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2013-03-13 02:44:54 PM  
I love the guy in plain clothes standing an inch away from the Papal Band filming them.
2013-03-13 02:45:00 PM  
I got 5 euros on the flip winning what ever a euro is
2013-03-13 02:45:01 PM  

KingKauff: What I really wonder is what the spread is like for the Conclave meals

Chinese food mostly,  cream of some-ng-oy
2013-03-13 02:45:03 PM  

TheOther: Millions watching a stovepipe online now have nothing to do.

Well, I am kind of a big deal.
2013-03-13 02:45:06 PM  

deadsanta: Wow, that's a lot of military parade for the hippie peacenik religion Jesus founded. It must be heartwarming for Catholics to know that their religious donations are being spent on mercenaries with automatic weapons. Come to think on it, you'd think Catholicism would be on the rise in America for that reason alone.

I can't wait until a man who's never been paid a day's wage puts on a few thousand dollars in washed silk and steps out of a palace of gold to tell us how to be humble.
2013-03-13 02:45:09 PM  
what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?
2013-03-13 02:45:18 PM  
Well, he'll be Catholic, and most likely a pedophile.  But if he's also French and has a theology degree from Duke, it would be a Fark hate superfecta.
2013-03-13 02:45:18 PM  
img01.mundodeportivo.comView Full Size
2013-03-13 02:45:27 PM  

bighairyguy: He's getting fitted for his green jacket now.

I hear he's going to reform Holy Communion. Half wine, half iced tea.

And every time he puts the wafer in a believer's mouth, an assistant priest has to shout "It's in the hole!"
2013-03-13 02:45:27 PM  

DickDarlington: Hummm, should I know the lyrics?

That was the Italian national anthem there, very singable (a bit violent though lyrics wise)
2013-03-13 02:45:27 PM  
The Vatican TV feed is funny.
2013-03-13 02:45:30 PM  

GAT_00: robsul82: The CNN.com guy left his mic on.  Got to hear the production manager talking with someone named Emma about how "the last announcement with Ratzinger was in Latin, so it's important that someone knows it."

The Beeb covered that 10 minutes ago, about how they need to be quick on the translation.

On it.

media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2013-03-13 02:45:32 PM  

NeoCortex42: digitalrain: Agreed. I don't want a NoAm Pope though. Most of the child molestation coverups occurred over here. I don't
want that kind of complicity sitting on the Pope throne.

Same here.  I would rather the boring European Pope who would change nothing over an American Pope.

That isn't what I meant at all. I don't know that an American Pope would change anything at all. I'm afraid
that an American Pope would be even more likely to cover things up. That's all.
2013-03-13 02:45:43 PM  
Pope Shatner, make it so.
2013-03-13 02:45:46 PM  

"The Borgias" Season 3 starts on Showtime on April 14th.
2013-03-13 02:45:47 PM  

Supes: Car_Ramrod: Serious question: Why don't they just pick Jesus as Pope? Am I missing something?

He's Jewish. Pope needs to be Catholic.

Do you think Jesus ever converted? Or is this one of those "I don't believe in Catholicism, I only believe in me" kind of things?
2013-03-13 02:45:48 PM  

Theaetetus: Probably a bunch of old meat between new buns.

Mine was old and tired, yours is witty. I concede to you good sir.
2013-03-13 02:45:55 PM  

lecavalier: The whole thing is just complete nonsense.

2013-03-13 02:45:56 PM  

Endive Wombat: what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?

It's regnal.
2013-03-13 02:45:57 PM  

Weaver95: Petey4335: Weaver95: August11: What the hell is taking him so long? Put on the gown and get on the balcony! Sheesh.

they had to put the mind control parasite on first.

So, we're going to get a 15 year rein of this pope, he's going to die by the hands of G'kar and Vir will be the next pope?

pretty much, yeah.

He has to write an acceptance speech. Difficulty: in Aramaic.
2013-03-13 02:46:01 PM  

what_now: Excellent job, Subby.

I have a feeling this is one of those headlines that was thought up in advance, like mine for when Dick Cheney dies.

i'll bite.  what is it?  at least give us one word from that headline that is longer than three letters.
2013-03-13 02:46:07 PM  
I have a meeting in 15 minutes. Lets hurry this up.
2013-03-13 02:46:24 PM  





2013-03-13 02:46:28 PM  

AngryDragon: Real modernization, not Vatican II (ugh)

Vatican 2, Papal Boogaloo!
2013-03-13 02:46:28 PM  

Weaver95: iheartscotch: Weaver95: Peter the Roman.  that's his name.  Peter the Roman.

or Pieter DeVries.  that would be better.

Yeaaaahhhh, the mind sees what it wants to see.

St. Malachy might have been right; or he might have gotten into the holy hooch. But, I guarantee; the name, Peter the Roman, follows this next pope FOR-EV-ER, FOR-EV-ER, FOR-EV-ER

only if this Pope ends up being the last one and the Church implodes.


Personally; I hope for a younger guy, like JP2, who can actually help restructure the church with the goal of kicking out and prosecution of the people who really perpetrated crimes against others.

/ but, it's likely to be an older, recalcitrant Italian
2013-03-13 02:46:30 PM  

antidisestablishmentarianism: scottydoesntknow: [2.bp.blogspot.com image 850x478]

Soooo Close to a simulpost.

I believe the correct term is postal infallability

/Great minds and all that
2013-03-13 02:46:33 PM  

WhyteRaven74: digitalrain: Most of the child molestation coverups occurred over here

Actually in parts of Europe it was at least as bad as in the US.

don't forget forced labor from bad irish girls in laundry workhouses

yay bad irish girls!

2013-03-13 02:46:34 PM  

Endive Wombat: what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?

Would you rather they had Justin Bieber out there?
2013-03-13 02:46:35 PM  
If Tebow comes out on that balcony I'm getting you all drunk.
2013-03-13 02:46:43 PM  
2013-03-13 02:46:44 PM  

AngryDragon: MNguy: neritz:

Acceptable, but the butt hurt will be much greater with a black one.

/non-Catholic here.

Non-practicing Catholic here.  Chance of black Pope = <0%  Latin = 3%  Old white guy = 96.7%

I can live with that if the "old white guy" is a Jesuit.  That is the only hope that the Catholic Church has any real upheaval and modernization.  Real modernization, not Vatican II (ugh)

Don't hold your breath. The church would rather die than modernize.
2013-03-13 02:46:50 PM  

Theaetetus: KingKauff: What I really wonder is what the spread is like for the Conclave meals

Probably a bunch of old meat between new buns.

Shriek. King. LOL!!!!!
2013-03-13 02:46:54 PM  
Pope Pippy Longstockings has a catchy bit of buzz to it.
2013-03-13 02:46:55 PM  

Endive Wombat: what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?

Vatican Anthem. They're a sovereign country.
2013-03-13 02:47:13 PM  
2013-03-13 02:47:13 PM  

Endive Wombat: what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?

They play the national anthem before my 9 yo nephew's little league games.
2013-03-13 02:47:14 PM  


I'm sure lots of Catholics rushed into St. Peter's Basilica upon hearing the news.
2013-03-13 02:47:21 PM  

bluorangefyre: God help us if its (a) that guy from Ghana who's named Peter

I've seen this said a few times in this thread.  Is there some kind of doomsday prophecy related to a pope named Peter?
2013-03-13 02:47:26 PM  
Anderson Cooper interviewing Americans in the Vatican. How...blurgh.
2013-03-13 02:47:27 PM  

mootmah: Endive Wombat: what is the purpose of this marching band stuff?

Vatican Anthem. They're a sovereign country.

...Italian National Anthem they just said.
2013-03-13 02:47:40 PM  

henryhill: cgraves67: Do you suppose that Swiss Guard unit has been standing around in their parade uniforms for 2 days waiting for an announcement?

Those arent parade uniforms, they wear them every day.

Well, some of them do, but those are parade uniforms. These are their standard duty fatigues:

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2013-03-13 02:47:47 PM  

fruitloop: [i171.photobucket.com image 479x269]

Yes, yes!  fark you, too!

2013-03-13 02:47:54 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: (with the exception of Grant Morrison's run)

you're dead to me.  His shiat is why I stopped reading.
2013-03-13 02:48:01 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: To be fair, all X-Men storylines (with the exception of Grant Morrison's run) have been horrible since the mid-80s.

You didn't like Whedon's or Ellis's?  Or whoever's writing "Wolverine And The X-Men"?
2013-03-13 02:48:07 PM  

wxboy: Justin Bieber

too old
2013-03-13 02:48:08 PM  
Needless to say, most of the random spectators are rooting for their local cardinal.
2013-03-13 02:48:11 PM  

Gulper Eel: If Tebow comes out on that balcony I'm getting you all drunk.

Only acceptable if we get the theme song for WWE's CM Punk played on full blast
2013-03-13 02:48:11 PM  

durbnpoisn: Good.  Can we just get over this already?

Speaking as a non-Catholic, I find it completely absurd that the news media is portraying this as some sort of gigantic event for all of humanity.  My coffee will still taste the same tomorrow...  In other words, it means less than nothing to me.

I mean, the Pope is the head of the largest religion in the world. He kind of does affect everyone, even if you're not a Catholic (like me).
2013-03-13 02:48:11 PM  
I'd love to see him come out with "So ya, thought ya, might like to come to the show/To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow..."
2013-03-13 02:48:16 PM  

robsul82: Papa.






LMAO, Damn you making me laugh too loudly at work!
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