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(Village Voice)   The best fictional bands of all-time. List fails without "My Canadian Girlfriend"   ( blogs.villagevoice.com) divider line
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2013-03-15 03:49:26 PM  
actually, list fails without the carrie nations.
2013-03-15 03:53:27 PM  
Eddie and the Cruisers
2013-03-15 03:59:23 PM  
2013-03-15 04:01:37 PM  
No Stillwater!?

Author is doing drugs.
2013-03-15 04:03:55 PM  
Where in the fark are the Oneders?
2013-03-15 04:05:49 PM  
Sorry, but the best fictional band of all time is Marvin Berry & the Starlighters.
2013-03-15 04:07:27 PM  

MaudlinMutantMollusk: Eddie and the Cruisers

That, plus The Commitments, and Strange Fruit.
2013-03-15 04:11:12 PM  
The Scream (from the novel)
2013-03-15 04:21:40 PM  

JerseyTim: Sorry, but the best fictional band of all time is Marvin Berry & the Starlighters.

or otis day and the knights?
2013-03-15 05:02:53 PM  
The Rutles

The Sacred Cows
2013-03-15 05:21:38 PM  
2013-03-15 05:22:52 PM  
Another vote for The Rutles

Also, where's the love for The Dregs of Humanity?

more info
2013-03-15 05:34:36 PM  
Hoping for my saved by the bell childhood inclusion

1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size

amongst others
2013-03-15 05:35:49 PM  
2013-03-15 05:36:17 PM  
Way Te'o go, subby..
2013-03-15 05:36:38 PM  
yep....Otis Day and the Knights

shama lama ding dong
2013-03-15 05:36:48 PM  
lh4.googleusercontent.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 05:38:10 PM  
I'm legitimately surprised there is no Stillwater there.
2013-03-15 05:38:54 PM  

Toshiro Mifune's Letter Opener: Possibly applicable.

I knew what that was going to be and clicked it anyway.  I just had to be sure.

List needs Dethklok.
2013-03-15 05:38:56 PM  
performermag.comView Full Size
cdn.buzznet.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 05:40:42 PM  

Happy Hours: The Rutles

The Sacred Cows

gah. rutles! how could they forget dirk, stig, barry and nasty!
2013-03-15 05:41:19 PM  
Stillwater should be near the top and I think Almost Famous, the director's cut, is the best of pretend band movies.
2013-03-15 05:41:52 PM  
No Hong Kong Cavaliers?

figmentfly.comView Full Size

List, I am disappoint.
2013-03-15 05:45:42 PM  
cinemakc.comView Full Size

/though i suppose they may not technically be fictional anymore
2013-03-15 05:47:08 PM  
Any of the bands in "Streets of Fire".
2013-03-15 05:48:21 PM  
Cool list.
2013-03-15 05:48:38 PM  

Peter von Nostrand: [cinemakc.com image 321x319]

/though i suppose they may not technically be fictional anymore

Ugh.. how did I miss seeing them the first time I went through the article
2013-03-15 05:51:41 PM  
I'd like to nominate Dingoes Ate My Baby for an Honorable Mention.
2013-03-15 05:54:02 PM  
Came for Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate.

Left disappointed.
2013-03-15 05:54:53 PM  

GAT_00: Where in the fark are the Oneders?

2013-03-15 05:55:42 PM  

And this
2013-03-15 05:56:16 PM  
dmitriybookshin.brinkster.netView Full Size

This list is dildos.
2013-03-15 05:56:41 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 05:56:42 PM  
i21.photobucket.comView Full Size

Demands a vote recount.
2013-03-15 05:57:12 PM  

dg41: GAT_00: Where in the fark are the Oneders?


I was more into Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.
2013-03-15 06:04:16 PM  
Sex Bob-omb
Eddie and the Cruisers
The Blowholes
Mouse Rat
Sonic Death Monkey/Kathleen Turner Overdrive/Barry Jive and the Uptown Five
2013-03-15 06:04:29 PM  
Josie and the Pussycats made the list but they skipped Shallow Gravy? GTFO.
2013-03-15 06:09:52 PM  
Yeah, so they were basically a British ripoff of Spinal Tap but Bad News deserves at least honorable mention.
2013-03-15 06:10:02 PM  
charactergrades.comView Full Size

♫♪  You all everybody
You all everybody
Actin' like you're stupid people
Wearin' expensive clothes ♫♪
2013-03-15 06:10:26 PM  

Peter von Nostrand: Peter von Nostrand: [cinemakc.com image 321x319]

/though i suppose they may not technically be fictional anymore

Ugh.. how did I miss seeing them the first time I went through the article

If the Monkees aren't on the list then Spinal Tap shouldn't be either.
2013-03-15 06:11:59 PM  

WillofJ2: [lh4.googleusercontent.com image 512x309]

Hot damn! It's the Soggy Bottom Boys!
2013-03-15 06:12:17 PM  
Monkees, Spinal Tap and Rutles should not be on list.  They played and in many cases wrote their own music.  That's not fictional.
2013-03-15 06:17:19 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

They don't put out.
2013-03-15 06:18:05 PM  
List fails without "My Canadian Girlfriend" Mouse Rat.

There, fixed.

/spread your wings and fly.
2013-03-15 06:27:09 PM  
i88.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 06:35:22 PM  

Precision Boobery: You have got to be farking kidding me.

[th09.deviantart.net image 836x956]

I was looking for them and Dethklok.
2013-03-15 06:35:55 PM  
No mention of The Lone Rangers?
2013-03-15 06:39:44 PM  
What about The Chan Clan?  Or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids?  Or Pebbles and BammBamm's band?

/don't rock now
//because our love has grown stone cold
2013-03-15 06:41:23 PM  
I can't believe I forgot about Scum of the Earth, especially since I just saw that episode of WKRP the other day.

full episode here
Sorry, can't find a version without commercials.

Johnny Fever: Are you sure you're Scum?
Scum bandmember: Positive
Carlson: Of course they are
Jennifer: Where is Mr. Peavey? (the promoter)
Scumr: He got out of the car.That's actually the last we saw of him I think.
Fever: Was the car moving when he got out?
Scum: Yes, I believe it was.
Carlson: Why would he do a thing like that?
Scum: We don't know, but that's our story and we're sticking to it
Fever: Yeah, these are the guys
2013-03-15 06:43:01 PM  
Forgot the Shoyu Weenie thing.  The Neptunes, too.
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