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(WTKR)   Most awesome school security guard ever would pick up her 15-year-old boyfriend at night when he snuck out of his home and drive him to her house where they would smoke post and have sex   ( wtkr.com) divider line
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2013-03-23 11:43:43 AM  
"They" would smoke post, like both of them? This makes the security guard a shemale, NTTAWWT.
2013-03-23 11:44:48 AM  
I'm going to smoke this comment after I post it.
2013-03-23 11:45:00 AM  
It's awesome because marijuana!
2013-03-23 11:45:47 AM  
ronemycolumbuspower.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Tastes like Marmite, but I smoking anyway
2013-03-23 11:47:22 AM  

Nick Nostril: "They" would smoke post, like both of them? This makes the security guard a shemale, NTTAWWT.

It's more amusing if you rhyme "shemale" with "tamale."

Well, for me, anyway. I'm easily amused.
2013-03-23 11:47:26 AM  

Charlie Chingas: Ghastly: Charlie Chingas: Ghastly: tenpoundsofcheese: subby spiffy?
Are you farking kidding me?

They were planning to kill her husband, a Navy sailor.

If he were in the Air Force it would have gotten the Awesome tag.

Awesome tag for the Chair Force?

[media.tumblr.com image 479x361]

/hot like your failed dreams of chair force aspiration

I was in the Artillery. Once you've been a gunner life holds no higher aspirations.

Oh, my bad. That makes so much cooler.

/0311 Jarhead
//all in good fun
///good friend is still in the Chair Force.
////I'll stop before you give me a paper cut

/soldier in the core
///1Bn/12th Marines FTW
IV son is in the chair farce.
2013-03-23 11:48:47 AM  
Well then.

Last post.
2013-03-23 11:49:38 AM  

ramblinwreck: Another woman that raped a boy and it isn't even written that way in the article. These journalists are farking pathetic.

2013-03-23 11:51:59 AM  
2013-03-23 11:58:58 AM  
Dammit, I'm going to lose this thread to TotalFarkland after I post, I'll miss this one. :(
2013-03-23 12:01:05 PM  
Oh come on Mods. This is why the REPEAT tag was invented. So a fun thread doesn't have to be killed just because it's a duplicated link.
2013-03-23 12:29:54 PM  
Smoking his post? Sounds painful.
2013-03-23 12:55:18 PM  

jaylectricity: Does it actually automatically correct it or do you have to touch the word you meant to say from a list of suggestions?

Both, I think. It depends on your settings.
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