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(Greater Greater Washington)   Your local government may be dysfunctional, but at least it's not "We got a fake e-mail 10 years ago, so now the Office of Zoning only accepts handwritten letters" dysfunctional   ( greatergreaterwashington.org) divider line
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2013-03-08 01:53:02 PM  
2 votes:
Psh, that's nothing.  My town government is run by an idiot major who hates technology.  He does not have a computer, nor does most of town hall.  The town cannot accept email in any way, shape, or form.  The police department has to use the library to do online research.  The two fire departments are connected by ISDN @$400/month.  We were the last town in the state to get a computer-for free via a state & fed grant--for managing election proceedings; said asshole mayor went so far as to be out of town the day it was going to be delivered in order to avoid using it.  During the 3.5' snowstorm earlier this year, the major refused to hire contractors to clear the streets, so there were people using snowblowers to clear off their side roads...3 days after the storm hit.  The town purchases properties in downtown, fails to use them, and then sells them at a loss.  Most recently, the sewer line on an old American Legion building (next to town hall) was damaged, and rather than sell it to the interested party and fix it, they'd rather let him walk away as they try to assess blame.  They are already at a loss, and he was the only bidder on the property.

/idiot mayor has been in place for 25 years or so
//town is full of morons too
2013-03-08 07:39:43 PM  
1 vote:

DownDaRiver: Seems as far back as I can remember, I. Know it started way before then, a signature is required for an official document.

do you ever question why ?

very easy to fake, no real value, nobody checks them until it is far too late to bother
2013-03-08 07:08:17 PM  
1 vote:

DownDaRiver: Not really seeing the butthurt over this.
Seems as far back as I can remember, I. Know it started way before then, a signature is required for an official document.
And the part that it can be inconvienent? Uh, what did people do for like forever, to do just that.
And when computers started taking over the complaint was that it would be inconvienent because not everyone had one. But woaw neally. No its inconvienent to not use one.
All this seems to be butthurt because some pain in the ass wants to do it his way and is making a big shiat stink that they said do it our way.

The butthurt is over the REASON they want to do it their way. Not because they want an original signed document, which is not unreasonable, but because a decade ago they had a faked email, so now they don't want to have to worry about it. Because nobody ever faked a piece of paper, I guess.
2013-03-08 04:26:38 PM  
1 vote:

graeylin: getting a kick, because in real life work, I have to sign my signature to dozens of legal documents every day.

i don't have  "a signature" anymore.  Every time I sign something, I like to make it different than before.  My signature is a squiggle. Sometimes, it has two loops.  Sometimes, no loops. Sometimes, there's a few squiggles below the rest, other times, there's none.  Most of the time, there  might be a passing resemblance between the one part of the squiggle and a letter of the alphabet, if you squint real hard, that actually matches a letter in my name.

If you took 5 signatures of mine right after each other, they wouldn't even be close to each other.

If ever asked in court, I couldn't even tell you if something was my signature, someone elses, or just a random squiggle from some psychology test.

They can make me sign it, but there's no law it must be legible.

I often scrawl cogent obscenities on stores' electronic signature pads.  Some get a chuckle from cashiers.  But guess what?  They're considered my signature, legally.

Proving I wrote it is another matter.
2013-03-08 03:30:16 PM  
1 vote:
The town purchases properties in downtown, fails to use them, and then sells them at a loss.

This screams "corruption", not "incompetence" to me.

"It takes a fair amount of time and materials to mail a letter" is a farking ridiculous complaint.

Compared to an email, it does.  My nearest mailbox is four blocks away, and I live in Canada where half the government isn't actively trying to murder the post office.  The only reason I even get to it to mail letters is that it's on the way to the daycare.
2013-03-08 01:51:31 PM  
1 vote:
What happens if you send them a fake handwritten letter?
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