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2013-03-15 05:35:22 PM  
And if I ever start a band, I have found its name and the name of the first album.
2013-03-15 06:56:25 PM  
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2013-03-15 06:57:19 PM  

nmrsnr: And if I ever start a band, I have found its name and the name of the first album.

Exactly what I came here to say...
2013-03-15 06:58:11 PM  
2013-03-15 07:00:12 PM  
2013-03-15 07:01:37 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:01:57 PM  
Both male and female

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2013-03-15 07:02:57 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:04:33 PM  
2013-03-15 07:06:08 PM  
Hmm...Once you get past the both-sex, stabby-penis part, they are an awful lot like us.
2013-03-15 07:13:24 PM  
There's a party in my fishtank, but I don't want to go.
2013-03-15 07:13:28 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:13:40 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:14:22 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:15:02 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:15:23 PM  
Everybody was penis fighting those worms were fast as lightning.
2013-03-15 07:16:08 PM  
I'm not left-handed either.
2013-03-15 07:16:43 PM  
old video. old. old.

but fwiw, here's a behind-the-scenes video of this exact footage in a tank in a lab:

Flatworm Penis Fencing

this is from a 2002 eight-part PBS series The Shape of Life

this is from episode 3, The First Hunter

/and yes, this video has been greened before
//nothing new
2013-03-15 07:18:53 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:19:19 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:20:47 PM  
Now you guys are all just being dickheads.

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2013-03-15 07:21:06 PM  
ancient news.. from the benthic depths.
2013-03-15 07:21:35 PM  
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2013-03-15 07:22:54 PM  
2013-03-15 07:24:18 PM  
"A double barreled inseminator"

my life is complete.
2013-03-15 07:25:05 PM  

HalfOffOffer: "A double barreled inseminator"

my life is complete.

blogcdn.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 07:27:19 PM  
"Flatworm Penis Fencing"?

Dammit, that's the passphrase for my wireless access point. Now I'm going to have to change it.
2013-03-15 07:36:15 PM  
/watches video....

I have the weirdest boner right now.....
2013-03-15 07:37:50 PM  
The penis mightier than the sword.
2013-03-15 07:39:10 PM  
jaypgreene.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 07:57:11 PM  
I will cut a biatch! with my penis

2013-03-15 07:57:11 PM  
It's looks like thumb wrestling...
2013-03-15 07:58:29 PM  
It's like the most realz game of tag on earth.

/tag.....haha your pregnant
2013-03-15 08:13:03 PM  
Interesting that these worms have been doing something with each other for millions of years in the name of reproduction that we guys at the local bar have been doing with each other for decades in the name of fun.
2013-03-15 08:18:32 PM  
I prefer the Jousting versions over the Fencing ones.
2013-03-15 08:20:43 PM  
Thats the name of my Wham! cover band.
2013-03-15 09:43:56 PM  
I'll show her my flesh-eating sperm, biatches love flesh-eating sperm.

vpb [TotalFark]
2013-03-15 09:53:45 PM  

jtown: [jaypgreene.files.wordpress.com image 375x281]

Sulu:  Ha ha!! you shall feel the sting of my raper!  I mean rapier!
2013-03-15 11:21:43 PM  

FARK rebel soldier: //bro/itches

There's an ointment for that.
2013-03-15 11:31:22 PM  

uncleacid: Everybody was penis fighting those worms were fast as lightning.

For some reason this thread had me start whistling Kung Fu Fighting to myself, then I came across this. Freaky.
2013-03-16 03:30:14 AM  
I like how he leaves right away after hes finished.  Seems we didn't evolve much after all.
2013-03-16 05:59:29 AM  
FAP Fap Fap? Fap? Oh well...
2013-03-16 09:43:03 AM  
Penis goes where?!?!
2013-03-16 01:17:04 PM  

angrymacface: FABULOUS!

I thought it was George Takei at a 50% off sale at Crate and Barrel, too. At first.
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