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2013-03-10 08:11:53 PM  
5 votes:
Mom needs to send her kid to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-air.
2013-03-10 04:10:09 PM  
4 votes:
Oh look, little Jimmy is on TV

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Don't tell him that.
2013-03-11 06:49:31 AM  
2 votes:
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Be careful, kids! Someone is always watching!
2013-03-10 09:30:06 PM  
2 votes:

rnatalie: All at once you lost your first name. You're a cop, a flatfoot, a bull, a dick, John Law...

I once thought of a Dragnet drinking game that involved taking a drink when Joe Friday went off on a long, moralizing speech, and continuing until he was done, but I soon realized anyone doing that would quickly die of alcohol poisoning.
2013-03-10 08:11:28 PM  
2 votes:

GORDON: I wonder why their fathers

I lol'd.
2013-03-10 07:55:58 PM  
2 votes:
my Mom would have done the same thing, but the Police would have had to collect the lifeless pieces at the Hospital.
2013-03-11 05:24:45 PM  
1 vote:

Igor Jakovsky: I was going to do that, I'm glad you did though.

hundreddollarman: Done in one.

KellyKellyKelly: *shakes fist at TMLO*

bluorangefyre: I see I have nothing to contribute to this thread except a BAH GAWD!

Heh, I couldn't resist!

///okay, "WHAT" me
2013-03-11 12:33:28 AM  
1 vote:

BigEd: My Dad was a cop when I was a kid.  (He retired the same year I graduated High School.)  When I was about 6, I stole a bubblegum cigarette from the convenience store candy shelves.  It was only 5 cents, but my Sister snitched on me and Dad took me back up to the store and made me confess and pay for it.  I don't know if the clerk and my dad were in on my confession beforehand, but they were both building up my humiliation with their comments.  Not that I didn't get in trouble after that, but I pretty much learned my lesson about theft that day.

I was in a little "gang" of four kids when I was 7-8 and once stole some gum from a drug store. My mom found the gum and sent me to my room. About two hours later, she dragged me down to the store. Three BIG cops. Store manager. Store OWNER. And my mom. In retrospect 50+ years later I'm (almost) absolutely sure the whole thing was a set up, but at the time I was whipsawed by the old good guy/bad guy routine. My mom was tearful, but agreed with the cops that I should do 30 years, or maybe life. The store owner wanted more, maybe the electric chair. The store manager wasn't sure. This shiat went on for over an hour and I was reduced to a blubbering puddle of tears. I remember it to this day.

Today they would probably call this child abuse.
2013-03-10 11:28:58 PM  
1 vote:

Anne.Uumellmahaye: Kevin72: Anne.Uumellmahaye: foxtail: Acording to the black dudes I was in the Army with, black moms and grandmas REALLY DO beat the hell out of you with their shoes.
They said that no matter how big you think you are, mama will kick your ass any time she wants.

I hope the mothers wore out their shoes beating those kid's asses.

Trying to optimistic.
Work with the scum of the earth.
Every day.

I'm having difficulty with this story because when I was young, this is what happened to the punks. Their mamas and grandmamas whooped their arses. Who calls the police on 13 year old bullies? It seems like this is exacerbating the problem. Doesn't it pretty much cement a life of crime? Arrested before puberty?

You might be a pedophile if you are hoping that the two teens in the video were arrested before puberty. PS it was $13 stolen, not 13 year old kids. PPS probably you're not a pedophile, just someone in Cartoonland if you think most 13 year olds haven't reached puberty although such pindicks who actually didn't reach puberty by 13 do exist.


Sour grapes from someone who didn't get puberty right the first time?
2013-03-10 08:31:56 PM  
1 vote:

Harry_Seldon: It is getting tougher to get away with crimes against persons. Everyplace has cameras, and the inexpensive surveillance cameras continue to increase in quality and resolution.

But it seems, as in the video, that they still try to mount them high enough on the walls so that you get a really poor angle on people's faces.
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