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(New Scientist)   "Adam" now thought to have lived 340,000 years ago--in Cameroon. Bishop Ussher inconsolable   ( newscientist.com) divider line
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2013-03-07 08:43:42 AM  
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"Beef Jerky for EVERYBODY!"
2013-03-07 11:58:19 AM  
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Stone Meadow: Mikey1969: DNA is he work of Satan, put here to confuse man and test his faith.

/Did I do that right?

Yeah...except for being 7 minutes too late.

Well, my connection to God is dialup, so it takes longer to get the messages...
2013-03-07 09:00:35 PM  
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Dr Dreidel:
Neanderthals mating with visitors from Rygel-7

Like they'd travel 800 light years just for the hairiest pussy in the universe.  I mean some guys like that, but 800 light years?  That's over a year's travel even at Warp 5.  Aaaaand I need to get off the internet now.
2013-03-07 05:11:39 PM  
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czetie: It's a fair question, but it starts to get into muddy waters. I suspect they are being a bit loose with the word "archaic", which is confusing. I think they mean that his Y chromosome comes from a distinctive human population -- but still our species -- that has otherwise gone extinct (or whose Y chromosome is so rare that it hasn't previously shown up in genetic studies).

Maybe, but their choice of words is pretty clear..."Perry's Y chromosome may have been inherited from an archaic human population". We can speculate, but there you have it. If they had meant that they think we need to push back modern human history another 150,000 years, they would have said so, but they didn't.

At this point, however, the species distinction becomes less useful. Some would argue, including Farker FloydA if memory serves, that if humans and these other putative members of homo could interbreed then they are by definition the same species (and they would correspondingly place neanderthals in a subspecies of homo sapiens rather than a separate species of the homo genus, if the evidence that we interbred holds up). My own view is that where you draw the species distinction becomes largely a matter of taste at that point.

They can make that argument if they wish, but that doesn't make it so. There are many, MANY animals and plants that CAN interbreed, but which normally don't and so are rightfully considered different species. Wolves and coyotes come to mind, but other examples abound.

/retired zoologist
2013-03-07 04:33:09 PM  
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Stone Meadow: Cerebral Knievel: The lord god is the grand creater of all, he brought the light and the darkness, the heavens and the earth, he is the Creator of good, and the creator of evil. He is the Lord God everlasting.

So... its really God himself farking with everyone. Dude has a great sense of humor actually.

Some years ago I spent some time reading and thinking about the origins of evil in the early Jewish writings, and was struck by the parallels with Greek mythology...Yahweh on high and casting out Lucifer, his trusted 2nd in command. (Think Zeus throwing Hephaistos out of heaven...). The wars in heaven. The demands to his minions on Earth that we "hold no other Gods before him" (if ever there was an implied admission that there ARE other Gods that has to be it!)

So yeah, He be trollin'.

Yep, but try telling that to the devout, they look at you like you just curb stomped a puppy.

But be careful, critical thinking like that could turn you into an atheist and condemn you to eternal damnation.

But of course, the "hold no other god before me" thing is part of that grand speech that I paraphrased. And it is not so much that there are OTHER gods, its that the people who have made up other gods are wrong.

Lucfer, the great satan hisself (with his bifurcitad tail and hayfork) was more of a guy that questioned god and called him out on his bullshiat. In that role, he's more of a court jester than a purveyor of darkness and evil.

Once again.. have this conversation with a one of the devout.

After years of eststrangment from my first exwife, she found me, to apologize for all the bullshiat that was our four month marriage. She had given up drugs, booze and being bipolar and had replaced it all with the Lord.
Her reasons for our whacked out relationship and very brief marriage was that Satan had had a hold of her and was the reason for her self destructive behavior towards herself and those that loved her and tried to help her.

I asked her point blank what made her so special that Satan would take such a personal interest in her when the guy is not hurting for willing recruits.

We became estranged again soon after for some reason.
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