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(KMOV St. Louis)   Michael White, 29, forced a 16-year-old female student to perform lap dances in front of male students in his informational technology class   ( kmov.com) divider line
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2013-03-08 08:25:50 AM  

Pointy Tail of Satan: This is what happens when you work too much with Cisco IOS V9 command line. It's ok at first, but pretty soon you start durp.....access-list (inside, outside) host -any.

Cisco IOS® Software 9.x releases were introduced in December 1992 and have all reached end of sale (EOS) and end of life (EOL).

/yes you were referring to ASA software but that is not IOS, technically,, actually.
2013-03-08 08:39:28 AM  

The Snow Dog: New York Man Cited For Jaywalking

A New York man was cited for jaywalking yesterday. Dyp Shytte, 28, was observed jaywalking through rush-hour traffic shortly before five p.m. yesterday. Officer Ray Gingfist observed Mr. Shytte pushing a shopping cart full of severed human heads through dense traffic in what Officer Gingfist called, "a patently unsafe manner."

Jaywalking is defined as "the illegal or reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway" and is a crime because it not only puts the pedestrian at risk, but can ultimately lead to a chain-reaction of unfortunate events such as: buses swerving into crowds of Japanese tourists, bike messengers braking too hard and flying over their handle-bars and flying face first into open manholes, and cab drivers spilling coffee onto their instrument clusters and / or fare meters.

/Shouldn't headlines focus on the most important event out of the entire sequence of events? I think the lap-dancing is secondary to the marijuana and booze filled sextathlon at the guy's house. Maybe?

The Headline in your example should read:
Man nearly causes death an destruction rivaled only by the 9-11 attacks!

2013-03-08 10:19:03 AM  

pedrop357: How does a teacher force a student to perform a lap dance?

Sounds like something made up by a teenager, to be blunt.
2013-03-08 10:39:21 AM  

you are a puppet: I'll do whatever you say, Black Dynamite!

Euphoria, shut the fark up! I know that was you! I ain't even gotta look! I should send your ass back to Crenshaw Pete with his hot-ass coat hangers, biatch. Would you like that?
2013-03-08 10:57:47 AM  

Lucidz: Good point m00... Also, in addition the the lap dances, she hopped in the car with him, went back to his place, got blazed up, got drunk and then had consensual sex.

The word assault gets used liberally in situations like these so that no one focuses on the fact that the 16 year old girl was a raging whore bag who's probably been passed around like a joint at a concert.

Yeah, everyone knows once a girl's hymen is broken it's just not POSSIBLE to hurt her anymore! Manipulate her, rape her, whatever, she's freakin' Wolverine, man!

/Really, you do realize you just justified statutory rape by calling the girl a whore, right?
2013-03-08 11:33:30 AM  
Pussification of America continues...
2013-03-08 11:45:09 AM  

bagumpity: There's No Champagne In The Classroom!


You win 1 free in-school lap dance from the girl of your choice.
2013-03-08 02:38:17 PM  

enderthexenocide: when i hear about things like this, i always wonder exactly how they thought they were going to get away with it.  how did this teacher not realize that this was going to ruin his career and probably send him to jail?  was he so horny and attracted to that girl that he was blinded to all consequences?  "i know, i'll ask this 16-year-old to do lap dances in class, and then i'll take her home during school hours to give her some pot and have sex with her!  this is a win-win situation!  there is literally no way this can backfire on me!"

Indeed, that is a SUPER idea. I don't understand why more young men in the teaching profession don't do this very thing. Perhaps they don't know where to procure the marijuana.
2013-03-08 08:57:08 PM  
I can't help but notice that this took place in PA, where the age of consent is 16.  So, nope, not statutory anything.  That makes this is more like a college prof having a relationship with his 18 year old student: creepy, wrong, a fireable offense, but... technically, not jailbait.

Sounds like somebody dumped somebody, and she was bitter about it.  I'd also be willing to bet that she watched Pretty Little Liars, in which one of the 16 year old main characters has a relationship with her hot teacher, and thought it'd be cool or hot or OMGHTFM or whatever it is the kids are saying these days to emulate what she saw on TV.

Forget a picture of the girl; a picture of the guy would clear up a lot more.
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