10:01:30 AM  

HotWingAgenda: freetomato: I could spot a gay man a mile away by 18 (whether you straight men realize it or not, you all do the quick up and down appraisal upon a first meeting - gay men do not)

I've gotten the quick up down from pretty much every gay man I've ever met.  Either you are not a very attractive man to teh gayz, or you know some guys with ridiculous levels of self control.

I think that she's not a man. Thus: straight men give her the up and down, while gay do not.
2013-03-26 10:13:43 AM  

Skirl Hutsenreiter: HotWingAgenda: freetomato: I could spot a gay man a mile away by 18 (whether you straight men realize it or not, you all do the quick up and down appraisal upon a first meeting - gay men do not)

Wrong.  Some of us are actually cognizant that pretty much every woman out there is acutely aware of the ol' standard "up and down ogle".  Doesn't mean we don't look, some of us are actually discreet and are quite creative in our methodology.
2013-03-26 10:20:59 AM  
lies.  the real reason?  George Takei!!
2013-03-26 10:29:50 AM  
One more, on topic....possibly it's been said already.

The thing I recall about Ellen's coming out, was that as far as I could tell EVERYONE that knew of her was already well aware that she was gay.  It was nowhere near a surprise.  Are some saying that they actually didn't know?  Interesting.

I heard the NPR segment on her, and what struck me is how they made it seem as if no one had a clue.

When Rock Hudson announced he was ill and he came out, now that was a surprise.  Also, never knew anything about Ceasar Romero until now.  But Ellen?  Can't say that was much of a surprise.

/I go on record to state "Who am I to say someone else can't pursue happiness?"
2013-03-26 10:37:00 AM  
i1168.photobucket.comView Full Size

Another very big star whose sexuality didn't hurt his career.
2013-03-26 11:12:06 AM  

Omahawg: [i302.photobucket.com image 512x384]

I loved Jodie Dallas.  I wanted to be Jodie Dallas; no, I wanted to have his family.  Sure, he was a little weird and his family made fun of him, but they knew he was gay and mostly accepted him anyway.  That's more than a lot of queer folk had in the 1970s and 1980s.

Jodie Dallas gave me hope.  He was the early 1980s' version of "It Gets Better."
2013-03-26 11:20:16 AM  
2013-03-26 11:29:14 AM  

John Buck 41: Atomic Spunk: I seem to remember Elton John coming out long before then, and people still loved him and his music. He didn't really suffer any backlash from coming out. Then again, I was quite young, so maybe I wasn't aware.

Didn't Melissa Etheridge come out before Ellen as well?

"Etheridge came out publicly as a lesbian in January 1993" according to Wkipedia.  Her album "Yes I Am" came out that September.  There was a kind of joke or urban legend at the time that "Yes I Am" was titled in answer to people wondering if she was gay.
I listened the HELL out of that album.

Both Etheridge and the Indigo Girls were pretty major figures for gays in the early-mid 1990s.  One thing about Etheridge before she came out in 1993 were that her songs were pretty gender-neutral.  Instead of singing about loving "him", she would sing about loving "you."  She was essentially playing the pronoun game in her songwriting, or at least that's how some people saw it.

Fun fact: "playing the pronoun game" was a line in Chasing Amy (1997).  Tyhat was the first time I remember hearing the term used in a mainstream work of fiction.
2013-03-26 11:30:12 AM  

brantgoose: Naw, you're just slow as a country to adopt progressive or new ideas.

Everything progressive or liberal or novel in America has to start at the bottom and bubble its way up through the bossy kindergarten kids who tell their parents what's right and wrong, the urban youth tribes, cartoonists, municipalities and counties, then progressive States, starting in Calfornia or New York or somewhere. Then it gets to the State legislature level and eventually the Republicans in Congress cave and start picking on the next minority on their list of hated minorities, or somebody makes a new kid's cartoon or toy and they go crazy abou commies and preverts making kid's cartoons or toys to corrupt young minds.

I hate to think, though, who's on that list after homosexuals. Shudder. It must be a minority so universally loathed that even liberals make jokes about them with impunity. Appalachians? Lavians? Or maybe the Government is finally ready to admit that they've been selling people as snack food to the purple people eaters from Zeta ridiculous in the Gramschean Quadrant.

Then we'll see real prejudice as the aliens start the long climb from driving cabs to being everyday people.

Yep. That's probably it. They're going to unleash the aliens on us like in the movie MIB IV.

As an Appalachian-American (hehe) I endorse this comment.
2013-03-26 11:31:31 AM  

JohnnyC: I guess the article isn't referring to me... It's never mattered to me if someone was homosexual or not.

That's great.  It'd be nice if you recognized that you're in a tiny, tiny minority in that case.
2013-03-26 11:32:17 AM  

Cymbal: Americans more accepting of homosexuals? Than who?

Furries and bronies.
2013-03-26 11:34:40 AM  

ciberido: Cymbal: Americans more accepting of homosexuals? Than who?

Furries and bronies.

true. true.
2013-03-26 11:36:07 AM  

rocinante721: [content.clearchannel.com image 550x680]
[vjmorton.files.wordpress.com image 320x240]
[www.nndb.com image 194x256]

Charles Nelson Reilly was a mighty man, the kind of man you'd never disrespect.  He'd bash your face in with a shovel if you didn't treat him like a star.  'Cause you can spit in the wind, and tug on Superman's cape, but Lord knows you don't mess around with CNR.
2013-03-26 12:04:38 PM  
to be fair, i give a lot more credit to people like rush limbaugh. i mean... put him up against pretty much any homosexual, and think about who you would prefer to be stuck in an elevator with. thats right, the homosexual.  thanks, rush.
2013-03-26 12:11:13 PM  

Tenatra: [www.explosm.net image 720x264]

Nice, but more appropriate for this thread:
explosm.netView Full Size
2013-03-26 12:11:58 PM  
Nate Silver just published a piece on this in 538. It's not Ellen. It's a steady change and has been for a while.

That said, George Takei is definitely helping with his little Facebook empire. All the haters are still seeing reposts of funny images and jokes that Takei and his husband put on Facebook. Eventually, you're going to say, "How can I hate an old man who likes funny pictures?"
2013-03-26 12:19:43 PM  

sunsawed: In a way Ellen's the Wayne Brady of Homophobia.  The Reductio ad Absurdum of Homophobia.  Defying all the stereotypes, while you get a sense that this is the real deal with no "Uncle Tom-ism", no sucking up.  No standing above the Stereotype and condemning those who don't or can't like Bill Cosby.  Just being HERSELF and letting people know that person until they recognize it as Cool.

Why I got to do the African Chant?
2013-03-26 02:31:35 PM  
So no replies to my comment about it not being a surprise.

Does anyone recall her coming out as a surprise?  Everyone I knew at the time pretty much knew already, so no big reveal for us.

I recall watching her show before she came out, and we all commented on how the show had her dating guys.  We all wondered about this.  My roommate's girlfriend even commented on it...."why is she going out with men?  I thought she was gay."

And I remember Melissa Ethridge saying in an interview (before Ellen came out), "My very very good friend Ellen DeGeneris..."  That was kinda revealing.

/not bashing, just trying to remember
2013-03-26 08:48:32 PM  

ciberido:   One thing about Etheridge before she came out in 1993 were that her songs were pretty gender-neutral.  Instead of singing about loving "him", she would sing about loving "you."  She was essentially playing the pronoun game in her songwriting, or at least that's how some people saw it.

Case in point, from Bring Me Some Water. "Some other woman is makin' love to you"
2013-03-26 11:51:57 PM  
I like Ellen. I think she's a delight. Particularly when she shamed the Jersey Shore people by asking them basic questions about American History and then let them fall in a dark hole when they inevitably got the answers wrong.
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