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6745 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2013 at 12:00 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-03-19 08:16:41 AM  
Four litre twin turbo twin cam 432bhp - what you got?
2013-03-20 05:49:56 AM  
Yeh, I'm Toonces. Who did you think I was?
2013-03-20 12:01:17 PM  
Fill 'er up.
2013-03-20 12:02:59 PM  
"You better watch what you say, hombre. The El Gatos are gonna drive-by your sorry ass if you aren't careful."
2013-03-20 12:03:55 PM  
"Do you have and Grey Poop-on?"
2013-03-20 12:03:57 PM  
2013-03-20 12:06:14 PM  
Get in the car!!! It's a Weiner Dog!!!!!!
2013-03-20 12:06:27 PM  
You talkin to me? Seriously, I coulda sworn you was talkin to me.

\Stupid voting filter
2013-03-20 12:08:24 PM  
Just hang a right on Washington, go past the mini-mall and just after the KFC you should see the signs for the 405.
2013-03-20 12:08:51 PM  
Fark you in the goat-ass.
2013-03-20 12:09:20 PM  
Well, this is awkward.
2013-03-20 12:09:58 PM  
Oh yeah, what with?  You don't even have any hands to hold a gun with tough guy!!!! Oh wait.....
2013-03-20 12:12:00 PM  
Oh look, it's a Republican.
2013-03-20 12:15:48 PM  
hand over your license and registration, hurry up meow
2013-03-20 12:19:16 PM  
2013-03-20 12:19:51 PM  
Mittens was not like other cats. He enjoyed riding in cars. His mother had told him on several occasions "Mittens you need to stay out of those cars. There are dogs out there." Mittens would pay her no mind. After all, What did she know? She was just an old house cat. She had never seen the real world. Never left the comfort of her pillow in the living room......THEN shiat GOT REAL!
2013-03-20 12:22:58 PM  
Hey dawg, I saw your wife the other day! She's ugleeeeeeeeeeeee!
2013-03-20 12:24:01 PM  
Yo dawg, tell your owner to wash those windows!
2013-03-20 12:25:25 PM  
This is one crappy neighborhood.
2013-03-20 12:26:05 PM  

Alligator: Yeh, I'm Toonces. Who did you think I was?

"Oh yeah, like I'm supposed to believe a dog telling me there is a cliff up ahead!"
2013-03-20 12:26:28 PM  
What up biatch?
2013-03-20 12:26:46 PM  
Chevys rule. Fords drool.
2013-03-20 12:27:45 PM  
Tonight, dog. At Blind man's Bluff. You, me and our Humans. And then we are going to see who is the fastest in all of San Andrea.
2013-03-20 12:28:53 PM  
"That is one farked up looking cat..."
2013-03-20 12:30:20 PM  
"You said what about my mother?"
2013-03-20 12:31:27 PM  
So, I take a right on Bethesda, head north to Philmont, get in the left lane and turn. Go six blocks and look for the Cross Keys Shopping Center. The Petco that sold you that collar is there, you say? Thank you. Thank you very much. Oh, I'm not going there. I just want to make sure I never go in to the same store that sold you that fugly piece of crap. Buh bye.
2013-03-20 12:35:20 PM  
"Yes, yessss... you will do handsomely."
2013-03-20 12:35:55 PM  
Gotta problem Biatch?
2013-03-20 12:36:02 PM  

"You got the catnip?"

2013-03-20 12:38:05 PM  
Bark for me, buddy. Go for it. Bark! Bark! Bark! Now claw at the upholstery! Dig it! Dig it! C'mon. Just keep barking until it annoys your owner. You know you want to. I'm going to be here right next to you for the next six blocks, buddy. Right here and you can't do nuttin about it except bark chew on the seats. Bhahahaha!
2013-03-20 12:38:31 PM  
This collar is choking me.
2013-03-20 12:53:43 PM  
Come at me, bro.  Because I ENABLED VOTING THIS TIME BIATCH.
2013-03-20 12:55:55 PM  
Mine lets me poop in his house and he picks it up! Yours?
2013-03-20 12:56:29 PM  
"What do you mean give you the keys? I only had one drink, for farks sake!"

/voting option didn't work from my phone. :-P
2013-03-20 12:57:38 PM  
If I time it right I can close the window right as that dog's neck is passing through it.
2013-03-20 01:26:22 PM  
"Dario...my old friend. I...I thought you died at the shelter!"
2013-03-20 01:50:06 PM  
For twenty bucks you want me to do  what?!
2013-03-20 02:14:26 PM  
Well, Dog, I see you've managed to get in the wrong car again.... splendid!
2013-03-20 02:16:45 PM  
Did I remember to shut off the bird?
2013-03-20 02:19:22 PM  
OMGWTFBBQ! I can't drive this thing!
2013-03-20 02:45:02 PM  
"They see me rollin', they hatin'."
2013-03-20 02:55:57 PM  
What do you mean when you say you want to put a little something in the kitty?
2013-03-20 03:06:23 PM  
2013-03-20 03:08:25 PM  
The next move would determine the fate of the world...
2013-03-20 03:15:54 PM  
So, we meet again!
2013-03-20 03:27:13 PM  
"Yeah, I was going to call the next day but things got crazy at work and then my cousin dropped in to visit andlookatthatthelighthaschanged!"
2013-03-20 03:38:12 PM  
My name is Inigo Montoya........................
2013-03-20 03:53:09 PM  
I feel you, bro. If there was a way to dump my human and get the hell out of Oklahoma, I'd do it.
2013-03-20 04:35:51 PM  
"you just licked you own butt too?!?"
2013-03-20 05:07:35 PM  
I thought you were dead...
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