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2013-03-18 12:54:48 PM  
But the article says FOUR situa----ohhhhhh.
2013-03-18 01:27:05 PM  
They forgot kids>parents.
2013-03-18 01:58:47 PM  

Frederick: I see what I did there.

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What I might look like.
2013-03-18 02:23:30 PM  
I just have a wide stance.
2013-03-18 02:38:17 PM  
This got a good chuckle out of me...

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2013-03-18 02:55:03 PM  

thecpt: who the fark lies during job interviews?  Quickest way to not get hired IMO

I wouldn't lie about certain things, especially those that would be found out in the first few days of working there.  But there are times.  Things like "why did you leave this job".  If you left because your boss was so horrible to you that it was causing massive life issues... would you say that?

I've been in a situation where I was running my own business.  It was making money, but not paying the bills.  I'm not going to tell them I am currently the owner of said business... I'm going to call myself VP of Multimedia or something.  I don't want them thinking I'm going to be moonlighting from day one.

I'm sure there are other white lies that are acceptable too.

But, no, I'm not going to say I have 10 years C+ programming experience when in fact I have zero experience.
2013-03-18 02:57:17 PM  

GalFriday: I have lied at job interview I have ever had.  When they ask what my hobbies are or ask what I like to do when I am not working, I always reply with reading, walking my dog, playing a pick up volley ball game, volunteering with disabled veterans or some such crap.I wouldn't get the job if I told that when I am not work, I am devoted to stock piling as much weaponry as possible, perfecting my recipe for napalm, building my underground bunker, and stalking Christopher Walken.

They might be ok with that, actually.

Just don't tell them about Fark.
2013-03-18 03:04:51 PM  

Deterministic: Article failed for me, no mention of cake.

Will there be cake?
2013-03-18 04:23:23 PM  

kwame: mongbiohazard: Sorry, but that's little more than a fantasy...

No, it's not.  It's based in simple communication skills.

I don't know if you guys care about my opinion, but this is one of those rare cases in a Fark thread where two people vehemently disagree with each other and yet both sides sound reasonable and intelligent to me.
2013-03-18 04:40:06 PM  
Thanks Subby, I love Cracked articles. They're the best!
2013-03-18 06:05:29 PM  

Molavian: thecpt: who the fark lies during job interviews?  Quickest way to not get hired IMO

Right? Obviously the dude's never had a job where you actually have to know what the hell you're doing.

He's a comedy writer.
2013-03-18 06:24:40 PM  
2013-03-18 06:25:28 PM  
2013-03-18 07:36:49 PM  
"What is your biggest weakness?" is one of those questions where you're specifically expected to lie.  No sane person could possibly expect it to be a good idea to answer with the absolute worst aspect of themselves, even though that's what the question asks.  At best, that question serves to find out whether you have any sort of filter on what you say.  That's a useful thing to have for something like customer service, where brutal honesty is one of the worst traits you could possibly have.

In general, if a question is irrelevant to your job, and a "wrong" answer would hurt your chances, that's when it's OK to lie (and you should).
2013-03-18 07:37:49 PM  

imontheinternet: Lying is for amateurs.  It's better to tell the truth while emphasizing the details that tell the story you want to tell.  Truth and persuasion are at least as effective as lying, and you don't have to worry about getting caught and losing a person's trust..

There's "the truth," (frowns, shakes head) and "the truth" (smiles, nods head)

Got that, Marge?
2013-03-18 07:50:11 PM  

wrenchboy: thecpt: I just finished interviewing at a place and the department head said, and I quote as well as memory serves, "people don't leave their job because of money."  Why the fark do you think I'm here while I still have another job?

Because he lied to get  HISjob,

God Is My Co-Pirate: Ah, the "what's your greatest weakness" question.  Anyone who asks that deserves to be lied to.

Chronic masturbation. Duh.


5) When a perp doesn't confess.
2013-03-18 07:52:30 PM  
What pants would look like if Kirk Hammet and MC Hammer bumped into each other.
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You got Kirk Hammet jeans in my 7-day-shiatters. You got 7-day-shiatters in my Kirk Hammet jeans.
2013-03-18 09:02:44 PM  
Most HR depts are not the primary route in - more of a legal formality of sorts, organizes the 'onboarding process', set up benefits, etc. The way into a job is rarely through the front door but rather by knowing someone already in the company/agency/business.

/27+ years of professional experience & got every single gig via this route.
2013-03-19 07:11:28 AM  

KrispyKritter: thecpt: who the fark lies during job interviews?  Quickest way to not get hired IMO

you must be young. bless your heart. seriously the best jobs i ever had, i had no business being in my position. lie through your teeth, they're doing it to you. tell them what they want to hear.

'Zackly. I remember thinking I should be honest all the time. Also, my first girlfriend would be a virgin, the first time I had sex would be the greatest experience of my life (in fact it ranked below a fast run on a motorcycle, way below a parachute jump and just about level with a half-decent steak dinner) and people in authority were actually there to help me.
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