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2013-03-25 09:28:41 PM  
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2013-03-26 02:28:32 PM  
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Zoophagous: Oh and my money is on Dany and Jon Snow being married at the end of the books. Yes I know what happened to Jon in Dance With Dragons.

I think poor circulation runs in Jon's family. Dany's not going to care for his cold hands.
2013-03-25 06:50:25 PM  
2 votes:
I'm just looking forward to Emilia Clarke's initial thread comments.
2013-03-28 06:44:15 PM  
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shortymac: Thank you for realizing that! I thought I was the only one. May I ask if you are female? I'm one myself and I think that issue is lost on lots of male readers.

Nope, I'm a dude. I was even the one to point it out to my wife. I have one female friend who at first HATED the series because she thought it was a giant anti-woman clusterfark. When I explained this to her about Cersei, she stopped and stared and got quiet. Three months later she's a total addict to the show lol.

Brienne's one of my favorite characters. I got a biatchoked up with one of her last scenes in book 5, if you know what scene I mean. She just keeps trying hard to do the right thing and be loyal and no one treats her right.

I like a bit of all the characters, even the darker ones, except maybe Gregor and a couple others. Bronn's farking awesome and cracks me up. He might even give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
2013-03-26 02:10:57 PM  
1 vote:

Zoophagous: Book spoiler-ish....

I am most intrigued by Bran's story line. The other plots seem to have an obvious resolution to them, not Bran's. I suspect bran's special ability may end up intertwined with Dany's dragons.

Oh and my money is on Dany and Jon Snow being married at the end of the books. Yes I know what happened to Jon in Dance With Dragons. But as we have seen that hasn't prevent other characters from continuing in the story. Just makes sense to me, House Stark and House Targerain (sp?) together on the Iron Throne. Plus Jon and Dany seem to be very similar and the most noble, likable characters for me.

Arya is going to end up as a vengeance driven ninja riding around on a half crazed direwolf the size of a horse. Which sounds pretty damn awesome when you think about it.
2013-03-26 02:05:34 PM  
1 vote:

maelstrom0370: So, for everyone who *has* read the books, are they worth it?

Read thru Storm of Swords, then wait and see if the miserable piece of sh*t bothers to finish before going further.  The nest 2 drag badly, no sense fighting through them if the fat f*ck strokes out.
2013-03-26 08:24:14 AM  
1 vote:
As someone who never read the books but enjoys the hell outta the show, I don't mind the "spoilers". As someone up thread pointed out, they've kinda been around for awhile. Not to mention wiki and teh Google. And every one of my friends have read them and there's usually lots of discussion after an episode about the differences between book and show.
I think the only time knowing a spoiler effected my enjoyment was "He's been dead all along" when I saw 'The 6th Sense' the first time.

/Snape killed Dumbledore
//The woman and her kids are the ghosts
///His cop friend is trying to help him get closure
////Verbal Kent is Kaiser Soze
2013-03-26 05:18:05 AM  
1 vote:

FuManchu7: A quick search indicated the final title will be A Dream of Spring. Given the path of the books I've read so far, I imagine few will get a happy ending. The "final" king may just be the last of the nobility left alive in the entire realm.

The last book will be titled:

GRRM choked to death today on a large smoked ham. Experts believe an only slightly chewed mass of ham became lodged in the authors throat during his vigorous love making to said large smoked ham. His epic work "A Song of Ice and Fire" will go unfinished as the partial manuscript found under his bloated corpse consisted of little other than graphic descriptions of sex at and a Food Network tv schedule.
2013-03-26 12:43:58 AM  
1 vote:

Idk - I always figured the blondes would be fiery and angry and they would toss her back and forth laughing while she winced and whimpered at their torments...  Like they would just go at each other and let little submissive sansa touch herself in the corner.  Yeah right. They would look at her like a toy. I like your direction -- i just don't think they would let her off so easy.

\Lots of whimpering...
\\Some tying up for sure...
2013-03-26 12:21:51 AM  
1 vote:
LectertheChef: I just want to know when Cerseiand Sansa and Daenerys are going to fark.

fixed for me...
2013-03-26 12:17:44 AM  
1 vote:
I just want to know when Cersei and Daenerys are going to fark.
2013-03-25 10:38:31 PM  
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meyerkev: God Is My Co-Pirate: big_pth: There are several scenes parts of ASOS that SHOULD be jaw dropping.   The Plaza of Pride.  The duel between a dog and a lightning lord, the duel between a stubborn wench and a man in chains, the snake vaulting the mountain.  the king of giants in a tunnel of ice.  And of course, what should be the final scene of season 4.

Can we get a ruling on spoilers since the book has been out for, what, 12 years now?  I guess better safe than sorry. I'm looking forward to the black amethysts and pigeon pie myself. Don't know if that'll be in this season.

Given that there are a lot of people who haven't read the book, I'm calling for "hints only."  Bolded is perfect. Those who have read the books know exactly what he's talking about, those who wanting to be spoiled can Google, and those who haven't are still clueless.

fark off.

I'm not waiting 20 years for Captain 'buggered deadline' to finish his series so I can talk about it in a thread on the internet. The books have been out for years and years yet some how its ok for Mr. neckbeard butt farker to wander into a thread and biatch that i spoiled it?

If you havent read game of thrones yet and you don't want it to be spoiled and you are reading a game of thrones thread on the internet at this moment just go mangle your genitals with power tools now. Nobody needs people like you in the world. Honest to god anyone wandering in here while still wanting the surprise that comes with first time reading i suggest you go have an enema of molten lead. Do it now.
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