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(Kotaku)   EA acknowledges that trying to run the SimCity servers on old Pentium-4 boxes may have been a miscalculation   ( kotaku.com) divider line
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2013-03-07 01:48:34 PM  
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2013-03-07 04:13:02 PM  
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scottydoesntknow: but a lot of times I just want to give myself 5 trillion dollars and just go absolutely nuts.

It sounds like you're trying to have a dangerous level of fun there.  EA's not going to like that.
2013-03-07 04:00:28 PM  
2 votes:

Cheesehead_Dave: From their support site:

Patch 1.2

Fix for crash caused most commonly occurring on servers experiencing lag. This crash would happen most often when claiming a new city when playing in a region.Fix for server select dialog not appearing on start-up if the server the player was last on is not available.Disabled Cheetah speed. Cheetah speed is is now the same as llama speed.Crash fix for finding closest points.Crash fixes in transport and pedestrian code.A fix cities having processing problems associated with helicopters.So if you're one of the lucky ones who manages to connect, EA is now disabling features.

winamp whips that llama's ass?
2013-03-07 07:51:34 PM  
1 vote:

the_sidewinder: Relevant


In the last 24 hours, customer sentiment has gone from this, to this.

EA may never live this blunder down.
2013-03-07 02:52:19 PM  
1 vote:

RoxtarRyan: I think we're going to get to the point in gaming, and computing in general, where things are going to be less and less done on the end-user's side. So far, this is happening in terms of storage (cloud storage), streaming media (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc), office productivity (Google Documents, MS Skydrive, etc), more and more workplaces giving teleworkers and in-office workers thin clients to log into Virtual Machines and Citrix Xenapp environments, and it seems as a lot of recent generation of games require an "always online" connection in order to even play single player. A lot of cell phone telephones are ditching the SD card, instead having users stream their media, and that trend appears to also be moving to laptops and tablets as well, with Chromebooks and the ultra-thin laptops having less and less HD space.

It just seems like consumer-grade technology is trying to pull itself away from having the end users do everything themselves, and moving to an "a la carte" style of computing.

Funny how history repeats itself, isn't it?
2013-03-07 02:52:05 PM  
1 vote:

Space Station Wagon: I work for a major player in the world of Computing and their vision is that enterprise business will be 100% cloud based with in 5 to 10 years.

That seems so bizarre to me. We're getting to the point where your average desktop has some SERIOUS horsepower, so what we're going to do is offload most of the serious calculations to a remote location and make BANDWIDTH (the one thing that is still relatively expensive and in far shorter supply than raw computing power) the limiting factor?

It's f*cking dumb.
2013-03-07 02:27:47 PM  
1 vote:

rpm: xalres: Call me an old curmudgeon but I long for the old days where you could buy a game, get it home and be playing it within a minute of hitting the power button.

You're not an old curmudgeon. I remember when it would take forever because tape is freaking slow :-P. Even the disk drives from that time period were damn slow

Lordy I remember every fight in Curse of the Azure Bonds taking 5 minutes to load, and I felt like hot shiat for having two disc drives so I didn't have to swap discs.
2013-03-07 02:01:40 PM  
1 vote:
You know what could have avoided this? Being able to run it from your own PC, thats what.
2013-03-07 01:28:15 PM  
1 vote:
Hiring the guy for Workaholics for your commercial is incredibly appropriate now.

cdn-media.hollywood.comView Full Size
2013-03-07 01:20:35 PM  
1 vote:
Call me an old curmudgeon but I long for the old days where you could buy a game, get it home and be playing it within a minute of hitting the power button.

Now it's: get it home put it in the console and oh hey lookie, the console needs to perform an update before it'll run your game. No worries, it's only 1.5 Gb, shouldn't be more than a half hour then we're good to go! 30 minutes later go to play the game and OH LOOKIE! release day patch because they couldn't be arsed to wait until the game is in a releasable state to put it on shelves. Well, feck, what's another half hour, right? Okay, that's done, it's time to play this mother! BUT not before we make you watch unskippable 15 - 30 second elaborate logo sequences for every. farking. company. involved in the game's creation. No, you can't skip past them, why would you want to? Hey! Finally a title screen! Okay, let's start. Loading...loading...loading...load - you really should have installed this on the console's HDD, it'll only take another 30 minutes and 50% of the available space - ing...loading...Hey, you should really log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AIM, MySpace, Microsoft Live, Geocities and Google+ to get The Full Game Experience! No? Okay, just a few more minutes of loading...Oh hey, um...our authentication servers are overloaded. Sorry, you can't play, try again in a week. it should be sorted out by then. What? No, you can't play without authenticating! Why wouldn't you want to authenticate? Unless you're a pirate! Thanks for your money though. No, you can't have a refund. Don't ask or we'll ban your account.

/eagerly awaiting the coming video game crash
2013-03-07 12:55:02 PM  
1 vote:

NeoCortex42: stonicus: NeoCortex42: Snarfangel: scottydoesntknow:  You go to hell EA. You got to hell and you die!

SimSinny is awesome. You can practically smell the brimstone!

It's been done:
[upload.wikimedia.org image 288x364]
[www.gameandwrite.co.uk image 640x480]

Afterlife looks pretty cool... fun concept...

I remember playing it back when it came out, and it was pretty fun.

That was a while ago, though.  So I'm not sure how well it holds up.

It was heading for some serious strife
2013-03-07 12:13:16 PM  
1 vote:

MaxxLarge: Dammit, EA. Why must you ruin everything?

It happened when the logo went from this:

images3.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

to this:

nintendookie.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-03-07 11:44:37 AM  
1 vote:
scottydoesntknow:  You go to hell EA. You got to hell and you die!

SimSinny is awesome. You can practically smell the brimstone!
2013-03-07 11:33:39 AM  
1 vote:
"Due to the high demand for SimCity, Origin has experienced some delays that have impacted a small percentage of users. The team has been working non-stop to resolve. We are also making changes to prevent further issues, and we're confident that the Origin service will be stable for our International SimCity launches later this week."

I hate this farking excuse. Every time this happens they basically blame the fans. "If so many of y'all hadn't purchased it, everything would be working fine." Pre-orders alone should've given them some clue it was going to be big.

Even the game's solo, private sandbox mode requires an online connection, which many critics see as EA's attempt to bake anti-piracy digital rights management (DRM) into the game, even as EA designers have maintained that the always-online requirement is more of a design choice that persistently connects fans to a global SimCity marketplace and to new game-wide challenges.

You go to hell EA. You got to hell and you die!
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