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(The Sun)   Cute 21-year-old mum married to five brothers, sleeping with a different one each night (w/pics)   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2013-03-18 07:13:13 AM  
9 votes:
Wait... sex every 5 days with my wife?! SIGN ME UP!
2013-03-18 07:35:27 AM  
5 votes:
She's got a vagina, it's as big as a whale, and it's about to set sail!
2013-03-18 08:08:10 AM  
4 votes:
encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.comView Full Size
2013-03-18 11:51:16 AM  
3 votes:
img.thesun.co.ukView Full Size

Oh, so thaaaaaaat's where Miley Cyrus went.
2013-03-18 07:26:00 AM  
3 votes:
If i were in that situation, I'd want to be the Monday husband, you know, the one directly AFTER the Sunday bath...

I wonder if she got the large fries with her 5 guys...
2013-03-18 07:23:49 AM  
3 votes:
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-03-18 07:12:14 AM  
3 votes:
"I get a lot more attention and love than most wives."

teenmomtalk.comView Full Size
2013-03-18 12:07:59 PM  
2 votes:

Louisiana_Sitar_Club: [img.thesun.co.uk image 620x542]

Oh, so thaaaaaaat's where Miley Cyrus went.

Foolkiller: [img.thesun.co.uk image 620x542][data.whicdn.com image 240x200]

So that's where Miley Cyrus went.

2013-03-18 08:22:09 AM  
2 votes:
After a very thorough Google search, I was able to find a pic of her va-jay-jay.

seriouseats.comView Full Size
2013-03-18 07:37:01 AM  
2 votes:
Wife: "I am ready to make sex with you Friday Husband..."
Friday Husband: "Thank Vishnu it's Friday!"
*Awkward groping and Friday Husband decides to please his wife by "going down"*
Friday Husband: "Just relax my wife and i will do the needful and pleasure you with my tongue"
Wife: "That is Ok, Friday Husband, there is no ne-"
Friday Husband: "Oh! I see you are already dripping with excitement my wife!"
Wife: "Uh... Yes, excitement, that must be it, yes..."
Friday Husband: "I am concerned my wife, you taste of salt and copper, perhaps you would benifit from drinking more water"
2013-03-18 07:32:41 AM  
2 votes:

Cybernetic: Grooms' sex-rota in one-room shack

Question: When a British newspaper uses "rota" as a short form of the word "rotation," is it pronounced "rotah" or "rotay"?

it's "rrrrrrrrrrrOOOtUh" with a rolled r and a very strong ending. Almost like you're shouting it.
2013-03-18 02:20:52 PM  
1 vote:

HKWolf: namegoeshere: Maya Banks did this.

But her fictional guys are hot and most of the time, wealthy. Not 5ft talk hut dwellers.

Apparently, this lady likes Five Guys burgers and fries. Extra sauce.

Yes, TFA is putting a hurt on my fantasy. And Five Guys is out now, too. So thanks a lot.
2013-03-18 12:43:11 PM  
1 vote:
That girl has terrible luck. You'd think out of 5 guys she'd get at least one semi-good looking one.
2013-03-18 11:52:51 AM  
1 vote:
Which one's the girl?

2013-03-18 09:52:00 AM  
1 vote:
They all seem happy enough. Of course they probably just got paid for their story which would make them happy.
I wonder if there is more than one room in that shack, or do they all just sit around and watch her get banged in the one room.
2013-03-18 09:48:22 AM  
1 vote:
Damn is it my night already? Was hoping to play some black ops and watch a few episodes of Top Gear.
2013-03-18 09:28:15 AM  
1 vote:
I call BS. Five Indian men would never wait their turn.
2013-03-18 09:06:56 AM  
1 vote:

gadian: Why yes, married to 5 men and forced to have sex with one of them every night (because they've been 4 days without) in addition to doing all of the household chores in a hovel and child rearing is in no way an unbalanced power structure and will undoubtedly lead to many, many happy years of marriage and a youthful aging process.

She seems okay with the sex, only has one child to handle right now, and making five sandwiches isn't a bad trade off for having five working men's paychecks coming in.  Now when she is 40, she will find out how much of a pain it will be.  By then the sex will be exciting as mopping the floor (well if she ever did any mopping) and the 14 kids would be on her last nerve.
2013-03-18 09:00:38 AM  
1 vote:

Yogimus: 5 brothers, 3 holes... how? ( I NEED PIX)

2013-03-18 08:56:52 AM  
1 vote:

Yogimus: 5 brothers, 3 holes... how? ( I NEED PIX)

+2 hands.
2013-03-18 08:43:54 AM  
1 vote:
Those guys get more action than I do.  :(
2013-03-18 08:25:24 AM  
1 vote:

You Are All Sheep: She actually is kinda cute.  Looks like a hippie from the 60s kinda.  Nice smile.  Neat whistling noise when she wears a dress on a windy day.

not really a whistle... more like a blood hound's jowls flapping in the wind of a moving car ride...
2013-03-18 08:17:45 AM  
1 vote:
She actually is kinda cute.  Looks like a hippie from the 60s kinda.  Nice smile.  Neat whistling noise when she wears a dress on a windy day.
2013-03-18 08:14:08 AM  
1 vote:
Mmmmmmm... sexy rotini...

static7.bigstockphoto.comView Full Size

The come-hither looks on their noodly appendages...they call to me...
2013-03-18 08:03:34 AM  
1 vote:
Those people pose like those folks do for the Swedish dance band album covers.
2013-03-18 08:00:35 AM  
1 vote:
Gah, can you imagine being the poor guy who has to take sloppy fifths? It would be like stirring a five gallon bucket of warm simmering mayo with flapped out hairy vag lips.

2013-03-18 07:52:07 AM  
1 vote:

flucto: If one man married to one woman gets sex about 1/5 as often as he wants...

Oh, to be young and optimistic again.
2013-03-18 07:49:23 AM  
1 vote:
Well, isn't SHE the popular one.
2013-03-18 07:46:31 AM  
1 vote:
Sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths.......
2013-03-18 07:34:51 AM  
1 vote:
2.imimg.comView Full Size

Sexy lotah

2013-03-18 07:26:09 AM  
1 vote:

Yogimus: 5 brothers, 3 holes... how? ( I NEED PIX)

She said in tfa that she sleeps with onebrother a night. Given the siutation, I am sure the other four just have sex with each other. After all, they are "one big happy family."
2013-03-18 07:25:44 AM  
1 vote:
I wonder who those people really are.
2013-03-18 07:23:58 AM  
1 vote:
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Sexy Rota

2013-03-18 07:17:39 AM  
1 vote:
Well,I'm not sharing my imaginary girlfriend with any of my brothers. They would probably stretch out her butthole.

Bapp Romney

2013-03-18 07:13:10 AM  
1 vote:

poe_zlaw: Jesus.. All 5 work, they only have one wife and one kid amongst all of them and they still live in that dirty shthiole?
For some reason Im having a hard time believing things are as rosy as the article makes them seem. One woman, 5 uneducated guys in a place that obviously doesnt treat women equally. I bet shes treated like a real queen.

Do YOU want to be the guy who takes the 1st punch on 4 other dudes' girlfriend?
2013-03-18 06:53:47 AM  
1 vote:
If one man married to one woman gets sex about 1/5 as often as he wants...
2013-03-18 05:29:21 AM  
1 vote:

kxs401: Don't British tabloid stories about those craaaaaazy foreigners usually turn out to be false?

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