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2013-03-22 01:02:46 PM  

Marcintosh: digitalrain: Marcintosh: digitalrain: Marcintosh: sent home after not being able to stand the pain 30 some years ago, my friend still finds pieces of gravel in his bed in the morning 2 or 3 times a year left over from the motorcycle accident and the ER's Humanitarian, Cleaning With A Stainless Steel Brush.

He was hit by a golf ball and taken right off his bike.  No helmet. He went down so hard I thought he'd had a stroke.  Landed on his back and slid to a stop from 45-50 mph.  Denim jacket.  He was kinda whiney for a while.

Ew. Embedded gravel sucks.

When I was 15 or 16, my cousins and I were riding our bikes down a dirt road one summer
afternoon. I was in the front of the pack and as we were tooling down the road, somehow
when I went to ride over a branch, the branch ended up between the spokes of my bike.

I went sailing over the handlebars, landed on my hip and slid about 15 feet. I was only wearing
a bathing suit at the time, so it was 15 feet of bare skin being dragged across dirt and gravel.

It didn't hurt as much as you might think and I got up and dusted myself off and climbed back
on the bike for the ride back to my grandmother's house. We get about 5 minutes down the
road and my cousin Casey starts screaming and pointing at my leg. I looked down and my
lower hip and all of my upper outer thigh was bloody.

We got to my grandmothers and she wasn't there so we continued riding up the road to my
Aunt Kitty's (yes, that is what we called her) and she spent the next 2 hours picking gravel
out of my leg.

25 years later, I still have the scars.

Oh yeah.  Scars are pretty durable.  On both knees from falling off the J.C. Higgins.
What kind of asphalt is it that has a surface of pebbles?  In the tire path they get pushed into the substrate but on the sides where kids ride, Not so much.  Stickly Drive in Rockville MD is where I left what felt like ten pounds of flesh off my knees.  While JFK was on TV - couldn't get much attention for some reason 8-/

Rockville? I grew up ...

Rocking Horse Elementary School - Miss Sidenfeld's second grade class-  early sixties

You morons should have been wearing proper protective gear.
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