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(Chicago Trib)   "Ties to sex abuse could disqualify papal candidates," claims Cardinal George, who apparently doesn't realize that could reduce the field to one or two (or zero)   ( divider line
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2013-03-07 11:49:50 AM  
4 votes:

Yeah. Too bad we just lost Ratzinger. He was really doing his damnedest to track down those pedophiles.


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"You know, pedophenlia or peadophenalia has it's links to the dark ages. Because it was dark, people would mistake the local day care center with the houses of il reputing and the customers would mistake the child for dwarf prostitutes. Of course, you'd think that this would stop when the candle was invented but the lack of dwarf prostitutes and the desire for such make the pedofeinds continue with their errant ways even to this day.
2013-03-07 11:19:47 AM  
3 votes:
I still say Papal Thunderdome is the best way to decide this.

Last Cardinal alive lights the fire and take the big pointy hat.
2013-03-07 12:14:04 PM  
1 vote:

Stone Meadow: Baron Harkonnen: Now how exactly does Benedictine XVI get all of the blame for this while John Paul II gets a squeaky clean reputation? I've never figured that out.

Easy. JP2 looked and acted like your kindly grandfather, while B16 looked like and acted like that weasely-faced guy jerking off under his raincoat.

[ image 405x284]

JP2 wasn't really an administrator:  he was a theologian and intellectual who left much of the the
day-to-day administration of the church to Cardinal Ratzinger (later Benedict XVI), especially in the
later years of his papacy when Parkinsons disease completely debilitated him.  I firmly believe that
Ratzinger knew the true extent of the sexual abuse scandals for a long time before even rumours came
out, and did zero about it

As lapsed a Catholic as I am, I truly think that JP2 was one of the greatest Popes in history, especially in
the area of ecumenical outreach to other religions and (to a smaller extent) attempts to update church
doctrine to be more in line with the modern world (not reform, mind you, just editing).  Except that his
near total silence on the question of sexual abuse by priests, however, almost completely
counterbalances all his holy works, and while I'm not letting him off the hook, I do think that between his
lack of experience with the more Machiavellian aspects of the curia and his infirmity there were many
vested interests in making sure he didn't do more than vague denounciations of bad things during  his
2013-03-07 11:40:55 AM  
1 vote:
Wow. Pope Harry Freakus the First suddenly leaps from the pack.
2013-03-07 11:19:00 AM  
1 vote:
"Could" disqualify a candidate from being Pope?

Really?  "Could"?

How about "will absolutely" or "shall in no uncertain terms"?  Anything but "could"?
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