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(HelenaIR.com)   Schools are shocked, SHOCKED that students would set up derogatory high school Facebook pages   ( helenair.com) divider line
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2013-03-24 07:24:17 PM  

jumac: I going lol when my kids get to middle school and higher.  Lots of school in the area require that the kids turn over their log in info for facebook so that the school can remove anything the think is not good for the school. Any child who doesn't faces detention.  My kids don't have facebook yet they are to young(atm I let them post stuff on mine and us my page for the games).  I have let them post stuff bout when teacher do something stupid and I agree with it(after talking to the teacher to find out what happened). Right now the kids don't know my password as I have it saved on the system so that when they put in my username the system puts in the password for them.  This is how I am going setup the kids facebook pagpes.  So when the school tell my kids that they need the info my kids can say sorry daddy logs me in and I don't know the password.  If the school then calls and demands the info I going reply got a court order?  Then I will tell them if they punish my kids for what I have done they will be talking to a lawyer bout it.  Yes I know the kids could try and setup a facebook account that I don't know bout but the only system they can get on is beside mine so I see what they do when I go to bed the power to that system is turned off and the breaker box is in my bedroom.

I lol'd hard.
2013-03-25 03:09:25 AM  

JimStarkBand: Bullseyed:
Uh, if that is even close to being true, why aren't they on Fark on daily, weekly, monthly basis? That happens like what once a year out of seven billion people?

because... Fark doesn't run every story ever, maybe?  Because there wasn't a hot or beer-goggle teacher catching student tail in every story?  Because we're selective?

I don't know whether you are right or wrong, but your reasoning sucks.  However, by typing 'teen suicide rates bullying' into google, the 2nd link I got back was this pdf from the National Association of School Psychologists which looks legit.

So... now you've seen it on Fark, I guess?

Chicken meet egg.

I would guess most of these students are suicidal 'freaks' well before they are bullied.
2013-03-25 01:37:31 PM  

jumac: My kids are 8 9 11 atm Its more of i don't want them getting into stuff that is not good for their age.(in regards to the system) As they get older I let them do more when I am not around. As for the school.  sorry as far as I am concerned what happens off school grounds or not at a school event is non of their business. If my kids think their teacher(s) are jerks and after finding out what happened I agree with it sure I let them post bout it. Sorry the school has no control on what I as a parent let my kids do when they are not in school.  If they think they can punish my kids for what I let them do at home they have another thing coming to them.

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