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(Dlisted)   73 yrs ago today, Chuck Norris delivered himself   ( divider line
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2013-03-11 03:56:38 PM  
His batshiat crazy ramblings didn't bother me (Though, the Thousand-Years-Of-Darkness thing is beyond kooky),
But his plagiarizing other people's batshiat crazy ramblings, now, that's when I stopped liking him.
2013-03-12 02:22:32 AM  

hubiestubert: chewielouie: quatchi: hubiestubert: Lionel Mandrake: When was he born again (as an asshole)?

A bit after Bruce Lee was safely dead and he was assured that he wouldn't get his ass kicked by a guy half his size and a third his weight...

[ image 400x300]

Oh, Snap.

You do realize that was a movie, right? And that Bruce Lee never really fought professionally, right? And that Chuck Norris did, right?

Norris would clean his clock.

You do realize that Bruce actually fought his way through Hong Kong, in street fights? Not formal bouts. And the scene in question had to be edited and reshot, because Chuck Norris DID get his ass kicked in that scene, because he decided to put the leading man in his place, and had to learn the hard way why Bruce was starring, and Chuck was a nameless heavy...

Urban legend. Hey, I love Bruce Lee and his movies as much as the next guy, but he too was getting pretty brilliant at promoting himself and his career. A lot of people think he was the greatest, just like a lot of people believed Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer, but neither of them actually were.
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