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(AP)   He was the guy who could help everybody - everybody but himself: He was this broad-shouldered guy who blasted Motorhead, Iron Maiden, favored four-letter words and inhaled Marlboro Reds - once even while conducting a "stop smoking" class   ( hosted.ap.org) divider line
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2013-03-17 12:48:34 PM  
5 votes:
"I stood at her head and considered her hair, for Christsakes!" he wrote. "The blast had mussed her hair. Removed her foot, cleaved her abdomen, but mussed her hair. For whatever reason I looked at it and longed to smooth it back from her forehead. Like I do for my children. It was reddish-blond, curly, almost kinky, and in disarray. I looked around me to see if anyone would notice this gesture, if anyone would mind. Hell, I don't know what to do in an abattoir of human suffering, it's not my job. I deal with easy things, like the paranoid, the personality disordered, and those without hope. All I wanted to do was smooth her hair, perhaps compose her for the next stage of her journey. But I never did it, and regret it to this day."

Jesus farking Christ. Just... I have no words.

Godspeed, sir.
2013-03-17 12:49:38 PM  
4 votes:
... and the casualties roll on "/

Hell with the politics for a minute, deep breath:

Although it's not enough, Captain - we're both deeply sorry for what you were driven to - and deeply grateful for what you could do.

Rest in peace, and may whatever gods there may be have mercy on all of our souls for the consequences of what is done in the name of our nation - whether we agree or disagree on its necessity.

2013-03-17 12:26:41 PM  
4 votes:
Sad, well written obit.
2013-03-17 12:26:41 PM  
4 votes:
Another success story of the Bush administration.
2013-03-17 12:59:25 PM  
3 votes:

BullBearMS: It's well past time to bring them all home.

And not only bring them home but to also compassionately and caringly attend to their various wounds, mental as well as physical. The military's treatment of these wounded veterans is a national shame.
2013-03-17 12:39:30 PM  
3 votes:

Any words from me would fall short.

RIP, Sir.
2013-03-17 02:59:44 PM  
2 votes:
This... It's hard for me to even read that story. What an amazing person and a truly concerned human being. Sadly, I am not surprised that it ended the way it did. There is only so much pain and trauma a person can take, particularly when they're processing the mental anguish of thousands of people. I am someone who struggles with mental health issues everyday, and I can see why he chose to end his life. When you struggle with guilt and depression and are sensitive to boot, that can be a recipe for disaster. It is appalling beyond words that our health system and the military view mental health as something that can be 'fixed'. The sad reality is that mental illness never truly goes away, it is just held at bay by drugs and/or therapy. It's the ultimate non-healing wound. And we need to demand that our politicians and bureaucracy start treating mental illness as a severe condition that requires a great deal of resources. We have a generation of soldiers coming home who need our help and support beyond empty rhetoric and magnetic ribbons. The people who claim to support the troops need to start demanding support for these brave, broken soldiers. It is the very least that we can do for men like Capt Linnerooth.

And I want to put this out there... Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain. It is a not a simple, selfish act, but a desperate attempt to end a pain that seems never ending.

RIP Captain Linnerooth
You made the ultimate sacrifice
Yourself for thousands

~wanders off to hug his wife and son and try to forget his own experience~
2013-03-17 01:17:46 PM  
2 votes:
All I wanted to do was smooth her hair, perhaps compose her for the next stage of her journey. But I never did it, and regret it to this day.

It's funny, the little things that end up haunting us.

Sucks. And now there are 3 more kids who lost their father entirely too early. The cycle of misery.

I think this story is worth knowing, and was worth greenlighting here on Fark. But it'd also be cool if we can get some more positive stuff. News media makes it entirely too easy to only see the dark side of the world.

Eye on the tv, 'cause tragedy thrills me - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hii17sjSwfA (Tool video, so...maybe don't watch it at work)
2013-03-17 12:48:02 PM  
2 votes:
Ten years ago when you would try to talk to people about George Bush, you would told that he was "ordained by God to be president" and you needed to "wake up and learn the truth."

Here's your truth folks, hope you're happy.
2013-03-17 12:38:18 PM  
2 votes:
The caretakers should always remember to take care of themselves.

More of a burden than one back can carry.

2013-03-17 12:30:15 PM  
2 votes:
Christ, now I want to kill myself.

RIP. You deserved better.
2013-03-17 05:27:56 PM  
1 vote:

M11618: Deathfrogg: M11618: Deathfrogg:

Blah blah etc.

Joining the military and learning how to kill people and fark shiat up, does not make one a Man.

When I was of "military age" Ronald Reagan was President. I didn't join, and yes, I did consider it, for the simple reason that the man was horribly incompetent and corrupt, and therefore untrustworthy to command the largest military the world has ever seen. My grandfathers both told me to stay out, as did my my uncle. My dad's dad regaled me with stories about how the Japanese were piled four feet deep for thirty yards in front of the machine guns, and they kept coming. He told me all sorts of wonderful stuff like how he spent a year cleaning the meaty bits of his friends off of the insides of gun turrets with a fire hose and rags.

In the last few years of his life, he was seen more than a few times, sitting on his tractor sobbing his head off.

That is what War does to people.
2013-03-17 04:37:58 PM  
1 vote:
A man goes into the doctors, "Doctor," he says, "can you help me? Life doesn't seem worth living, and I am shrouded in constant gloom."

"My good man," says the doctor, taking a good look at the melancholy face before him, "there is only one cure for you. You must go and see Grimaldi the clown."

"Sir," replies the patient, "I am Grimaldi the clown."
2013-03-17 01:31:33 PM  
1 vote:
Jesus, my heart hurts after reading that. I would have loved to have known him. He sounded like an excellent person. I wish he hadn't taken himself out of the world's equation. RIP, Mr. Linnerooth.
2013-03-17 01:19:27 PM  
1 vote:
Psych treatment in the field is purely meatball surgery, like in mash. And we know what happened to hawkeye. You get weary of seeing the soldiers you cobble back together get sent back for more...if they come back at all.
2013-03-17 01:15:26 PM  
1 vote:
Guess this kinda puts my petty problems in perspective.
2013-03-17 01:10:44 PM  
1 vote:

Both were impossible missions - Linnerooth and two teammates were responsible for the mental stability and psychological care of thousands - and both groups leaned on one another for emotional sustenance.
2013-03-17 01:06:34 PM  
1 vote:

BullBearMS: Deathfrogg: Another success story of the Bush administration.

Let's ignore the fact that Obama tripled the size of the war in Afghanistan, tried to keep us in Iraq past the treaty date for total withdrawal, and went to war in Libya?

And if he had ordered the total cessation of hostilities, the total withdrawal of all troops from the middle east and Asia, and closed the bases and abandoned them, you TeaPottiers would have bent over backwards to impeach him.
2013-03-17 01:05:30 PM  
1 vote:

Deathfrogg: Another success story of the Bush administration.

Boobies in an Obit thread...Stay Classy.
2013-03-17 01:04:46 PM  
1 vote:
We lost the war the day we entered Iraq nearly 10 years ago to this day. And we keep losing good soldiers like this to the ghosts of our transgressions. Godspeed Capt. Peter Linnerooth, I hope you have found the relief you have provided for so many.
2013-03-17 01:03:17 PM  
1 vote:

squirrelinator: bmihura: usonia: Ten years ago when you would try to talk to people about George Bush, you would told that he was "ordained by God to be president" and you needed to "wake up and learn the truth."

Here's your truth folks, hope you're happy.

Are people still blaming Bush? Seriously? Next, let's blame George Washington.

Grow up for farks sake. This IS his legacy.

When the same thing happens to someone from Afghanistan right now, is that Obama's legacy?

Making this partisan on either side is the epitome of douchebaggery.   People have been suffering like this after every war, throughout the history of time.  This guy died because he tried to help those people.

Sad story about an impressive man.
2013-03-17 12:59:17 PM  
1 vote:
This reminds me of my ex in that her intended field of study is psychology and she happens to need intensive therapy more than probably 95% of the people she'll ever help.

This story is terribly sad. Agree with the war or not (I personally didn't/don't), the soldiers were ordered to carry out various missions and this man helped them with a much needed service.
2013-03-17 12:54:55 PM  
1 vote:

Dr.Zom: Christ, now I want to kill myself.

RIP. You deserved better.

Exactly my thoughts, as well.
2013-03-17 12:43:02 PM  
1 vote:
Enjoy your Legacy, Dubya.
2013-03-17 12:34:27 PM  
1 vote:
Jesus wept. not your neighbor's handyman, the Other One.
2013-03-17 12:31:00 PM  
1 vote:
That is so sad.
2013-03-17 12:30:59 PM  
1 vote:
the hell, that was really a quote from the article.  crapy crap is crap !  crap !
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